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I'm SO hungry but I feel like I shouldn't eat anymore today.

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So, for breakfast I had a bowl of cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats with 2 percent milk). For lunch I had a tuna sandwich. For dinner I had some fish with some potatoes and vegetarian baked beans.

I've just drank water all day.

I am SO hungry. I last ate around 6:30 and that was dinner. It's nearly 11 and I'm just dying for something to eat. All of my friends went out for pizza tonight while we were hanging out and I managed to only drink a Snapple Cranberry Raspberry low calorie drink instead of eating anything or dirnking anything else and I'm proud of myself. But I feel like I've eaten enough for the day and I shouldn't eat anything else.

What should I do? :( Just tough it out or is it ok to give in and eat something? And if so, what? UGH. I just want to lose this weight.
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If you're really hungry, then I think you should definitely eat something. Have a small salad or something light and filling. It won't ruin your progress.

Oh, and you're looking good in your pictures by the way.
I am just wondering whether I'm ACTUALLY hungry of my body just wants to eat or something because I'm bored (I am). I mean I feel hungry, but I've eaten enough calories today and I don't want to go over.

How do you tell the difference?! And how do you psyche yourself out of feeling SO hungry even though you've eaten enough that day?

Eat, seriously.  Denying your body food when it's really crying out will lead to feeling deprived and eventual binge type behavior.
Ha, if I knew how to tell the difference, I wouldn't be here right now. To tell you the truth, I kind of want to eat right now too, but I think it's just because I'm bored. Like is your stomach physically growling or is your stomach starting to hurt? If so, ha then you are definitely hungry. Eating something small won't harm you though.
What makes you think you've "eaten enough"?  Just because you've given your body it's allotted calories for the day doesn't mean your body agrees that that's all it needs.  We're not robots, we're going to have days where we need more calories, and days where we need less depending on our activity levels and biological functions, whether we're sick, etc.  We don't really operate on the exact same amount of calories every single day, that's not how our bodies really work.  Sure we have an average BMR, but that's just an average, that will fluctuate depending on what we do and the state of our health.

Some days we just need more.  And of course, some days we just need less.
well first, if you are very hungry, eat. But a few comments about your diet:

B: honey bunches of oats are tasty, but low fiber and high in sugar. Try eating something higher in fiber, and adding protein and maybe some fruit to keep you full longer.

L: a tuna sandwich is healthy, but where are the veggies? did you use whole wheat bread? what kind of mayo did you use? just make sure you are using the healthiest ingredients and add a salad or some veggie sticks!

D: dinner is healthy too, but once again you need veggies! they will help you feel full.just a few suggestions, take them or leave them. but i promise if you eat more fruit and veggies you won't be as hungry.
Honestly I've never been prone to binging nor have I really binged. I find myself either eating or just not eating depending on what I want. It's just the amount of frustration I feel when I'm really hungry that makes it more distracting for me.

If I tell myself not to eat anymore tonight, I won't, it's just hard! I've never been out of control with eating I guess is wha tI'm trying to say, I think I've just become overweight by just not caring. :/
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It's no wonder that you're hungry.. you haven't eaten for 4 and a half hours! That's about the maximum time between each of my meals. If I eat dinner around 6 then I always plan a snack around 9 and again at 11 (I go to bed at like 12 or 1am).

Maybe you did not do so great today in terms of allotting calories but you did not do BADLY. I say eat a small snack.. something FILLING.. maybe soup, some fruit or vegge, some fish, etc. And then just try to save an extra 200 hundred calories for after dinner snacks tomorrow!

You may not have that behavior now, but a continual pattern of deprivation can create binge behavior.  Eat when you're hungry.
I'm curious whether anyone has watched and/or tried the Paul McKenna "I can make you thin" series on TBS - he claims it is NOT a diet - but rather a change of behavior

Rule #1 is EAT when you are hungry
#2 eat what you want
#3 eat consiously - chew that bite of food after putting utensils down and really think about what you are eating, savoring that bite
#4 stop when you feel full. 

That was just the first night. 

Has anyone out there tried this one???

