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I'm gaining weight but it seems like I've lost it?

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Over the past 2 years I was on a mission to lose weight and I went from 170 to 135 lbs. Of course with that said, I lost a lot of fat as well. I was really proud of this achievement. But recently, I have been gaining weight...and I'm really concerned. The weighing scale says that I am between 145-150 lbs. The thing is though, that it doesnt seem that I am gaining any fat. My clothes still fit me fine, in fact they fit me even better, at times it seems. I seem to look slimmer and pictures and am even asked if I have lost weight. My eating habits haven't changed. BUT, could it be that I haven't been eating meals at proper times? There are times where I go hungry all day but eat light snacks, but then eat dinner at the end, because of my busy schedule. Other than that, I'm still watching what I eat. I wonder if it is muscle mass, but that doesn't make sense to me because I haven't actively been working out because I have been so busy with school. I guess the only strenuous activity which I have been doing is printmaking, since I am an art major...that that involves constant motions of moving back and forth for my arms. But that still doesn't make sense. Does anyone know what it could possibly be? Or could it be the amount of time I stand for hours? Am I gaining fat but I just don't realize it? My measurements are still the same too, believe it or not! 34-27-35! So I'm not sure what is going on! I'm really worried!

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I would guess that you're gaining muscle and that would explain the weight gain but same body fat. Happens to be as well.
Definitely muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat but takes up less space. You will weigh more, but your clothes will fit better.

Are you weighing yourself at the same time in the same or similar or better yet no clothes? I do mine in the AM after a restroom stop before my shower. My weight can fluctuate by 10lbs in one day. weighing in the afternoon.

Wow so it is possible for the weight to fluctuate that much without any concern? See,  I usually weigh myself in the morning...but these days I've been noticing a huge change in weight and its really worrying me. It just doesn't make sense cause I cant really think of anything that could possibly cause this...

I would definitely suggest to eat. I know what you mean, sometimes you forget because you are too busy. Trust me, I'm a double major, I know.  But the thing is, your metabolism slows down when your body does not have anything to process.  Grab a healthy snack from the cafeteria or buy low fat granola bars. Especially eat something for breakfast so your body has a kick start on calories and has fuel. Sometimes what helps me is blending fruits and veggies in a blender and taking it in a large plastic water bottle and sipping it as I do my homework. This is not an option for everyone but definitely try it if you can. Its very important to get your daily nutrients especially that finals are rolling around and you need brain power. 

Another thing, how much water do you drink? It may be possible that is could be water weight.

check this out--
http://www.diet-blog.com/08/weight_fluctuatio ns_why_do_they_happen.php

As far as my opinion, I think that you have gained muscle, whether it's from working or walking or doing something daily that may not be a big deal to you. Like said above in the previous comments, muscle mass is much heavier than fat. Most likely you gained muscle and lost fat and that is why your clothes are fitting you better. Smile

Ask yourself, how do you feel. Do you feel exhausted, energized, normal, healthy?  You shouldn't be so concerned from gaining a few pounds unless you feel sick, or unhealthy. 

In some people, like myself, my weight fluctuates all the time.  

Don't look for excuses. Don't say muscle mass, my pants still fit, or my mesurements have not changed. You could consider on these lines if you have newly made some positive changes in your lifestyle. You have gone in the opposite direction. You have put on fat. You lost before. Do what it takes n lose it again.

To put on 15 lbs of weight by putting muscle and losing enough fat so that your body size does not chang you would have to put on a total of 45 lbs of muscle and lose 30 lbs of fat. Any idea what amount of exercise, hormones a MAN would need to put 45 lbs of muscle. Don't even talk about a woman.

Also at 135 lbs did you have 30 lbs of fat to lose to replace with muscle.

Sorry !

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