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I'm never hungry

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How do you force yourself to eat 6 small meals if you aren't hungry?
The past couple weeks I wake up and I'm not hungry. I'm not hungry all day until like 10p. I've been trying to force myself to eat at least lunch and dinner but I haven't felt like it.

Any suggestions?
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you just have to form the habit.  Especially if you're trying to re-train your body and your metabolism to eat enough calories.  If before you were one to under eat then binge, your body kinda gets used to only needing say 800 calories a day.  Your metabolism is running on low and your body has already prepared itself in thinking that's all it's getting for the day.

Have small snacks and just set your watch to them.  eventually your body will learn that it can kick it up a notch and start running a little harder (and healthier!). 

Once you're in the swing of things and regularly getting the proper amount of calories YOUR BODY NEEDS then your body will be looking for those nutrients and your hunger will return, keeping you on track.
Have you been ill?  I often don't feel like eating when I'm sick, but you kinda have to anyway.
Yeah. i've been having sinus problems lately. And nymo- yeah. I know. I just have a hard time forcing myself to eat if I'm not hungry.
I am learning to eat 6 times a day too.  So far I only make it to 5.

Since I work full time and am away from home 10 - 12 hours a day, I have always cooked food ahead (what I cook, mostly we eat raw fruits and veggies).  I have a menu list with columns telling me how much of each type food to eat, so I use these little (1/4 - 1/2) food containers and fill them up for the day. 

I eat breakfast (1/2 cup oatmeal & 1 eggwhite with 1/2 veggies) @ 5.  Then the rest goes into my soft side cooler for work.  Everyone at works knows my eating schedule and at least 3 people will check to be sure I eat, don't dare skip.  Sometimes  it seems like I just finished eating breakfast and it is after 9.  I only take the food I HAVE to eat until I get home and if I have anything left, I know I screwed up.  Then my husband makes sure I eat dinner.  Left to my own, I would probably never get the food down.

It is nice to have this website for support as everyone here understands what you are going through and will help you get there no matter how long it takes.

Good luck,
That's a good idea. I should type up some menus or something and do that. It's going to be harder once I start working again since I never eat at work.
I hope you feel better soon!
I WISH I had your problem!

I think about food ALL THE TIME. I feel like a junkie, always thinking about my next fix. I can't even explain the restraint it takes not to eat all the time.

And maybe you could eat small but efficient meals - something where you're not eating a lot as far as ounces/grams/etc, but you're getting the nutrients you need. Maybe protein or energy bars? Good luck!
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Well, I can say that I know exactly what you mean. I know how important it is to have the three main meals of the day, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I can never get myself to have them all if I don't feel hungry. Honestly, the last time I had all three meals was back in the 7th grade.
I wasn't hungry at first either. I made myself a schedule of meals and snacks, and stuck to it. After about two weeks or so, I found myself getting hungry at those times, as my body learned to function on the proper amount of calories. I couldn't believe the energy I had once I took in the nutrients I needed.

Before I was having alternating days of either under 1000 calories, or well over 2000 calories. I had a binge/starve rotation ED-still have the urges, but they're getting easier to ignore.

I just wish I'd started taking care of myself sooner-I might have avoided some of the surgeries and ongoing issues that I have today.
Okay, I am like this all the time!  I never want to eat and my very muscular body builder of  a disciplined husband screams at me all the time.  I could get up in the morning and not eat or even be hungry until dinner time.  I am not ill, but just don't ever want to eat, especially if I am busy working in the yard all day or doing some kind of activity that I am focused to complete before ending my day.  Water is all I need - at least that's what I say.  I am just not hungry and bottom line is I know that isn't good for me.  BUT breaking that habit is so difficult!  My body doesn't crave food - I don't get hunger pains or even headaches.  I am really really trying to develop good eating habits because I work out religiously since 1997 and still need to lose a ton of weight.  All my hard work at the gym is not visible because of this frumpy layer of fat.  I've sustained exercise related injuries from over-use, and I am just tired of working out so hard.  I have to make a change and that means, eating again.  Setting my watch to it as some of you have said.  How long does it take one's body to start to come out of starvation mode?  I wonder how long it will be before my body actually starts to crave food again - good food that is... one week, two weeks of eating nutritiously and on time?  Humm?
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WOW a way I am a bit jealous......I seem to be hungry most of the time.........bummer for me
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