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Weight Loss
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Is there any kind of tool or estimate that could figure out how many pounds you need to lose to lose 1 inch? like example 4 lbs loss = 1 inch. does that exist? because I'd love it if there was!!!lol

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Unfortunately not possible as everyone is a different shape, 10lbs lose on someone 5'2 will make a huge difference compare to someone 5'8 becasue the weight is more spread out.

Im 5'7 and losing 10lbs got me down a dress size, my clothes went from tight to very lose. There are some threads on here which i found useful where people with the same height compare their weight and dress size. Im a uk 10 (us 6?) at 137lbs my goal is 125lbs and i can see most girls at 5'7 125 are a US4 which would be my dream. Helps to motivate me seeing other people with the stats i want.

at the moment, im measuring around the bust, under bust, waist, hips, midway, thigh calf, forearm and upper arm. for every pound i lose i lose 1 inch from the whole of my body. for example iv lost 8lbs and 8inches. everyone is different though :)

I'm 5'10". For every 10 lbs. I lose, I lose about 1 to 1 1/2 inches off of each waist and hips and bust.

Like chelseagirl says, a lot will depend on your height. 10 lbs weight loss is very noticeable on a short person.  On someone my size, 10 lbs. isn't even noticeable unless someone looks very closely. In fact when I started out at 284 lbs. no one even noticed after I lost 30 lbs!!!  It took 40 lbs. weight loss initially before it was noticeable!

I also go down a size every 15 lbs. (from a size 24W to 18/16W = 4-5 sizes, as I'm kind of inbetween 16 and 18w right now, from 284 lbs to 216 lbs = 68 lbs.)

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