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I'm not hungry but I want to eat ALL the TIME!! Help!!1

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Here is the thing. This is the 3rd week of my NOT counting calories thing and I was not trying to lose weight so my nutritionist told me to stop counting and get back to my normal life by eating when I'm hungry and stop when I feel full. Now, I have been trying to do that and I found myself GAINNING!!!! I want to drop back to my weigth at 102 pounds (I know it may be underweight aroung 19.00 but I have a very personal problem that I have to be at that weight or lower.). I found myself wanting to eat all the ice cream and snack all the time which is kinda weird. Also, I'm still eating all the healthy food. Just that I want to eat more ice cream and cinnamon raisin bread and all those muffin which is kinda unusual!!!!! I'm not craving for any fast food so that's still the possitive side. But anyone knows why I want to eat all the time like this? It feels like I can't let myself staying normal WITHOUT eating anything.

By the way, I know that my eating meter may be higher than it suppose to be. I'm not sure because I'm avoiding using any calories counting tool. And I HATE gum so any suggestion???

I seriously need help because I'll see my nutritionist month and I seriously need to do something to myself now.

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First off, at 102 lbs... how tall are you and how old? If you're saying that you're 19 lbs under weight and you have a very serious problem about gaining when you're that much under... You probably need to see more then just a nutritionalist, you probably need a therapist. I know myself because I went through seven years of anorexia and bulimia. But other then that, you should probably call your nutritionalist first thing in the morning and tell her that it's very important you see her asap because it sounds like you have a problem. I'm not trying to be rude at all, sorry if it might come off that way, but in all honesty, you should call your nutritionalist right away sweetheart.

I was having a habit or excercise bulimia or something I'm not sure for a couple of month . I eat around 1200 a day and I punish myself everytime I have a very small piece of sweet. And it was a hell month for me for counting calories and it ruin everything in my daily life coz all I could thing about is calories and all that stuff. This is my third week of going back to eat what I usually do and I'm from in USA is also making me worse because the way the food is. And I'm 16, 5"1 and used to weight 102 pounds. I'm pretty sure it moved up to 105-106 pounds. The thing is, back in my country I was considered fat and I need to get back to 100 pound before May. I REALLY need to do this and I know everyone will say it's unhealthy but it's my personal reason to do that.

 I need to stop eating all the time like this. I was not hungry but I feels like I want to eat. And I hate chewing gum so...any suggestion??

One time, one of my friend told me that you would feel like you need to eat more when you were eating the food which was not really good for you.  Does this statement make sense to you?  It sure made me think very seriously about my eating pattern from different point of view.  In some ways, it seems to help me better on controlling my way of eating.  Hope that help.



I think the reason you need to eat more because those food are not filling and they have something to do with GI in your blood that will make you feel addict to those sweet and all.

Well, thank you for your information anyway. I need to get back to eat normally. When I was in Thailand, I weight more (108 pound) and I was kinda active (my school area in Thailand was like at Time Square in NYC....3 or 4 biggest shopping malls and the most famous place for teen to hang out just 5 minutes walk from my school) and I eat EVERYTHING i want (accept Burger, Corn dog, cake is once in a while and pizza once a month). I eat ice cream almost everyday and fries everyday (gotta admit that it was a much smaller portaion but still...). I eat load of bad carbs and I didn't eat that much veggies......still, I didn't gain any weight at all. So, I guess, I have to figured out the way to get back to eat normally. But thanks for the information.

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I agree with srlhome as well. That's because yea, you're eating... but there are certain nutrients that your body does need. So, if you're not eating what you're body needs then you're body will remain hungry until it gets what it needs. 1200 is the bare minimum if you don't go under that then atleast you're not in starvation mode. Eat fruits, vegetables, protein, good carbs (wheat breads), and don't forget you're calcium. Especially since you've had bulimia issues, you're bones are probably weaker and more brittle then that of a typical healthy female. So, I suguest drinking alot of milk in your diet, skim milk preferably. Only approx 80 cals per glass. And for me, milk seems to fill me up pretty well.
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You sound just like me!  If I ever don't count calories for a day, I seem to want to just eat and eat and eat.  I find that eating more protein and drinking LOTS of water seem to help alot.  I've also recently tried sprinkling ground flax seed in my oatmeal and salads and it seems to be helping with that just "need" to eat.  

I also recently had a problem with over exercising.  I would go to the gym twice a day almost every day.  I took a kickboxing class 3-4 days a week and ran about 3 miles the other days, along with weight training 3 days a week.  I am now limiting myself to going only once a day and even having a rest day on occassion, which is a big step for me.  I still am anal about my calories, but I'm trying to work on that.

 By the way, I don't think 100 lbs is an unhealthy wieght for you at all.  The healthy weight range for your height starts at 98.  Just don't get to carried away once you get there.  

I can't relate to everything in your post, since I don't count calories or anything like that. But I have become more aware of why I eat, which I think is much more important that what I eat.

When I first started being more reflective about my eating habits, I realized that there were certain things that I just associated with eating. When I would study, or do research online, I would automatically grab a bag of chips or cook some pasta or something. I wouldn't be hungry, I was just used to eating while doing those activities. Now that I realize this habit for what it is, it is much easier (although still not easy) to break it.

For me, if there is something that I associate with eating, I have found the easiest thing to do is to try to associate something else with it. For example, instead of snacking while studying I bought one of those hand-grip things and squeeze it while going over my notes. That way my hands keep busy on their own. 

If you admit to eating when you aren't hungry, maybe it's the same kind of habit/associative behaviour? 

I feel like I'm in the same position as you, I'm trying to get back to my weight of 110lbs, and I am constantly wanting food- especially when I'm full.   Almost, as if the more I eat, the more the pain from stuffing myself will subside.

Personally it's the evenings that kill me, I'm just sitting there wanting food at 2 in the morning.  I've started brushing my teeth so I feel "done for the day"- that helps. Gum does not help at all- it makes you feel hungrier.

I also drink an awful amount of tea every time I feel a hunger pang, at first it makes you feel empty but as soon as you put some food in your mouth you feel painfully full- that might just be me.


One reason for the weight gain is that you're still growing up- I mean you're 16.  Where you 102 when you were 14?  You're probably still growing (height wise and obtaining a womens natural curves), and you have your hormones which have finally begun to settle in.   I would just look at your problem area- if you have some pudge on your belly and hips when standing up straight then you can loose some more fat, but if there's not much the keep eating the way you are.


Hope that this is some sort of help ^-^ 

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