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Ive heard that certain foods suck fat?

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Is it true that certain foods such as

Grapefruits and Green Tea can suck fat and get rid of it faster?

Is it true? and if it is what other Foods can do it suck oils and fat.

 I mean i'm sure Nature has made its own FAT BLOCKER! right? ^^;

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No, it's all a myth. The only thing that causes fat loss is a calorie deficit.
can't be there has to be something lol >.<;

Sorry, but there are no magic foods.  All you really have to do is eat a healthy, balanced diet and burn more calories than you take in.  There's no short cut.

the green tea helps speed up your metabolism so with a healthy diet and water intake it helps, but it doesn't "suck fat."
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Eating right, Lots of veggies and fruits with proper water intake and exsercise paired with green tea...is faster weight loss.

My brother did it. He lost 1/2 a person in 3 months doing it.. because his metabolism got faster and anything he ate didn't stick on him as extra fat. 

So green tea helps to speed it up? I guess that's good enough Smile right =p

Any geen tea better than others?

green tea may help boost your metabolism, but it's just good for you anyway, so you should drink it.

people think that's why the japanese don't have the lung cancer we have here, even though they smoke like chimneys. 

Green tea helps your digestive system too, which I would imagine is also helpful with weight loss and maintenance.
how does green tea make you have a faster metabolism?
MYTH!! Do not even begin to believe such statements! It has to be done the HARD way, watching what you eat and exercising every day. Sorry, but that is the TRUTH! So stay positive, work hard and make better choices - at the end of the day you'll have a good reason to be proud of your results!
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Studies say green tea does not give a significant boost unless you drink 6 cups of it per day. EVERY day. Without sugar, obviously. Eh. Not worth it to me!

But even if you drown yourself in green tea, the amount of 'extra' calories you burn could also be shaved off just by not eating that extra cracker!

Seriously, there is nothing that will make you magically lose weight.

Agree with those above but grapefruit and green tea are quite good for you so feel free to indulge, they cannot hurt you!
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