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Weight Loss
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I've stopped eating sweets and I'm wondering if anyone else is doing the same?  I become addicted to sugar very easily and it's hard to pull me away after only consuming a little.  Sweets also make me not feel well, so, I decided to not consume sweets and see if that helps.  Who else is going through this? and How is it going for you?  Do you have any suggestions to help get through each day?

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Hi, Well done for giving up the sweets!! I gave up sugar in my coffee and most sweets after I read a book called 'sweet poison'. It really opened my eyes as to how bad it is for you. I always thought that 'white death' was salt but it's actually sugar. Hope you don't suffer withdrawals too badly and good luck with staying off the sugar :)

I have also given up sweets, but because of sugars highly addictive properties I keep using relapses. I hope this goes so much better for you. =]

but a Mars Bar a day keeps the doctor away, doesnt it?

I've recently started back on my diet and stop eating sweets. I've been eating the Nutri-gran Cereal Bars and the Special K bars, although they still have sugar they are not as bad as a Donut and the cookies I usually eat. I'm working hard to pull myself away from all sugars. Also, a bag of trail mix or mixed nuts will help you once you get the cravings for sweets.

Yes, I am on the Paleo diet and I have stoped eating sweets and flour, wheat, grain. I have been on it four a week and let me tell you the first three days were rough (i love sugary cereal) and would snack often. However now i dont really have any cravings. Its great :)

Want works for me is if I have a sweet tooth I have a hand full of golden raisins. I buy them at the local farmers market so they are extra plump and delicious! Good luck!

Hey there!

I stopped eating sweets a while back, although I have recently incorporated them back into my diet as it makes weight gain easier if you can eat goodies like cake and ice cream. :)

I do think that giving up sweets is an amazing decision. At first you'll feel deprived but once you get into the "groove" you'll never know why you ever liked sugar in the first place. Food becomes sweeter-milk tastes like ice cream, grapes taste like candy, and bananas become your sugar cubes. 

Good luck!

mickeywife- Oh man, those cereal bars taste SO sugary to me! I feel like drinking a gallon of water after having one. You ought to wean yourself off of them and see how much difference it makes. Good job so far- you're making progress. :)

sungiant-thanks so much for letting me know. I did notice the cereal bars have 11g of sugar in them. I guess today will be my last day eating them. Thanks again!

I have given up "obvious" sugar since January 1, so it has been almost two months for me. By "obvious" I mean chocolates, cakes, candy, cookies, sweet drinks (i.e. lattes), ice-cream, flavoured yoghurt, etc. I still consume "hidden" sugar which comes naturally and unnaturally (although I am trying to avoid the unnatural sugars as much as possible). I have a sweet tooth, and I used to indulge once in a while. Have I noticed any changes? 

1. I do not crave sweets any more. 

2. I did not loose any weight. But I am hopeful that it will be a long term change with minus pound or two at the end of this year. 

3. My teeth will probably thank me at a dental check-up this year. 

4. And yes, grapes and apples taste like candy now. 


What about you guys and girls, do you see any changes? 

plus its just better for your body even if you dont lose weight

I stopped eating sweets (and alcohol) for a month from Jan 2-Feb 2. At first I never thought I'd make it..the first week or so I was craving them so bad. Then I noticed my cravings went away, and although I still wanted some chocolate every now and then (I have a huge sweet tooth) I wasn't actually craving it and I was ok without it. Same went for the alcohol. I felt so much healthier afterwards! I kind of went a little crazy with the sweets once I was 'allowed' to eat them again, but now I'm back on track! Squeezing lemon in my water is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth, or eating fruits like strawberries or pineapple. 

I did... I only stick to the Fructose sugars provided by fruits and try avoiding candy. As a matter of fact i hate sweets after any meal.

No whole sugar added to any of my meals, now, stevia does a magical job as natural swetner if i miss the taste.

Try buying the BIO3 brand of stevia, every other brand i have tried is a little bitter and makes stuff taste weird.

I struggle with the same issue. never thought I had a sweet tooth before this year really hit me - can't get enough of cookies and chocolate and other things. I am trying to work out a good strategy to find a way to indulge once in a while, but to not eat sweets as a usual practice.

I've done some research and found that having a dose of complex, hard to process carbs helps overcome a sugar craving, so I try to add a heaping table spoon of wheat berries (cooked al dente) to my morning yogurt. It does help somewhat. But i am still in process, so wishing you lots of luck and want you to know you are not alone, let's join forces!

I find when I eat sweets, the more I have the more I want :(  Recently changed my diet toward paleo, no processed sweets or grains, and find it is much easier to stick to my cals and I don't crave the junk so much.  I used to get the "snackies" so bad in the afternoon and now that is much better.  I am so much more able to ask myself if I am hungry and base my eating decisions on that instead of boredom or stress eating.  The first few days are hard but if you stick it out, the results are well worth it!

I am also on the paleo diet and it does make it easier not to cheat. U just don't crave them
I can stop sweets...but chocolate in and of itself has been like a demon I've wrestled with forever. If I see it I have to close my eyes and tell myself to keep walking. Lol! If I feel like I'm about to rip my hair out I'll eat a tbps of peanut butter.
Feb 23 2012 19:56
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I haven't. Calorie counting works best for me by itself. No banned foods, but smaller portions and more exercise.

Read "Why French women don't get fat" if you get a chance.

I quit sugar in mid-January after I read this. g-17Sugar-t.html?pagewanted=all

I had always taken an "everything in moderation" approach, but I no longer consider sugar a food, so it doesn't make the "everything" list anymore :)

I have noticed many changes, but the most meaningful has been less stress and anxiety.  I really believe that insulin levels were affecting my moods and telling my I was hungry when I was not (just low on blood sugar). The 7#weight loss hasn't hurt, either ;-)

Feb 23 2012 23:24
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@fincharella don't pay attention to this author unless you want to develop an eating disorder. If you eat lots of sugar, get fat and develop insulin resistance there is a problem. Otherwise sugar is food not strychnine. Moderation applies.

My blood work is better than the author of the article you quoted. Judging from his photos I have less pudge than he does.  Maybe he's got something to worry about. I don't, nor do those skinny Frenchwomen.

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I'm trying also. It does get easier with time. I'm think it helps to limit the hidden sugars as well at first (fruit, skim milk, protein bars, fruit yogurt, etc) but boy is that hard! I didn't last long eliminating those items but then I found it much easier to eliminate the hard core sugars (desserts) when I allowed the others. BTW Kroger has a CarbSmart fruit yogurt that only has 3g of sugars. Many "healthy" yogurts are loaded with sugar. Good luck!:)
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