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Kinda weird ? but how many BM's per day are normal?

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I have heard that 3 (1 after each meal) per day is good and I have never had that but rather 1 every 3-4 days.  I am hearing other folks are in the same boat as me.

Is this right?  My fiber intake is around 32 each day and I eat at least 3 servings of fruit and 3 vegetables each day.  My percentages are all within range.   Thoughts?
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I have at least one a day. Sometimes two.
You know, my family was talking about this the other day. (yeah, we're weird.)  We are all over the board, from one every 3-4 days, to 5 a day!!

I myself have two, one at 7am and one at 11pm.  You could set CLOCKS by me.  I've been this way for a long long time.

I think it's different for everyone.
It is different for everyone. Heck, my daughter has only gone once a week since she was born - and the doctor says this is perfectly normal!!

It's not about how often, it's about the shape and consistency. Google Dr Oz over on and you'll find a lot of details... more than you might want to know!
There's a pretty broad range of "normal" for how our bodies work in general.  As long as you're eating healthy and are not having discomfort, then you're fine.  If you have any trouble passing your BMs, or any abdominal pain, then you need to look into it.  I used to be fairly regular, once every morning, with some deviations depending on what I ate in a given day -- but now that I've significantly upped my water intake, I'll find myself having  2-4, much smaller movements each day.  You mentioned fiber and fruit, but not your water intake -- that's another thing that can really improve constipation, if you find you need to make changes.
Water is good at an average of 125 ounces per day and I quit coffee but have heard that is a BM stimulant too.

However, I am not uncomfortable so perhaps this is my "normal".  Interesting feedback and I couldn't find specifics on the Oprah site so if someone can post a link I would be much appreciative...
I always have to poop after coffee.
My boyfriend always has to poop when we go into libraries to study... It's really weird.
I used to have the library thing too when I was in school!  That's so wierd! 
I find your metabolism comes into it as well.  As when my thyroid went over active a number of years ago and as a result speeded up my metabolism i was going 4-5 times a day. 

Normally is 1 a day and then I found when I dropped to 1200 cals I was only going ever 3 days have upped my cals and it's back to normal.....

I thought it wasn't good to not go everyday as it means that the waste product is sitting around in your system longer, but that could just be a wives tale.
I have had a history of chronic constipation after I quit smoking.  Even ended up in the hospital 2 times on liquid diet and had tons of tests.  Not a good time.  I have now settled into a routine for me and have been fine for about a year now.  One a day is averge sometime though I do go after each meal.  It all depends on my fat content and water consumption the day before vs fiber.  I always do over 45 grams of fiber a day but if I don't have enough fats I find I go less often. 

If I find myself starting to get stopped up I take 2 "Colon Clenz" tablets and the next day I feel great.
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