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Weight Loss
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May sound dumb... But I have now lost 97 lbs.. Im still at 270 Lbs....(which is NOT SMALL) and now that I have lost this weight. I am starting to ALWAYS feel fat....

Is it because Im paying more attention? I just ignored the fact of being fat before? I believe ATTITUDE has alot to deal with how much you lose.... My mind isnt there right now. Where before when I was losing I was truely thinking.. Im getting skinny.. After a nearly 2 month platuea... I started losing again.. BUT WHY THE FEELINGS OF "IM HUGE NOW" Where were these feelings before? 97 lbs ago? CONFUSED! 
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Maybe now that you've started losing so significantly, you've realized what a long way you have to go. You should think about how much you've accomplished and what a great feat that is! 97 pounds is absolutely AMAZING! You've done this much, so you'll definitely be able to make your goal. You'll get there!
first of all -- OMFG congrats on the weight loss so far!  wow!

and I totally getcha.  I've lost 36lbs since jan 2/07; shrunk down 2 sizes, and yet last nite, getting ready for bed, I couldn;t help but thinking

FARK!  you mean I still look that THAT!

funny, because a couple weeks ago, i seemed so much smaller, even tho I weighed 3lbs heavier.  doesn't make sense I know.

boy i wasn't much help LOL

I've been looking at my before pic and that's helping a lot.  hang in there


That is exactly what Im talking about.. There will be days I look in th mirro, and I see wow.... I dont have that roll over my jeans.. and then I look atthe pics of the beach from this past week, and it slike.. UHHHHHH... I swear you would think its 2 totaly different people....  Does this just show its a MIND GAME or WHAT???? I do look at the before pics, but what I DONT WANT TO HAPPEN.. is to get comfortable on the fact that I 've lost 97 lbs.... and just sit back and tell everyone else how I did it. I need to keep doing it.. Look at the NOW pictures and realize, I still dont want to be like this..... I guess I just gave myself an idea out of that....
I think that is normal.  I lost 20 pounds but then I will catch a glimsp in the mirror or picture and say, "OMG, I am fat."  I never said that before and all I have is about 20 to 25 pounds to go.  It does kind of motivate you to stick with it though.  I am just a little more eager to see results now. 
loosingthepounds you have done such a wonderful too tamji.  But the mind is crazy crazy thing, you can be at any size and feel that way.  Right now I'm at 149 (barely) and have only lost about 6 lbs in about a month and a half slow and when I look in the mirror I get depressed and think I will never lose the weight.  Now I'm sure people say ha 149 shoot that's nothing, but to me it's everything I feel that I look horrible!  Same as when I see someone say they weigh anything below 130 and complaining I'm like whatever I wish!!!  Anyways my point is that there's a pic of me on my profile weighing about 136 and at that time I was ashamed of that pic and felt I was fat...but now looking back I'm like what was I thinking??  It's all in the mind and that's something I need to work on, I didn't know I had a distorted view of myself until recently,  I'm learning though.  But good luck to you, you are amazing and I'm envious of that...heck I'm envious of everyone who loses a good amount of weight, because sometimes I feel like I will never be able to accomplish what they did.

It's totally normal to still feel fat.  I think you're becoming very aware of your weight loss and how your journey is still in progress.  

I've shed 75 lbs, and my mom always calls me "skinny minny" but I'm still 15 lbs over a healthy BMI, and 25lbs from my goal weight.  When she calls me skinny, I really feel the weight that I still have to lose. 

I think you'll get skinny eventually.  Please keep it up!  And if you have to post pictures of you before the 97lbs lost to motivate you, do that and don't look at the beach pics - well, not until you are significantly smaller so they become motivation too. 

Good luck!
Eh, I think it's a psychological something that most people suffer from when losing weight.  I've lost about 18 pounds since mid-May and still feel bloated from time to time.  Still, as the pounds continue to fall off, it doesn't get to me.  Tomorrow's always another day, and there are days that I feel thin, and I think they outnumber the days I feel fat, actually.

So, it's only temporary.

Hang in there, and congrats on the nearly 100 lb. weight loss.
loosingthepounds, I do think that it is some sort of mental trick. About a year ago I started taking care of my health by eating more nutritiously. I didn't really need to lose weight, and felt comfortable with myself at the time. Well, in the past year I've lost 8-10 lbs. with the healthy eating- but now I find I'm so much more obsessed with the scale, and I feel heavier than I did before! It's like by focusing more on my body, I've made myself more self-conscious and critical. I think it's hard to find the balance between paying enough attention to your health/body, and paying too much attention.

But still, congratulations on your incredible weight loss to date!
Thanks to all with great advice. I think I may have to pull out those old high school photos, that I have since packed away. My sister used to say," Your stuck in the past" Because I always carried them with me. I know the feeling of feeling thinner one day and then thinking OMGosh ... Look at me... My hubby continues to say... Your still skinner today than you were yesterday.... and that usually makes me feel better. But I dont share my feeling with him like this often... Its gets old to him to Im sure. Sometimes I'll eat healthy all day long. GOOD Fruits & Raw veggies.... and if I feel stuffed at all, even if its a small amount I ate.. I feel like Ive blown it, and Im within those cal guidelines..... Obsessed? Is that the word? Am I weight Obsessed? I didnt have this issue until I went on a platuea.... I think that part of my problem.... Then, I knew I was losing, I NEVER CHEATED on ANYTHING. NO was NO... I need that back!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS on your great success!  Keep going!  Don't get discouraged.  I think that the reason this is a common thought when people are losing weight, is that you kinda get addicted to the weight loss.  You love the feel of losing it, and you hit a point when it's just not happening fast enough -- particularly if you are in a plateau (which I have been in for the last month).  Just keep at it!  You have already been MUCH more successful than most, and you need to look in the mirror and say out loud how PROUD you are of yourself!  Way to go!
I applaud you for having lost so much weight. It really isn't easy and takes a lot of discipline. Good job! You deserve so many accolades, including the ones for future weight loss as well.

