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inches = how many pounds?

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I have a question - I want to lose four inches off my waist line so that I can fit into my homecoming dress. How many pounds would this be? Homecoming is in a month and I think I can do it. My mom said I couldn't. Boo on her.

So how many pounds do I have to lose to take off one inch?

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Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Inches come off of everyone's body totally different. You could lose 5 pounds from your thighs and nothing from your stomach, for example. You should try working out.

I really doubt that you could lose 4 inches from your waist in a month. You can't decide where they come from - but 4 inches off your waist would no doubt be a whole lot of pounds, more than anyone could lose safely in that amount of time.  To maximize inch loss, work out and eat clean and then see where you are in a month.

I think its possible. 10 pounds for me was 4 inches off my waist, everyone is different though.

Oh lame. Man I wish it worked like that though. I DO have volleyball 5 days a week for two hours and I'm drinking LOADS of water now.

We'll see how it turns out. inkblue, I think 10lbs would do it. Just gotta take it one meal at a time. =]

Four inches was ten pounds for me too - but losing 10 pounds in one month will be very hard to do safely unless you're starting off weighing about 200 pounds - and you look *much* smaller than that in your picture.

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Weight isn't directly related to your size at all. If you're worried about your size, do some cardio and strength training to tone up. It's not that much about weight loss.

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What about getting the dress altered?

Try spanx. If you lose an inch or so, they could pull you in enough to make the dress work.

susiecue, I think I can do it. I'm at 130 right now. Ten pounds would do me good.

doogloose, I don't want it altered because I want to see if I can do this.

GET SPANX! you can get this type of garment at the bay or walmart (doesnt need to be that brand and you will probably fit into your dress atm. its worth a try, plus they make everyone look amazing haha

It took me 3 months to lose 10 pounds, I'm 5' 3.5", I did lose 4 inches off my waist, but it was VERY SLOW. When I was your age I could crash diet 10 pounds off in about a month, and of course gain it all back in 2 months. As you get older that just doesn't work anymore.

it took me 3 weeks to get off 2 inches on my mid-section... and trust me its a nice number but I hardly notice a difference. Sucking it in and losing inches don't turn out the same...

Well I started at 130 5 weeks ago and now I weigh 118. I was 123 two weeks ago and was 39 inchs now I'm 35 3/4 so I lost four lbs and a lil over 3 inchs in two weeks. I did it healthly to. I stopped drinking soda and started eating only the serving size on chips and I made sure I only took in the recommended amount of calories for my height and activity level. I started out doing cardio the traditional way then I ordered flirty girl fitness and it helps you lose weight as well as learn to dance.

You need to burn 3500 calories to take off one pound. It's all about calories in and calories out.  Most human beings can safely reduce 2.5 pounds per week. Hydration is important and balancing complex carbs/fat/protiens is also important. Remember it's 80 percent nutrition, 10% exercise and 10% sleep. Ten pounds could leave you with a four inch waist reduction but most people are different and being female you have to look at the time of month as well. Cardio with some resistance training would help.

Good Luck!


I just lost 5lbs in the past month, and that took 1 inch of my waist.

Yeah it totally depends on the person.  I started a workout program a couple weeks ago and I have lost  3 inches from my waist, 1.5 inches from my hips, but not much from my legs yet.  And I have lost about 5 pounds.

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There is just so many different factors that you can not tell how many pounds it would take to lose in order to lose inches...in fact, I gained a pound and lost 2.25 inches off of my waist.  I personally don't need or even desire to lose much to any weight, but I need to get my waist size down, so I am happy how it is working out so far.

Funny thing, I found your post doing a search to see if my results were even possible.  I'm doing P90X, the Lean version, with my sister.  We've complete 16 days so far, and even had to modify a few things just because we don't have weights in the house, and I can't use the chin up bar because it won't fit in my doorways, but I have a Total Gym, and that has a pull up attachment. 

Anyway, I don't think you can relate pounds to inches for this reason - I have lost 2.2 lbs since we started.  I have lost 9.5 inches.  3 were from my waist, 4 from my hips, and the other 2.5 from my arms and thighs.  

I freak out and want to weigh myself and then I get discouraged when the scale number isn't dropping and it makes me want to cry.  But for whatever reason, I decided to take my measurements about half an hour ago and surprise!  So just eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated, and watch the inches disappear :)


I lost 3.1inches off my waist in 2 weeks. 

By cutting back on bad foods and working out very early in the morning before going to bed, having a cold shower and sleeping. And repeating that over.

My routine is usually: 
-9 ab moves.
-7 thigh and calf moves.
-3 arm moves. 

-Drink plenty of water
-No snacking, unless it's fruit
-No eating after 7pm or before 7am

Amen to that sister!

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