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Weight Loss
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Hi everyone!  I started on this site on Jan 3 '08 and its a great site filled with wonderful advice, topics and people. I have started a few forums for support but the people tend to fade after a few weeks. I am looking to keep one going with people around my stats ands goals to report to and be accountable with by doing weeky checkins and goals for the week. And any other chit chat we might like to do.

Anyone interested?

A lil bout me...I am 31 work full time and go to school full time and have a child. (I'm 5'3'' ) I started in July 07 at 160 and had a very slooow but progressing weight loss. I am currently 136ish and I have lost  inches. I am looking towards a goal of 127ish. I started to really exercise alot more and being a little more strict on my calories.

Hope to talk to you soon...

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makinit, sounds like you are doing great. I can relate to how things seem to fizzle out after a while with partnerships on CC. That's not necessarily a bad thing. There's so many dimensions to folk' lives and we're dealing w/a narrow slice here. I just take the supportive friendships along w/me.

I have started out slow, too...from 211ish to 190 in @ 9 months. I want to lose another 20 and then drop another 20 after that. This could take me a while...I am 43 a mom of a great teenager and 5'7.

I wish you well on your last 10! I think the more thought you've got to put into it, the longer lasting the results. I only want to lose weight once! good luck to you...I am sure you will find what you need! :  )
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