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Weight Loss
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im 5'4...138 lbs!

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I honestly hate lookin' at myself. I'm in a size 6/8. i used to be so thin, and now its unbearble...Im in nursing school and im a small frame, when i found that out and the weight i SHOULD be at from my nutrition class i found i was like way over what i should be (Small frame for my size weight should be 111-124) sounds small to me, but keep in mind 5'4 is short ;-)

So what would be a relastic goal date to set?? I was going to say christmas but i feel i cant be at 115 by christmas!! with a healthy 20 yrs old, so it should come off pretty easy..

any tips?

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If you enter your stats into CC, it will give you a reasonable goal date for your goal weight.

don't set too hard goals, you will only set yourself up for failure! use cc it'll keep you focused on what you have to do. and get active!

If its that easy though, why am i struggling? i can give the advice just need to take my own!

I plugged in your stats, assuming you are 18, to the CC BMI tool and it says

Based upon your current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 23.2, you are currently classed as at a healthy weight.

A healthy BMI for your gender and age is between 20 and 24

So you are just at the high end of the healthy BMI range. 111 pounds would put you just at the underweight point.  You could lose a few pounds without it being unhealthy, but be careful of unrealistic goals. Don't try to lose more than 1 pound a week.  That will give you a good goal that you can probably achieve.

Make it a goal of getting healthier and stronger, not just thinner.  You're going to need good health and stamina for your nursing career.

i'm sure you're going to hate hearing this, but i'm sure you look good, you're being self-critical.  but i know we all are.  just try to relax, take a deep breath, and figrue out a healthy weight loss plan.  maybe you gained weight ebcause of stress: so try taking a yoga class once a week.  maybe it'll help (plus it's exercise).  i'm 5'4, weight 150, have a small frame, and i'm ok with it.  i'd rather be 120, which is why i'm on this site.  just take it one step at a time.  don't crasj-diet or starve yourself and you'll be able to get the weight off.

Thanks to all.

Yes, im actually fairly healthy. I dont eat red-meats or processed meats. I dont consider my self vegitarian cause i do eat fish and poultry, not fried. I tend to snack like highly stressed with school. I was around 115 coming into college, then i put on alot of to me, being used to looking at myself at 115 lbs (healthy looking) and now im looking at myself 138 lbs.

I know its not crazy alot, but to me...its sad to see that i waited this long before i took action to it. Im sure its the weight cause i have not changed anything about my diet than i did when i went into college. Im 20 yrs old so its not aging or anything :-)


but thanks.



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