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Isn't counting calories ruining your life?

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dont you all want to live life a little? food is part of life. and so is good food. so get over urselves and eat what you want. you only have one life. so ENJOY IT!!

as long as you dont overdo the foods you enjoy your fine. isnt counting all your calories ruining your life? think how much easier if would be not to worry?

just exercise and eat in moderation. i mean come on guyss!!!!!
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that is a ridiculas statement to post on Calorie count web site.  we, including yourself are here by choice.
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thats the whole point. to get you guys to start being normal
So because we choose to be healthy by eating the correct amount of cals, educating ourselve, supporting eachother in weight lose and goal attaing we are not normal as aposed to ......you? 
dear normal sarahmax:
Lets think about this.  People are on this website for so many different reasons I couldn't list them all if I tried.  One of them is because for people like me, we have never really learned about quality foods and healthy portions.  Calorie counting is a way for us to teach ourselves new practices in healthy living.  Eventually, these practices will become habits and we won't need CC for its tools (besides the forums...hee).  Then we will be your definition of "Normal".  Though I think most people here are too awesome to ever be considered "normal" by my definition of the term. 

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Maybe you are trying to justify your own theory on eating to live? If that works for you, that's wonderful. (Although judging from another of your posts, you'd do well to count yourself. :P) Others really DO need to count. I know it's not ruining my life. It's the best thing I could have ever done. Otherwise I'd still be overeating every day and not even realizing it.
whos  defination of normal are you working on Sarahmax; becauce i think you couldnt of been happy with the way you was or you wouldnt of joined a site like this.

Ask yourself why did you join did you want to keep track on what you was eating, did you want to lose weight and feel happier and more confident within your self, did you want to learn where you maybe was going wrong. If not then maybe this isnt for you. 
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counting calories is technically just a guideline for us to eat in moderation. some people need to keep track of these things. its not like we dont enjoy doing this. of course, sometimes it gets frustrating, but everyone is doing it because they want to be healthy. yeah, we only have one life. isn't that a good reason for us to take care of it?
sarah sounds to me like a 20 year old thin person, who wants to wear some devil horns. She posed a question that obviously we cannot answer or we wouldnt be here. When she gets older and starts to put on weight too, she will have either forgotten her remarks or perhaps regret it.
Sarahmax, you have posted a number of questions and queries of your own.  I don't know how big you are, if you need to lose weight or not.  If you don't then congratulations, if you do and have given up then thats your choice but don't inflict it on other people.

I do notice that you are posting in younger age ranges so perhaps it is too early for you to worry.

This is a lifestyle change that people are choosing to make to make them happy and healthy, not a quick fix diet, not a forum for undereaters, over eaters or anything, just normal people of all shapes and sizes looking to improve their health.  you don't have to be a part of it but you should respect it.

So as your mother undoubtably told you......... if you can't say anything constructive............
Ideally, we could just listen to our bodies and eat according to its natural signals.  Unfortunately, for some of us those signals and our internal feedback loop are broken.  This is where calorie counting becomes useful: helping us retrain our bodies' calorie clocks enabling us to eat in moderation as you advise.
nope. it's saving mine by giving me the tools i need to eat sesibly and learn what excersizes i should be doing.
I don't know if you just posted this to be sarcastic, or just to piss everyone off, or what, but um, you are sorta being hypocritical. Youre on this site because..... You want what?

I was raised to eat what ever I want, and I got really fat because of that thinking. I also became a diabetic. I am learning portion size, healthy vs unhealthy foods, variety of foods, and to never give up on my goal of being a healthy weight. Counting calories works, plain and simple, so lay off, kay?
Because of the success I've found with CC, learning and counting calories, I'm enjoying my life much more.  I'm 30 lbs lighter, healthier, and am feeling better than I have in years.

Eating in moderation and the will to exercise may seem a bit simplistic to you, but for many people, there's a lot more going on.  This method works for many people - if you don't like it, no one's forcing you to be here.
I'd like to retract my previous statement about not feeding the trolls. I went through this girl's posts to see what her issue is, and I found it. According to what she's posted, she's 15, and underweight. All she does is post about how guilty she feels, is there too many calories in honey, etc etc.

