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Information: Calculators for How much Water based on your weight? Today's Learn Something New Topic!

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With the increasing summer heat, water is important to staying hydrated and aiding in meeting weight loss goals.

A good estimate is to take your body weight in pounds and divide that number in half. That gives you the number of ounces of water per day that you need to drink. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should drink at least 80 ounces of water per day. If you exercise you should drink another 8 ounce glass of water for every 20 minutes you are active. If you drink coffee or alcohol, you should drink at least an equal amount of water. If you live in an arid climate, you should add another 2 servings per day. As you can see, your daily need for water can add up to quite a lot.

A calculator to help you figure out how much water you should drink:

http://www.muscletech.com/CALCULATORS/WATER/W ater_Calculator.shtml

Do you walk or run and want to know how much water to carry with you: Check out this calculator: http://walking.about.com/library/cal/ucwaterc alc.htm

Can you drink too much water? http://www.drmirkin.com/fitness/hyponatremia. html

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Great info.  Thanks for the links. 

You are simply amazing.  Give yourself a hug from me!  Thank you for sharing all your wonderful wisdom with us all and especially thank you for caring for all of us.

This is great thanks!
omg, i have to pee just looking at that.
cool web links.. thanks for that. :)

i have to drink about 20 ounces a day which is pretty good..

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4.4 Litres!!!!   WOW I think I'll need gills to manage that. I'm struggling with only 2. Even having a 2 litre botle on my desk next to me all day and constantly filling my glass I only just scrape through.. 

Anyone got any tips....?
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