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I'm losing my BUTT! Any Curvy and Loving it Women Out There?

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I know this may sound crazy to some, but I am a proud curvy women.  I love my curves, but realized that I needed to lose weight to be healthy.  I've lost weight before but became very self concious because my best asset is gone.  My favorite part of my body is my butt and curvy hips.  I've lost 10lbs and feel great but I was wondering is there any way to keep my behind and hips curvy?  I do not aspire to be thin! Lets celebrate diversity, variety, beauty, and staying healthy!
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1. Get on the treadmill.

2. Set the treadmill to a steep incline.

3. Go as fast as you can stand for a half an hour at a time.

You can't spot reduce, but you'd be amazed how much muscle you can put on your butt and how much nicer it looks than the fat!
Also, you can tone a great butt by doing back leg lifts, squats, lunges, etc. There are plenty of excersises out there to sculpt a killer booty!

look for fitness dvds that target that area. My favorite is Windsor Pilates butt and thigh workout. It literally kicks your a**!
I second both of these posts! Squats and deadlifts, and steep treadmill incline. I can't jog becasue of my knee, so I either walk with a very steep incline at about 3.5 mph for 30-40 minutes, or I do HIIT by doing walking lunges on the highest incline at 1-1.5 mps for 30 sec, then rest 2 minutes (or however long it takes me to catch my breath).  I am getting very good definition now, and I'm going to have to get new jeans since my bottom has lifted so much!
sapphireanderson, you look fabulous!  Just wanted to post to say I feel  ya--I'm not really that curvy, but i love my butt---it is definitely curvy and I don't want it to go away!  My sister always tells me I have a J-lo booty! 

I do a lot of exercises to keep my butt the way it is--yet firm it up. I do thes exercises called step ups.  You hold some weights--10lbs in each hand, or a 20 pound plate--or whatever, then you put one foot on a high step (i usually use a weight bench) and push through your heel that is on the step. to lift yourself up onto the step. Do it 8-12 times on one leg, then switch sides.  Do 3 sets.   You'll feel it the next day! 
Running helps get my butt into shape. If that's not an option, like others suggested, anything with an incline should help work those muscles.

You look fabulous, btw! :)
I'm going to try the high-step if I can. How high should it be? I don't want to fall off, my balance isn't what it used to be :p
Thanks for the responses, they are very helpful.  This is for all the women who are proud of they're curves.  Lets celebrate diversity, variety, beauty, and healthy living!
lol, i love this post.  I am sort of the opposite though, I started out at 105-110ish and I fricken loved my booty.  It was cute and perky and round and i used to get compliments about it all the time (no joke).  I gained 15+ lbs now, and while its gotten a bit bigger, its also gotten flatter and longer lol.  I hate it, its like I've got old man ass now! haha. 

I already know its becuase I've lost a ton of muscle though, so listen to the posters above... squats are the best!  Ive started lifting for my butt again too :)
We are countering what I like to call "hip spread," where your butt flattens and your hips grow to the sides, like "old man butt." Hehehe. I have definitly notice a difference over the past month, and the jeans I'm wearing today I couldn't fit my hips into a month ago. They fit great now, no belly overhang, conformed to my new and (improving) booty. Hooray for squats!!!
I've noticed a big change in my hiney as well!!!  I've always a full butt and legs.  I've noticed a change the older I get, the more my bootie sags but now that I'm losing weight it's changing more.  Like my butt is getting smaller quicker than those dang saddle bags that I can't get rid of.  Any ideas for those things?? 

I just wanted to tell everyone I feel the same way - I could give up any part of my body, but not my butt, I consider it perfect, It stands proud, cellulite free and muscular (i don't even extercise, but my hobby is bikeriding)

Always happy to see a lean, healthy body with curves to go with it! :)

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I've been doing a Body Pump class close to 2 years, 3 x a week. This is high-repetition weight lifting to music. Like 120 squats with weights. Also lunges, dead lifts, clean and press and so on.  I am 128 pounds and butt-less, matches my lack-of up top.  
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