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Weight Loss
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Inches before Pounds

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I seem to be losing inches before pounds, and because the pounds aren't coming off I am getting so discouraged.  Does anyone have any advice?
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I have somewhat of the same problem - I'm hoping that it's because I'm gaining muscle mass (which weighs more than fat, and if you lose weight and gain muscle mass your inches will change but not your weight).

 That was a really long run-on sentence, wasn't it? heh.

I just wanted to tell you that I am the same way. I have only been working out and eating right for 2 weeks now....but, I still weigh the same...though I have lost inches.

I decieded not to weigh myself except for once a month from now on and enjoy the lost inches! Also...since muscle weighs more than would be possible to go for a time with out seeing the weight go down, but, inches coming off. Eventually...if we stick with it and don't let ourselves get discouraged, the pounds will go too!

So, keep up the good work and stay off the scale for a while!! Good luck!!

I was just writing a letter about the same thing.  I find that I am gaining muscle and also I am drinking more water which seems to weigh more.  I have a hard time remembering to weigh in the morning before I start guzzling the water.  I really don't think we should get too hung up on the scale. I am sure that the inches are most important.

  Are any of you dieting with a man?  It is so aggravating!!  He eats twice as much as I am and is losing at twice the rate.  I think that we both have the same amount to lose but he is going to hit his goal so much sooner.  I hope that I don't lose my motivation when he hits his goal.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Michelle

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My husband is like a string bean.  He can eat all he wants and it never seems to affect him.  So while he is chowing down on brownies and such and I am eating an apple it really bothers me.  But he tells me that he can tell a difference in the way I look, so I try not to let the weight factor bother me.

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I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! Whew!  I've only lost about 8.5 lbs since October and it's sooooooo frustrating.  Although I've lost many inches, so while I realize thats a good still SUCKS!

My husband did tell me he can tell I've gotten smaller (unprompted, he wouldn't even comment if I asked) so that is good motivation, I've got about 30 more to go.  And yes, it's crappy that his dinner plate and lunch are twice as big as mine and he's losing tons of weight!

I am dieting with a man too...and GRRRRR!! I have been "hard at it" for almost 2 weeks and he has done very little...but he's lost weight!  I guess we just have to do what we can to sabatoge them...J/K....I mean we have to focus on our own results!

The truth is though...if a man had to work as hard as we did on many know those things wouldn't ever get I guess it is the "woman curse".

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Girls, Girls, Girls!

Listen...judging yourself by pounds lost or not lost is the WRONG approach!!  Did you know that based on height and weight...TOM CRUISE would be considered over weight???  So would most fit and muscular people.  It is not the WEIGHT that matters, it is the body fat %.

Loosing inches should be much better than loosing pounds.  You WANT to keep muscle.  It is muscle that keeps women healthy, prevents osteoperosis, and burns more fat.  Muscle does weigh more than fat.  Muscle also takes up much less space than fat.  And muscle LOOKS BETTER than fat. 

So...gaining and keeping muscle is GOOD!!!  If you loose your muscle...eventually (late 40's, 50's, 60's) you will not be able to keep in shape and stay healthy.

I'm not talking body builder muscle, I'm talking Venus or Serena Williams muscle.  I'm talking Olympic athelete muscle.  I'm talking beach volleyball or surfer muscle.  The kind of tone and trim body that turns heads.

 That is done with muscle, not just loosing pounds.  So be proud of your muscles!  Ditch the scale and measure how tiny your waist is getting, or how smooth your thighs look. 

Anxiety about weight can lead to binge eating and stop.

Congrats and kudos to people who are losing inches, not pounds. I would love to hear your secret.

I am continuously losing pounds, but gaining inches around the middle :(. I know the top reason being not working out which I plan to correct starting today. ANy other suggestions?

