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I know that you're only supposed to be losing 1 a week for it to be healthy really, but I'm just wondering if its because of the fact that I wa snot dieting before and I probably was taking in way over 3000 cals a day?  So I started (actually the first two days I was on a 1900 cal limit, then when I started on here I moved down to 1400) the 1400 and according to  my lousy weight scale I've been losing a pound a day.

And what's more is for the past two days I've been weighing myself with clothes on, when I weighted myself before at 157 I wasn't wearing any! Haha.  Not only that but my period just started, and normally I gain 5 pounds before that.

So basically, is it okay for this?  Is it normal for some people to lose it all fast in the beginning because of the change from eating until you're stuffed to eating until you're just full?

Thanks for any input. :)
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When people first start their diet, it's normal to lose a little bit each day (especially if you're not exercising).  This is because you're consuming considerably less food, which means less sodium (which causes you to retain water weight), and less waste in your system (poo).

It's quite common, depending on how over weight you are, to lose a large amount of weight the first through second week of dieting.  It will slow down.  It's not possible to lose a pound of pure fat each day =).

If you go back to eating the way you use to tomorrow, I bet your weight would jump up.
Hehe, and normally I eat tons of salt (I could live off dill pickles) but I don't think I'm even having 10% of what I used to now, thanks. :)

Alright thanks, well I'll just stick with eating this much then.
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I've been wondering the same thing! I started 3 days ago and have lost one pound a day, and I also was taking in a lot of calories before I started, and now I'm exersizing. So is it normal for that to happen at first?????
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Definitely at first, the pounds will melt away.  Depending on your starting weight, this might last a week or a month or a few months.  I was without the internet for a couple of weeks and basically maintained my weight during that, and as soon as I got back on c-c, itw ould appear the pounds are melting away (~144lbs on August 2nd...140lbs today).  It's a combination of water weight and detox etc etc. :) So I don't think there's any cause for alarm!  I'm going to be sad when I slow down to the normal 1-2lbs a week..
Hi all - Just adding my 2 cents worth.  I was losing at that rate also when I started but in addition to the calorie reduction I have been working out EVERY DAY.  Mostly cardio but recently started some strength training.  I want to give you a heads up that with that steady reduction in the begining - don't be surprised if your body bounces up a few pounds here and there for seemingly no reason.  This used to scare the dickens out of me but one of the features I LOVE about this site is the lovely green trend line on the weightloss graph.  As long as that keeps heading down - I don't let the fluctuations of my body stress me out!  Hope it helps:) - Andrea
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It is possible to lose that much a day in a healthy way. Keep it up that's awsome:) When people say that's unhealthy it's only partially true, some can keep it up without gaining it all back. It has to do with metabolism, and lots of self discipline

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I am so glad that I read this thread! I just started weight watchers and I have been losing almost a pound a day! It is kind of scary! I feel better knowing that it is normal and is not a health concern. I have been taking in about 1400 calories a day and exercising. Is 1400 calories enough for a female that is 5'10 199lbs? (and very athletic)


While it is normal to be losing fast during the first few weeks you should be eating more. Your BMR is 1,750 to 1,700 range if you are 20 to 30 yrs old. BMR or basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories / nutrition level required on average of a person of your stats to lie in bed whole day. Being "very athletic" you would need further nutrition therby calories. I would recomend you start at 2,000. If you keep your calories too low your metabolism hybernates n slows down making it harder to lose weight / fat which is finally what you want to lose as oposed to the water etc weight loss you have in the first few weeks.

It's normal..a lot of it is water weight when we first start a diet.

I was losing .5-1 pound a day sometimes when I was dieting.

I went low carb which tends to drop even more water weight.

As a woman, I was thrilled about that!


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Thanks for the reply! I think I will start incorporating a bit more lean proteins into my diet to up my calories and energy for working out. Thanks for the advice!!

Welcome. All the best !

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