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I'm not hungry, what's wrong with me?

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This sounds ridiculous.....
I've been reading up on this site about starvation mode and metabolism. I have determined that I wasn't getting 1200 calories a day and that's why I've been struggling so much to lose weight. So I have been trying to up my eating and get 1200-1400 calories. But the stupid thing is, my body has adapted to the point of not being hungry anymore. I've been trying to eat in 300-400 calorie segments throughout the day, and I feel absolutely stuffed. I'm not even hungry when dinner rolls around. It freaks me out because I wonder, why eat when I'm not hungry? And if I don't feel hungry, how can I possibly be losing weight rather than gaining? Will this change? How long does it take to reset the body like this?
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dear, i have been through this.  i was eating 900 calories for the longest, my body started gaining.  its a mental struggle, really is.  Where you almost feel helpless huh?

I boosted my calories to 1200, at least i push to reach it, but at first I was not hungry either.  Stuffed in fact after my first 800, but after talking to those on here, i eased into eating more by having a handful of nuts as my 3 o' clock snack, throwing some almonds in your morning yogurt, switching back to regular wheat bread, do whatever you gotta to add calories here and there.  nuts are highly caloric so just eating some of those will boost you up 200 calories.

The first day I ate 1200 calories, I gained a pound, yes it will happen, day 2 I gained another, day 5 I lost both pounds gained, and the first month it took everything I had to lose just 5 pounds.  Now that my body understands me again and know that i'm not trying to starve it, it has dropped 4 1/2 pounds this past 2 weeks in April.  I'm fresh outa this too, so I understand.

And your body will learn the 1200 calories, and you will be hungry again, trust me :)  My body knows when it's snack time :)

If you need support, I'm here!  Sorry for the essay.
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Thanks for the reply and optomistic information!
Ok, so eventually I will start to feel hungry again. This is good news. I guess I will just need to be patient. I'm only a few days into this whole "normal eating" thing....sad, isn't it? I starved myself for so long and I'm really scared that I screwed up my body forever.
you haven't ya gotta trust me on that one.  Isn't it nice to know that somebody understands?  I ate 900 calories a day for nearly 7 months, and only got it into my head a month ago that it really needs to be different.  Your metabolism may be a little off right now, but your body is a machine, like a car, it needs the right fuel to make it around the track.

If you dont mind me asking... what is your weight, age, and height?

how long have you been 'dieting' and what was your calorie intake like before?
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Hi again,

I am 22 years old, 5'9'' and currently sitting at 143 lb (and not budging!!!!). About 2 years ago I was up at around 150 and I lost 15 pounds in about 5 weeks, intaking probably 1500 cal and exercising heavily. I got to 135 and was satisfied, and I maintained it for 2 years with intaking probably 1600-1800 cal or so. I've kept up on the vigorous exercise, for several reasons, because I enjoy the stress release, I'm an aerobics instructor, plus I think I just kind of got addicted to it. THEN.....drumroll....I went and lived abroad recently for 6 months in South America and everything went to hell. It was impossible to find healthy food down there or gyms, and people live an incredibly unhealthy lifestyle that I couldn't fight. I put on 10 lb back up to 145, and I'm feeling very depressed that after such a long time of keeping it off, I allowed this to happen. And in my desperation to lose it again, I've been starving myself, eating less than 1200 cal, working out like a maniac and even trying some fasts. I feel like I've screwed my body over. But with some suggestions from this site and your advice, I see that I just need to eat more and be patient. Hopefully this will work and I can get down to 135 again, which feels so natural and healthy to me.
Just incase you are worried I just want to voice my full approval of what x17star17x has said.   She definitely seems to know her stuff and I doubt in this amount of time (it's not been too long right?) you probably haven't hurt yourself to much.    Like she said, just ease back into it by throwing high calorie stuff like nutts into your diet and other stuff.

It won't take you too long to start feeling right again.

I'm glad you found this site and over time you will get where you are going... just stick with it and let your body get back to normal so it will let go of all the fat it's storing.
:) Thank you for sharing your story with me :)  No matter how long you have been starving yourself, it is never to late to get back on track.  I'm also glad you found this site and welcome you.  Like I said before, if you need any support you can contact me on here.  I am no where near you weight, as I am still considered *huge* lol but I have successfully lost 104lbs.  Yay for me :)

If you were eating 1700 calories before you started, 1200 sounds like the perfect range to give you that 500 cal deficit.  In a few months, you should hit your goal! Good luck.
well that's simple, just make up the calories by drinking milk or a protein shake.  Milk doesn't make me feel over-full if it's just a cup and I believe whole milk one cup is 150 calories so that should make it up
mannn milk stuffs me hard core. :) I would explode.  Once her body understands food again, she'll be able to fit more foods in there.  For now, i eat nuts 200 cals, or a zone perfect bar 210 cals... they both fill my 'gap' of calories.  then i eat dinner, and 100 calorie snack later on such as orville 100 cal pack popcorn or popsecret popcorn :) rounds out my days calories.
Not that I would advocate eating like professional competition eaters do, but I've heard that as part of their "training" they will drink large quantities of water in the morning to expand their stomach.

I've been trying to eat more to gain more weight recently, and it's tough.  I've been working on the "mental" game some, where I tell myself that food is fuel and I need to eat as much as I can.  I have also found that if I sit down and really focus on eating, I can eat more before I start getting full.  A lot of times I will have lunch with friends and in-between eating I spend time talking, so I don't eat as much.  If I really just buckle down and eat rapidly, but not so much that I'm choking my food down, that seems to help.

Finally, I notice that exercising in the morning seems to stimulate my body and I end up eating more all day and feeling more hungry throughout the day.  I won't claim that any of these things will work for you, but there are some things I've tried that have worked for me.

A couple of years ago I was in a similar situation, robe. I wasn't intentionally starving myself--I lost my appetite due to extreme stress, and my body got so used to not being hungry that it just stayed that way. (Now I've gained all my weight back and more, but that's beside the point). Although things like milk and nuts will up your caloric intake, they might not do much to actually stimulate your hunger, if you're anything like me. I would suggest preparing some of your own food--stuff that's healthy but tasty and very fragrant. The process of preparing the food, looking at it and especially smelling it, should stimulate your appetite and get your digestive enzymes going. If you want to take on something really fun/challenging, make some healthy whole wheat bread. You get a mini workout kneading the dough, and the stuff smells so delicious and takes soooo long to prepare, that by the time it's finished you'll be dying to eat some!

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