I am in the same boat as the rest of you ladies. I see the inches coming off but not so much the pounds. After it being explained about the muscle/fat issue. I have accepted it and not worrying about the pounds I figure eventually they will come off also (I do my weigh ins every Friday at the gym). I go to the gym 5 days a week Mon., Wed., Fri I do free weights, machines and 10 minutes of cool down on a treadmill. On Tuesday Thursday I do treadmill for 45 min to an hour 3.2 pace at 5% incline. Everyday I do stomach crunches ( to me my target area, have always been heavy in that section). I am watching my calories and making myself eat ( I was one of those maybe 2 meals a day) so trying to get out of that starvation mode. I am feeling better and I think that is half the battle there.

I wish you all the best of luck and keep it up it will pay off!

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I use my elliptical machine for 30 minutes every night and I do 50 sit-ups.  My husband said that he can tell my butt is more round instead of wide!  LOL!  My waist was a 42" in November and now it is a 38" waist.  But I am still wearing the same size pants, but I think I look more tone in these.  When I tell people I way 184 pounds they can't believe, it's amazing what jeans and a belt can tuck in.  LOL!  I am going to try and not worry about the pounds anymore.  Good luck to every woman out there struggling with their weight.  I have a thyroid problem that doesn't help but I am getting that worked out.
I think you would be more worried if you were losing pounds and not inches,

Well. before you spend another second feeling bad for yourself. Consider- are you losing inches of rock hard muscle? no you losing fat! Hello?! 

I just about promise you're just in a cycle that you'll see over and over again. You'll lose inches and then lb.  Your value as person should be based by a scale! Don't feel bad about yourself and the job your doing because of your scale. Do you feel good?

Oh and sore muscles do retain water too. So if you working out hard you're probably retaining a bit of water too. Give it time. You didn't gain the weight in day and it won't come off in a day either.

take it easy on yourself! Tongue out

Losing inches is many people complain that it takes forever.  I'll take inches over lbs any day!
Thank you for your balanced view!

I haven't weighed myself.  I'm going to weigh once a week, or if I feel a significant change in how my clothes fit.  The important thing is, you know when your pants feel tight and when your stomach looks flatter.  Weight fluctuates so much, but your pants know what you REALLY are like! 

 And for those of you trying to do it with a man, its frustrating because their bodies change so quickly, but remember, easy come easy go.  My father and his wife started a diet at the same time and within 3 months he'd lost 30 lbs and she'd only lost 10, but over 6 months, he gained 10 back, while she's now down 35 lbs and has maintained it.  Women - we are WORTH THE WAIT!

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my boyfriend is not dieting but darn him for losing weight without even trying!  Before I really got serious I tried to keep up with him (eating that is....) He is 6'7" and like 235 and can scarf down a huge Chipotle burrito and still be hungry 1 hour later.  Alas, he gets on the scale and has lost weight (if I even look at the Chipotle sign I gain!)

But I have learned that obviously we have different bodies and different ways that we metabolize our food. I have to be my own strong person and realize that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels! A cookie or bag of M&M's are not worth the guilt I feel the next day!

 I am not trying to keep up with him anymore and therefore all the healthy food in the house is mine and he can eat his Little Debbie brownies till his hearts content....

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why is it that men can loose weight so much quicker? my husband cuts out a soda a day and looses 10 lbs I work out 2 hours a day 4 days a week and cut calories to 1800 and loose )))0000...I want to scream. Eventually the scale has got to show our hard work. The weighing once a month sounds like a great idea. It will keep us from being discouraged


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It might help you to have your BMI measured as you go along.  I have mine done at the gym every couple of months.  I have found that even though I sometimes don't lose as much weight as I would like, that I actually gained a pound or two of lean muscle.  While this does not translate into the scale showing as much weight lost, the muscle I am gaining will ultimately burn more calories for me (while resting and sleeping as well).  Men tend to lose weight faster because they have more muscle mass than women.   Try not to focus so much on your weight but be consistent with your calorie intake and mix up your exercise routine too.
you are probably losing fat and gaining muscle.
a pound of fat is HUGE. a pound of muscle is small.
so you are trimming down but staying the same weight.
don't get discouraged. it's a very good thing.

as for me i hop on the scale and see a low number but i still have a lot of fat.
if i were to trim down a bit the number would go up. but ultimately i would thinner and healthier.
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