As for the original topic, I can totally agree with you. I've lost almost 40 lbs and feel more self-conscious than I ever felt when I was 40lbs fatter. It's really odd because everyone tells me "wow you look so slim", "you've lost so much weight good job". I know I have, there is no doubt. However, I feel so insecure when it comes to my clothing.. It feels weird to wear things that expose my arms, legs, etc.. without feeling "do I look fat?" or "still not slim enough". I made a big step 2 days ago in finally buying myself a pair of shorts. It's like if some how I still am in the mode of feeling like I was before. I'm working against it and slowly starting to regain confidence and accepting my weight loss.

I think it's part of adaptation and accepting who YOU ARE NOW, and letting go of what you were in the past. I know it's quiet tramatizing... knowing that you actually got to be that fat.. but sooner or later that will be left behind. You're a new person now! embrace it! 
Here's my theory:

In order to lose 97 lbs (that's my entire 13-year-old daughter, by the way!!!!), you had to behave day after day like a skinny person.

Behaving like a skinny person day after day led you to eventually think like a skinny person, and to BECOME a skinny person - on the inside!

Now you feel fat because who you have become on the inside, doesn't match what you see on the outside.

It WILL in time and with patience, as long as you continue behaving and being that skinny person!!

In other words, this is a very GOOD sign. :-)
i hear you....
i still look in the mirror everyday and see the "fat" me.  Not the 255 lbs me, but the 225 lbs me.  ( i was 255 in high school and then lost that a while back) 
Its totally a mental thing.  After i lost the weight the first time, it took a while to see the new me in the mirror.  I eventually did though, but now I am back to square one will this new loss..
  My boyfriend constantly says that I am looking great and way smaller, but I'm sure hes sick and tired of constantly trying to put positive thoughts in my head. 
So I took a picture of myself in a new outfit that i felt nice in and instead of comparing my before picture to me in the mirror I compare the 2 pictures and I don't feel so bad anymore.  I still see the same rolls in the mirror I am just realizing that they are smaller  will be getting smaller yet.......
Keep it up, don't give up you have lost a lot of weight and you should be proud........

before I lost weight, I didnt see myself as chubby. But now, I always critique myself in the mirror and pin point every little flaw. The truth is, people don't notice, only you do. You are the only one that pays as much attention to your body as you do.

So as you lose weight, remember, you're only getting smaller, not larger, it's a mind game, don't let it win :)
I TOTALLY get that.

I, too, have lost a significant amount of weight.. about 85 lbs.. and I got comfortable with it for about a week or so because I was feeling good and I was still getting so many compliments and people were really noticing how much better I was looking.

BUT. Then. Wake up call. It's ALWAYS looking at pictures that does it for me.

However, for the record, loosingthepounds, you look fantastic.
wow I'm so glad you started this thread LTP! 

I'm feeling that ol' zip again when I first started this journey back in Jan. 

I bought a new dress on the weekend -- size L instead of 1X -- and when I put it on last nite to go out, I realized that I should have bought M instead -- it's too poochy loose on top!

I just posted the pics in my profile now (gulp)
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If you have been reading all these entries, i hope you relaize how awsome u r doing. Everyone here is Praising you on your should be feeling great. we all have our ups and downs, you are not alone.

It sounds like you are getting bored with what ever method you are using for your weight loss. Try something new...and don't look back. I always tell myself something everymorning, "Nothing happens until you decide!"  All we can do is encourage you, but you will be the one to make the choice. Remind yourself why you want to lose the are becoming a  healthy person, and you are helping others by talking about your success. Keep up the hard work, do it for you.

I have been having a hard time getting motivated.. but after hearing what you have accomplished, i feel there is hope for me and others. 

Good Luck and thanks!
Everyone needs to be careful, this is how mental problems start, the goal isnt to be hollywood thin, but be a healthy weight. I started at 270 and worked my ass off (litterally) 12 months later I am at 189 and still falling, just savor the diffrences you have now and continue to work harder. I went from a tight 44 to a loose 38 as well. think of all you can do now, those that have been excercising as well know what I mean =)

I used to eat terribly, I am now on a very health concious diet, cutting out all sodas made a BIG diffrence.

its not easy to do, but remember, the weight didnt appear over night! it wont (and shouldnt) disappear overnight!
To all of you LADIES thank you.... I hope mental problems dont begin.... I guess It was moral boost I needed.... I decided this week, to jump start myself, since I went on vacation last week and gained  weight while gone. I was looking at those pics from the beach and thought UHHHHHH... Well... I have lost it all that I gained, and Im still going down again.. YIPPEE!!!!! I decided to take the pic from the beach and say ," Is this want I want to be?" I canttake my OLD pic bacuse I know thats NOT ME ANYMORE.. SO Just have a NEW OLD picture to refer to.. Does that make sense? Its working GREAT for me! Thanks to all!!!!
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