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I'm so freaking hungry ALL the time these days...I feel like I'm about to give up.

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In the last 2 days I have felt starving!!!  All the time even after a half hour of eating.  What is wrong with me?  Is this hormones?  I'm so hungry and frustated right now I could cry.  I'm at my wits end.  I'm trying to write a post just to keep  from giving up entirely.  I've already had like 2000 calories today and 2200 yesterday.  I did start excercising this week.  Could it be that?    What should I do?  I almost think should stop excercising because I ALWAYS over eat when I do and I always feel starved even when I up my calories on workout days.  I feel like excercise is a huge trigger for a poor diet.  Is that unreasonable to give up a healthy (excersise) behavior in fear of unhealthy (obessing, mood swings, over eating) one?

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Are you...

...eating lots of fiber and protein?
...eating enough calories to support your activity level?
...under more life stress lately?
...hydrating yourself throughout the day?
...getting your period?

What does your 2000 calories consist of?

Yes, eating fiber and protein

I do think  I'm eating enough for my activity level.  I'm fairly sedentary.  Today I'm only about 200 calorie deficit.  Same as yesterday.  The day before I had probably a 1000 one because I didn't eat as much and I worked out.

Probably a little more stress

Drinking Water

Not sure about the period.. I have PCOS so you period comes and goes at anytime.  It should becoming soon but I can go months without having one....


Today I had Brocoli, carrots, grilled chicken, rice noodles, a slice of whole wheat bread, cabbage, 3 oz of lean beef, romaine salad (no dressing),  2 bites of cheddar cheese, a kombucha tea, and a lean cuisine meal.

That doesnt seem like its adds up to 2000.

It definitely can, kristine, depending on quantities.

sconry, is there a chance you could be pregnant?

Exercise also definitely stimulates appetite. How much do you exercise? Other than that, it's likely stress/anxiety/boredom. Have you tried simply keeping very busy?

Furthermore, don't stress if you have days when you eat more than you planned, but less than (or right at) maintenance. Maintenance days are fine, they will not make you gain weight or reverse your loss, they will just stretch out the weight loss process a little bit. Remember that your mental health is just as important to this process as your physical health, and feeling constantly deprived and unhappy is a sure path to chucking it all and returning to your previous habits. So maintenance days can be a necessary, valuable part of weight loss.

Don't let your emotions get too high about this. Some days you will be hungrier than others. Some days you will eat at maintenance, and some days you will eat for weight loss. Don't stop exercising, but try to drink more water on days that you do (and maybe on days that you don't, too). Often, thirst presents as hunger.

Good luck and don't get upset! It's not worth getting upset over. :)


I feel your pain. I feel hungry all the time too! This is what I discovered works for me. I eat a bunch of egg whites (with ketchup) every morning for breakfast, and each egg white has only about 17 calories and 3.5 grams of protein. It's basically the purest form of protein you can possibly get. You can add other things to make it more interesting, like make egg white omelets. Or if you like whole eggs, you can have whole eggs (70 calories, 6 g of protein). This really helps sustain me through the entire day I think. Even if you are ravenous and eat 15 egg whites, that's still under 300 calories, and it's kind of hard to do! It looks like you're eating very healthy (except maybe the rice noodles could be changed to something whole grain), but maybe you need greater volume foods. For me this means salads, soups, and oatmeal. Oatmeal can be a real lifesaver for when I'm very hungry and want to eat something bad for me. First of all, oatmeal is hot, so I can't eat it as fast as I do other foods. (Same thing with soup.) This forces me to slow down, helping me feel full. The hotness really helps take the edge off my hunger. Oatmeal is so filling, and you can have a huge bowl for about 200 calories (if you make it with water, skim milk adds like another 85 calories/cup). Oatmeal seems to have this magical bloating effect, so a huge bowl of it usually keeps me full for at least another 3 to 4 hours.I can even make oatmeal into a 50 calorie oatmeal "drink" by watering it down a lot and spiking it with just a bit of soy milk to make it sweet. But sometimes if I need to chew something, then I bring out the leafy greens and celery, etc. 

Also try to fill up on hot tea. You can even add some milk and a little sugar to make it more appealing, and keep drinking it when you feel like you're hungry.

Last tip: I got this from someone else on CC. He said, just slow down and enjoy your food. I know everyone says this, but the way he said it sounded so profound. He said he got to eat anything and ate whenever he was hungry, but by really enjoying and appreciating his food, he finally was able to TASTE it and appreciate it. He could stop once he felt full, instead of going way beyond like most of the rest of us do. I felt like that really hit home, because while I say I love food, I realize that I don't think I actually do! I love the feeling of being full. I'm scared of hunger. I eat my food fast, and I don't really taste it! Lately my challenge has been to slow down and really appreciate every bite, and I notice that I do eat less, because I'm giving my brain time to register that I'm feeding my body. If you eat too quickly, you will always eat too much, because your brain doesn't register it until too late! 

Finally, I don't think you should give up exercising. Exercising is good for you in that it helps speed your metabolism and help you lose fat, not muscle. What you might be experiencing is an awakening in your metabolism in which you suddenly feel very hungry, because you were eating too little before that. That actually happened to me recently, and it was driving me crazy... I felt like I was bingeing every day. Maybe do try to allow yourself to eat a little more so you won't be feeling hungry all the time, but you can try low density, higher volume foods like I suggested above.