She's probably projecting her own frustrations and possible ED on to everyone else who is just trying to be healthy. I really wish this place would come up with a board or a section specifically for teens having a problem with this, so maybe they'd have a viable place to turn to for support. Or maybe a calorie count for teens, because isn't this site for adults? See, here's my own annoyances and frustrations coming out. But there's the source.
I L-O-V-E Calorie count.  It is nice to feel that I am not on my own.  I weighed 130 pounds when I graduated high school.  Well here I am 6 years and 56 pounds later.  I am working my a$$ off to get back to a healthy weight that I can feel good about myself at.  Yeah food is enjoyable, I love food, if I didn't I wouldn't be here.  I ate anything I wanted at 15 to, and it comes back to haunt you... Trust me.  I can still eat the things I want, I just pay attention to how much and how often.  It is unrealistic to think that I will eat grilled chicken and veggies every meal for the rest of my life.  Now I just know that if I want that double bacon cheeseburger, I can have it, I am just going to have to put in an extra hour at the gym to stay on track.  I love "most" of the forums here because it reminds me that I am not alone.  I have gotten so much support here and I appreciate every little bit of it.  I am now 32 pounds lighter and well on my way to being happy with myself.  I feel bad for people who need to build themselves up by making others feel like crap.  Shame on you Sarah, 15 is young, but it is old enough to know better.  Good luck in the future... I'm sure you'll need it.
Yes, I want to live a little.  But at 225 lbs I wasn't living it up very well.  I was tired all the time.  I always felt a litle off.  Not exactly sick, but not well either.  Carrying that much weight hurt.  It hurt my feet and my back.  I was achey and unhappy.  Now that I've lost 42 lbs, I am living a little!  And it was daily exercise, healthy diet, and calorie counting that gave me the freedom to do that.  Yes, food is part of life, and I do enjoy food.  I just enjoy a better class of food now, not fat city, processed, crap!
Well yesterday the heat was on me and now its your turn! I guess I am off the hook now. But I am just wondering why you would say something like that to people who are trying hard to live a healthier life and learn the portion controls? you must be here for some reason. Someone posted that you are only 15 and underweight (hmm...brings me back to my post yesterday) so I am not sure what the reason is why you choose to be here. For some people it is harder to just eat what they want in moderation. It takes more work for some to have self control and to lose weight. You may not understand that but it is true. At any given time I could just say oooh i want pizza...eat one slice, not so bad....but then say screw it i will eat 5 more pieces, it isnt gonna hurt that much, its only one day...doing that and having that attitude can lead up to an everyday problem and that leads up to gaining weight and giving up on the healthy lifestyle. When I know in my head that I have to log in everything I ate it helps me keep the self control I need. I dont even want to know how many calories are in 6 slices of pizza cuz then I will be mad at myself. So if you are going to be a part of this community I think you should realize what you just posted goes against everything this site stand for.
sarahmax - I am certainly not saying that you have an ED.  Just want to preface my statement with that, so we are clear!  But I completely understand how for someone who is at a healthy weight, or underweight, that counting calories can be a huge burden and can in fact 'ruin your life'. 

Many/most of us here are counting because we need to learn how to eat in moderation.  We just don't quite understand that part of it, and counting helps.  Or we understand, but struggle to keep ourselves accountable when temptation strikes.  :)

For someone who is counting calories because they struggle to eat enough, because every bite makes them feel guilty and hopeless because while they know they need to eat, they don't want to - for those people counting calories can be a truly miserable experience. 

But, people at either end of the spectrum will always have difficulty understanding one another.  Few people have been on both ends, and thus will there always be a bit of a communication barrier here. 

I do understand what you are saying, but hopefully you can also understand why it is so adverse to what most of us on here really need.  And again, I'm not saying you are at the far end of the spectrum of people who struggle to eat enough, but if you've never been tempted to overeat regularly you are likely nowhere near our end.
I do eat some of the things that I like and some of the foods that I thought I couldn't live without, don't appeal to me anymore.  I don't live on salads, although I try to make them a part of 2 meals.  I count my calorie to make sure that I don't eat too much.  It is surely not ruining my life!  It is making it much better.  I am healthier, my hair is starting to grow back, and I am not suffering menopausal symptoms like I had been.

Sarahmax, when I was young I could eat anything that I wanted and never had to worry about it.  As I aged, it wasn't that easy.  I pray that you are never overweight.  Do you know what it feels like to go out to DQ and order a little ice cream and have people giving you the looks like, "fat pig, what are you doing?  You shouldn't be eating that."?  I pray that you never experince any of the horrible experiences that come with weight gain.  Try being next in line at the clothing store and being ignored because you're over weight.  Try finding nice looking clothes at Lane Bryant or in any plus size section.  Why do desingers think we want to cover ourselves in large prints?   

Sorry to vent on you, but it's not as easy for all of us as it might be for you.
 Hey I did a test, no lie for three days before starting.  I did what I thought was in moderation.  Moderation for me averaged 2400 cals a day, maintence at my weight.  I want to lose man!  So counting keeps me in check and being here logging keeps my mug out of the fridge!  It's a wonderful partnership:)
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