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Kidney stones

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Hi Everyone This is my first day on here and my first post. I had to post on here to get the problems out. I had my first Kidney stone last July!!Yell And I will tell you I never wanted to go thru that again. Well, I had just found out I have another. I had gained 20 more pound just from changing my diet. I can not eat wheat, grain, beans, OMG the list goes on and on. I found out from a dietitian that I can have Fruits and Vegetables if they are in a can. So basically my food has to be DEAD before I can eat it. Iceberg lettuce is all the salad things I can have. I am now on a very strick 1500 calorie a day diet. Does anyone have this problem with these Kidney stones and what have you done to keep the weight off.

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Hey Christi --

I did have kidney stones last May....8 in total.....and it was from too much calcium.  I used to get really bad heartburn - so I always popped Tums.  (I prolly ate 12-15 of those things a day).  Well apparently calcium buildup causes kidney stones...needless to say I was out of work for 3 weeks recovering. 

While I had them, I was a pile -- didn't do much and didn't do anything but stay stagnant/gain weight, but the best thing I can tell you is drink LOTS of water. 

I'm really suprised they said you can't have fresh fruits/veggies.  The doctor had told me the fresher the better.  I used to eat alot of canned/frozen foods, which had alot of salt in them, which actually made me retain water/fat.  I have switched to a totally fresh lifestyle now (with the exception of a few veggies and applesauce and stuff), and I started to feel more energized, found I could eat more when I was hungry (lower calories & more food - ex: eating some carrots and a whole green pepper was alot better than eating 2 cookies.))

What kind of kidney stones do you have?

Yikes!  That IS a strict diet!

I've never had kidney stones, but I did have Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer).  They removed one kidney and told me to stick with my healthy, clean diet, including lots of water.  I just have to be cautious of taking in too much potassium-rich foods.


OMG I could not imagine 8. I would probably Die!! or hope to. The reason for all the canned food is because my Kidney stone was made out of Oxalate, which is found in allot of fresh things, such as leafy lettuce, and Grains and fiber things, I can only eat low sodium things though!! So basiccly cook everything till it is dead and add no salt or very little.

Hey Christi ... I used to get them quite often. I've had eight over the years ... but I haven't had one since I started drinking more water. I didn't change what I ate. I did stop drinking ice tea on a regular basis ... since the caffine dehydrates ... but my food choices have not changed. I haven't had one in three years.

oh trust me...I felt like dying. 

Well good luck hun...I couldn't even imagine not eating fresh foods...they have become my lifeline! 

I have no suggestions then....but I wish you the best!  xoxox

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