Haha!  I've never seen the show, but that has always been my mantra.  Rule number 2 is easy to trip up on though.  If you want a burger, you don't stop at MickeyD's on your way home.  You go to the store and get some lean ground beef.  Eating what you want is not the same as eating whatever the hell you want, if you get my drift.  As far as #4, I stop when I no longer feel hungry these days.  That was actually something I had to work on through hypnosis.  I grew up in a family where you had to clean your plate.  There were nights that I sat at the dinner table long after everyone else had finished and the food had grown cold because I was not excused until I had finished my meal.  Even now I get flack from my grand parents if I leave food on my plate.  There's this guilt feeling about wasting food.  "There are starving kids in Africa."  Who hasn't heard that.  I have a feeling that there are far more obese children in the United States than starving ones in Ethiopa.  I could be wrong.  I have the statistics somewhere...  My point is, it is better to know what portions will be sufficient for you, and only take what you can eat, but it is far better to leave food on the plate than to eat out of guilt or because you feel a duty to finish.  Someone once told me that it takes 4-7 minutes for food to each your stomach from your mouth.

I agree have something light like a salid or a apple. I found that when i eat a apple it fills me up.

actually it doesn't sound like you ate much at all today, so i don't think it's any surprise that you'd be hungry!!!  your also not eating any vegetables or fruits... why don't you start incorporting some of them as snacks?  and you should def. eat if your really hungry... starving yourself won't do you any good.

The 4 rules make so much sense! BUT that totally would not work for me. The whole reason I am counting my calories because I can't tell when I am full! lol It is nice to think though that if you sit and savor each bite you will be healthier!

Original Post by sunshineaddict:

The 4 rules make so much sense! BUT that totally would not work for me. The whole reason I am counting my calories because I can't tell when I am full! lol It is nice to think though that if you sit and savor each bite you will be healthier!

 I think rule #4 is better noted as "stop when you aren't hungry anymore" - that is different from "full."  If you eat until you feel full or stuffed at the table, you'll be uncomfortably, and maybe miserably, full in about 1/2 an hour.  The main reason a lot of us (speaking as an American at least) don't know when we've had enough is because our lives are so crammed with events, we eat SO FAST, our bodies don't have time to send us the signals of "ENOUGH!!!" - so by the time we get that signal, we've been packing the food in for an additional 15 minutes or so ... ugh. 

Also, eating in front of the TV.  Big Big No No.

But to answer the OPs question, it seems to me that you feel hungry because you really may not have had enough food for the day.  Enough calories is not the same as enough food.   If you're hungry at night (and if you've been awake more than four hours with nothing to eat, that's probably real hunger) then by all means eat.

That doesn't look like nearly enough calories/energy for you.  No wonder you were so hungry!  You're young, growing and developing - your body needs energy for the work. 

I strongly agree from experience AND observation with shandykat (post #3):

  "Denying your body food when it's really crying out will lead to feeling deprived and eventual binge type behavior. "

You probably just haven't eaten enough good food.  Have another bowl of oats and milk.  Eat a clif bar and drink milk.  Eat a large plate of spinach and have a piece of whole grain bread with milk.  Whatever.  I bet nobody got obese from eating a bowl of oats and a plate of lettuce when they were really hungry.

I'm not suprised your hungry.  Your meals aren't very well balanced and your missing both snacks.  You should be splitting your calories between 3 meals and two snacks.  You might want to try to switch to skim milk for your cereal - or at least 1%.  I'm not saying coffee (if you drink it with milk) needs skim - I don't do that either, but you are wasting a good 40 or 50 calories and a lot of fat on something you won't notice anyway.   I would suggest a high protein cereal if you want just a cold cereal.  Kashi has two (Go Lean & Go Lean Crunch), both are high protein  & high fibre.  Kellogs has Vector and there are a number of other high protein cereals.   They will keep you full longer and provide much better nutrition.  If you add 1 piece of fruit with some protein (fat free 35 cal. yogurt cup, skim milk mozzarella - 1 ounce, 1 Tbsp. natural peanut butter, a couple of almonds or walnuts) as a balance snack two times per day, you won't get hungry and you will feel better.  

I would try not to eat at 11 at night, but if you eat dinner at 6 and will be up until 11pm, you could add a snack at 8:30.  The next time your friends all head out for pizza and you are going along, you could order a side salad (no dressing or oil & vinegar only - unless they have a low calorie - not low fat - option).  If you bring along a small baggie of almond slivers to spread on top, you'll have a balanced snack at under 200 calories - if you are going straight there from home, you could bring 1 oz of skim milk mozza cubed up to sprinkle on top.  Just be really careful about dressing if you add it.  A small size salad should have 1 tsp of dressing total - maximum!    Better if  you can get used to eating without the dressing.  You won't feel as left out when you get to eat too and you won't be starving. 


I'm sure you'll do great!

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