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i'm just not hungry...

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As i'm overweight, i have recently been trying to diet.My parents were really supportive, because they know that can only really be a good thing

After the first two days or so, my appetite bummed out on me; beforehand, i had been eating LOADS of 'bad' food (cookies, crisps, chocolate etc), skipping breakfast, then eating loads throughout the day.

But once i started dieting, i made sure i ate a breakfast (usually of fruit), then lunch, a dinner.

Now, i don't want to eat anything. At first, i thought 'if i'm not hungry, why should i eat? not eating is only going to help me lose wait faster.'

But then my mom started nagging me about eating more. i think she thinks i've developed some sort of eating disorder or something, in the space of two days XD.

but seriously, if i'm not hungry, should i really eat? because i heard that can be bad, but only ever in the context of people IGNORING being hungry.

Help? :(... please?

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Once in awhile not reaching your calorie target is okay, but yes generally you should be eating more.  Sometimes you're not feeling well or you underestimate calories, naturally it's going to happen. Your body needs the nutrients to survive and does nt really like being underfed. Out of curiosity what are your stats? IF you're under 21, you really need to be eating about 1800 calories because your body is still growing (your internal organs need these calories).

Loosing weight fast does not equal keeping weight off. Slow and steady will lead to a healthy lifestyle and permanent change. We ended up overweight somehow, so you can for sure eat more now. To add healthy calories put olive oil, kidney beans, nuts, boiled eggs or avocado on your salads. As snacks try eating some more nuts, nut butter, higher fat milk or yoghurt with fruit in it, peanut butter with banana, two squares of dark chocolate with tea etc... you get the idea.

Sometimes when I'm really busy I know I don't eat enough. But this doesn't happen very often, maybe 1-3 times a month where I have too big of a calorie deficit, and in that situation I don't think it's a huge problem.

But having it happen numerous times in a row is a problem. I know you can feel more full with less calories when you switch from eating calorie dense, unhealthy foods to lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. But you do need to be reaching your recommended calories for weight loss on most days. I agree with the poster above me; add some calorie dense healthy fats into your diet to get you up to a healthy number of calories a day. Nuts, nut butters, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, some full fat milk or yogurt, etc. can easily add a few hundred calories into your day without making you feel too full.

By under eating, which it sounds like you're doing, you might feel full, but chances are your body does need more calories to function appropriately. By restricting calories too much over a period of time, you're going to be more likely to give up on this lifestyle change. You're basically sabotaging yourself by under eating.

How many calories have you been consuming these last few days?

From my experience I have found that I feel the same....not hungry.  But, what I will also tell you is this.  I am so damned and determined to loose this weight, that I think I am not hungry.  Put something good in front of me, you would not believe how much I can eat when I thought I wasn't hungry.  You get scared that you are going to over indulge.  And then you start beating yourself up.  I have been on this lifestyle change since Jan 9, 2012, and to date I have lost 38 lbs.  I lost it with the help of a little stress too, which wasn't good.  But, I am now at a plateau.  And it is ok, because I am not going up.  Make snacks also.  Prepare meals ahead of time.  Some times we get lazy within ourselves.  You can talk yourself out of being hungry.  But, if all it takes is to just go reheat something you already made that is healthy...it makes a difference.

You can be determined and have the mind set to kick this and still eat.  You need to give your body energy through food.  Watch your portions.

Good luck!

You may want to consult with a dietician for your answer...

I have sort of the same situation myself. I'm not seeking to force feed myself, only because it took me 4 months to retrain my brain not to binge or eat out of emotion or boredom.  So making myself eat from anything but hunger, for me, is totally out of the question.

If it really troubles you, I'd seek a professional opinion, or some type of nutrition website on the matter.

Well wishes

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