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I'm so pissed off..

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I have 2 more paid sessions with my trainer and she keeps pushing me to buy more or buy sessions of her beach bootcamp. She and all the gym staff act like I can't do this on my own! It's pissing me the f*** off and I want to scream. 

Just a vent. I am too nice. I gotta tell her that I do not have the time or the money or the gas to be driving to the beach to see her once a week.

I've lost almost 40 lbs by my damn self. She's only helped me with form and confidence. That's all i care about.

I DON'T NEED HER ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why does this make you so angry?  This is her job and her livlihood.  Do you expect her to NOT try and make money to support herself?  That's what they get paid to do.  No sense getting angry about it.

obviously she is not doing a good job if her customer is going away so angry. Most people are too stupid to realize, but a happy customer will spread good word that is worth way more than 1 or 2 extra sessions. btw th, congrats on your loss and congrats on becoming independent. Just call her up and cancel..simple as that good luck.

She's just ranting, sheesh! Many people find it very difficult to say no and they get pretty upset when they are backed into a corner and HAVE to say no

With that said OP, you're going to have to just cut her off. Period. End of story. "I really enjoy my time with you, but unfortunately I can not afford any more sessions beyond the ones I have paid for. Thanks for the offer, though"

If she keeps pushing, bite her head off. I would.

You've lost 40 pounds on your own?  You're right in thinking you don't need her.  You've done quite well on your own.  Just keep doing what you've been doing, keep logging your calories and your exercise, and you'll be fine.  Use this program as your trainer, and you'll be fine.  You're throwing your money away.  Kick her to the curb. 

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If you don't have the money just do your two more times and don't be bullied into going back.  BUT, don't stop exercising thinking that you won't gain it back.  Get on that scale every three days and if you see 1 pound you get back on that treadmill!  Why do I say this?  Well, I have gained and lost and gained and lost all of my life.  I had those high moments when I said Ah screw it for today.  then today became a week.  A week became a month and bang I was down the fat road again.  Discouraged and beaten.  It is great that you have accomplished losing that 40 pounds but your trainer must make you stick to your appointments--do you need her?  Not really.  Does she make you stick to a schedule?  Yep.  That is why it is important to promise yourself that regular routine.  If it giving up an hour a day to go walk---then do it.  Schedule it in to your calendar.  Make it a promise to yourself so that when you meet her again in two years she won't say:  Told you so.

So funny you posted this... I just had to cut off my own trainer, he was just too expensive. He did a god job, and now at least I know what it would cost for those "pick me up" sessions. He was a nice guy too, and we talk at the gym all the time. But yeah, if you can go off on your own, at least you know that she is there when you need her! Don't feel bad, just as your trainer needs to make a living...you need to stay out of debt Laughing!

P.S Good job on the loss! Good luck in the future!

I understand about the pushy trainers in health clubs. I was at Bally's for a time and eventually became so turned off that I never want to go back there even though there's a location right in my office building. Anytime I think about a lunch time class, I think about those pushy sales people and how uncomfortable they made me. I've met some very nice salespeople too in other fields. I think there is some clubs that really are obnoxious in that way.

I have had the same thing happen to me. She was really sweet to send me emails to see how I was doing and what was new with me. It was sort of odd but she also asked how I was doing with my program. Next thing you know she was trying to book a bunch of sessions to train me. I only booked one because I don't have the cash to pay for it and pretty much told her that. she left me alone after that

Sorry, I tried to reply to this last night but my internet kept going out and driving me crazy! I just love Time Warner Cable!

Anywho, today is the day that I go see my trainer! Please everyone let me borrow their cojones (balls) so I can tell her NO MORE SESSIONS!

It's not that I'm pissed, it's more that I'm just really annoyed. I already told her that I cannot afford to be paying so much money for training sessions. I just don't see it as worth it anymore. I really can go at it alone.

Thanks for the "Congrats" from everyone. I really appreciate it. HOpefully by the end of the year I"ll be at my goal weight. Who knows!

Have a great day all!

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May I suggest that you tell her that your financial situation has changed and at this time you cannot continue to hire her for her services..

If she continues to push, I suggest repeating the same answer which would be a kind decline. Normally, they give up..

Just stick to your guns.. If she conitnues pushing, just look at her dead in the eyes and repeat I am really sorry but I just cant continue to hire you at this time.... REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT.. Dont waiver your answer.....

But, be kind....


th19, it sounds like you're more annoyed at yourself for not being able to stand up and say no than you are at her.

Try to look at this as any other product or service that you pay for.  If you get the newspaper and decide that you no longer want to buy it because you can get your news for free online and you call to cancel, do you get angry with the newspaper company for trying to keep you as a customer when you try to cancel?  That's their business and the job of the person on the other end of the phone is to keep you happy and to keep you as a customer. 

That's what training is, it's a service rendered, and you're paying for that service.  Once it's no longer needed then you cancel service.  It's not personal, it's business and you should treat it as such.  They're in the business of making money, and if they care about their business and clientele then they will be the best they can at what they do, but it's still a business.

And the best thing you can do for yourself right now is take this opportunity to learn to say "no thank you.  I am no longer in need of your services."  Or however else you wish to say it to get the message across.  And of course if it's getting obnoxious then go to the training manager and have them put a stop to it.  Remember, it's not personal.

And congrats on your success!
Just wanted to update everyone on what happened Wednesday with my trainer. Funny thing is that she was piod at her boss for trying to push her to sell more "training contracts" and to push the products of the gym onto her customers. She was saying that the gym gets 629 dollars for 10 sessions and she only gets maybe 80 bucks outta that entire value. What a load of crappola!!!!!!!

Anyhow, so I talk to her about personal stuff a little and I was telling her about how the job market is looking in my field (Engineering). I was also telling her how I was a bit afraid that I was going to lose my job in the next year or so. I said I couldn't afford training sessions anymore and she seemed to totally understand. I was sooooooooo happy!

I was all worried for nothing. Yes, shandykat, you were right. I was more pissed at myself than at her. I just have a very difficult time standing up for myself. It's a huge character flaw of mine.  I think I need to move to New York or something so I can grow a backbone. Oh well. 

Anyhow, I appreciate everyone's comments. Hope you all are doing well.


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Great job, I am glad that everything worked out for you!

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