Original Post by sconry81:

Today I had Brocoli, carrots, grilled chicken, rice noodles, a slice of whole wheat bread, cabbage, 3 oz of lean beef, romaine salad (no dressing), 2 bites of cheddar cheese, a kombucha tea, and a lean cuisine meal.

lean cuisine...350
cheddar cheese...150
rice noodles...200 per serving?
3 oz lean beef...150

okay so that is 1610 and that is being really generous with portion sizes. I guess you could have had several potion of chicken/noodles etc but to me it actually does not seem like it would be a ton of food. The tea is pretty much needless calories but the rest seemed good.

so I'm confused how did you get 2000.

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Try a cup of green tea when you're feeling famished.  It tastes terrible( my opinion), but it actually has an appetite supressing effect. 


Also... have you been bored in the past couple days?? I know that whenever I don't have anything to do I want to eat. but when I'm busy I don't have any urge to eat (until my stomach starts loudly protesting lol)

I'm not sure if my calculations are wrong or what.  I did forget the cooking oil (my bad) but the calorie counter says 2007.  Maybe I"m just calculating my food intake wrong?  I had a peanut butter sandwich.  I actually feel full now.  The first time in 3 days.  Now my calories are 2317 at least according to the food counter.  I guess tomorrow is a new day.  I'm just worried about excercising now and then overeating because I feel famished.

Oh and thanks for all the support, everyone!  Sometimes it helps to get some perspective.


I have PCOS too, do you take some form of hormones for the PCOS? I take yasmin which is a birth control. If you hormones are out of whack it can make you feel hungry. I came across a web site that was very helpful for women who have PCOS.  www.soulcysters.com  Depression is a very common sign, seretonin is your feel good hormone and since PCOS makes you have a hormone imbalance I have found that many women like us take some type of depression meds. The first time I took Lexapro now I take zoloft, both help your seretonin levels. I had been off the lexapro for about a year or so when I saw a Dr and he thought I seemed depressed at first I said no but when I went and read about the symptoms of depression I realized I was. Now I smile again. Hope this helps... good luck


Bad hunger pangs the minute I tried to reduce my food intake were what prevented me from successfully losing weight in the past.  I've since found some solutions - mostly based around following a Low-GI diet - and I believe that people with PCOS benefit in many ways from following the same kind of eating pattern.   Reduced symptoms being one.  This would be my quick guide to avoiding hunger pangs....

- Eat regularly.  A small meal or a snack every 2 - 3 hours initially. Anticipate the hunger.  Prevention is better than cure. 

- Choose high-fibre wholegrains and have a portion at each meal.... wholemeal bread, oats, wholewheat pasta, barley, brown rice, high-fibre breakfast cereals...

- Avoid sugary or starchy foods entirely if you can.  Also alcohol.  These trigger hunger pangs worst of all in my experience.  Avoid anything made with white flour, anything with more than 10g sugar per 100g.  All refined, packaged, canned, processed foods.   'Diet' and 'low fat' products are just as bad.

- Have a portion of lean protein (animal or vegetable) at each meal.  This acts as an appetite suppressant.

- Eat lots and lots of vegetables at your main meals.  They're filling, nutritious and very low in calories.  If you can cook meals from fresh ingredients, do so. 

- Eat whole fruit rather than juice.
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The most important thing you can do to stay on track is to eat breakfast. I did not note any breakfast type foods in the food log you provided. Give up the tea which is probably mostly sugar. Rice noodles are not whole grain, try whole wheat pasta or brown rice instead. The calorie amounts for the vegetables you listed sound excessive, are you calculating correctly? I see no dairy products, unless you are allergic to milk protiens I suggest adding 2-3 serving per day such as dannon light and fit yogurt, they are 60cal a serving. I assure you if you start eating a healthy breakfast consisting of 400-500 calories within 1 hour of waking up, you will not feel hungry and you will lose. And don't give up on the exercise, unless you are exercising strenuously and creating a defecit of more than 500 calories by exercising you shouldn't necessarily feel hungrier throughout the day. I suggest you refuel immediately after exercise with a piece of fruit such as a banana or apple to replenish glycogen stores. I hope this helps
Original Post by badandrew:

Try a cup of green tea when you're feeling famished. It tastes terrible( my opinion), but it actually has an appetite supressing effect.

Hmm, I've actually read somewhere that one should never drink green tea when hungry because it speeds up your metabolism and just makes you even hungrier.

Don't give up!

Remember you only started the diet because there is a goal you want to reach.

If you give up now then this might mean you're going to gain weight or stay at the same weight which eventually you're going to go back to dieting and that's time wasted... by the time you start dieting again you could be closer to your goal!

Tru not to think about dieting, drink water look forward for your next meal, get busy with something. put on some music and shake that ass...

Make sure you're not eating too little and if you're still so hungry dice up cucumbers or something with very little calories. add vinegar or whatever. something you wont feel guilty for eating and wont put u in the mindset that u screwed ur diet so u're just going to eat everything else today!

I always google weigt loss success stories and check out before and after pics. When I see people who lost more than a 100 pounds and how fabulous they look after the weight loss i's be lick hell yea I wanna do it like they did it!

Good luck.

I tend to get super hungry a day or two before I notice a significant change on the scale. Hopefully, you are about to see a change. Good luck. You can do it!

Thanks everyone.  I think I'm approaching the 3 month itch.  I really appreciate the support and I feel like it's going to keep me on track today!!

what is really hungry? Your mind or your stomach?
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