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Weight Loss
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I'm so fat, gosh!

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I feel like a sack of potatoes. I need inspiration and motivation to actually work to lose weight. Im 14 5'9 and I weigh 200. I want to get down to 140 by the end of this year but I cant seem to find the motivation to actually work for it. I lost 6 pounds before but I gained it all back with an extra two. I don't know what to do. Can you please give me some motivational quotes/adivice? Thanks :)
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Are all the dangers of obesity not enough to motivate you? Or your reflection?

I don't think other people can motivate you if you yourself can't find that motivation. It's like the saying "you can't help people who won't help themselves"


BTW I'm not trying to be rude/mean I'm just trying to give a straightforward answer

Make a list of your goals and steps you need to take to get there and then make small changes a few at a time. Instead of trying to take on everything at once and overwhelming yourself pick say 3 goals at a time and work toward a healthier lifestyle.  Then after each of your new choices becomes habit and normal you can add additional changes. Your motivation will increase as your health improves. You might start with three steps such as: 1. Drink 100 ounces of water a day (that's 1/2 your body weight which is what nutritionists reconmend. 2. Get 30 mins of exercise a day. This can be anything active and doesn't have to be too difficult, even just taking a 30 min walk with a friend or family member would work. 3. Stop eating fast food (or a specific funk food item that you currently eat too much of)

Or you can use any other three goals you chose. Work on them for a couple weeks or a month and then once they are a normal part of your routine chose three more goals and keep going.

As for inspiration and motivation one thing I can tell you that you really should read carefully and listen to is: It's never going to be easier than right now!!!! Really think about that.....if you don't lose the weight at 14 it will be harder to lose at 20 or 25, or 30 etc. The best thing you can do for yourself is to do it now!


Good luck! You can do it!

Original Post by armandounc:

Are all the dangers of obesity not enough to motivate you? Or your reflection?

I don't think other people can motivate you if you yourself can't find that motivation. It's like the saying "you can't help people who won't help themselves"


BTW I'm not trying to be rude/mean I'm just trying to give a straightforward answer

This is why I don't post on the forums.  People who have never been heavy will never understand.  That is an extremely insensitive thing to say, and your disclaimer at the end doesn't make it any more polite.


Chizzle, LOVE your reflection and yourself...and when you're ready, you'll have all the motivation you need.

Are you the mom or the dad?

Start moving - walk or bike to work five days a week and you should start to see more than six pounds loss.  Then pay attention to what kind of food you are eating - avoid calorie dense foods like the plague - you will only be able to eat a little bit of that food before you blow your daily calorie count and you wont feel full for very long.  

Have a big goal ie that arbitrary weight you want to get to for me that was 60 kgs I plucked it out of thin air and said that would be good to get to. Im 5'2" so 60kgs is just inside a healthy BMI for me.  I started out at 84.5kgs May 2011 - Im now 62.5kgs it's that close Im getting ridiculously excited about it.

It isn't easy - first day I got on my bike and biked to work I swear I thought I was going to throw up and faint and I was so red in the face but I kept going.  It used to take me 45 minutes to bike to work, it now takes me 20 minutes.  I feel so much healthier than I was.  I also realised the other day I now see food as fuel for my body as opposed to Im hungry what's there to eat?  That is a bit of a seachange for me.

The weightloss you want is attainable but you have to get moving and watch what type of food you are eating, and expect to keep on moving for the rest of your life.  

You are 5'9, right?  You are not fat, so please get that notion out of your head.

Please do not attempt to diet, I can not stress this point enough, DO NOT DIET!
Eat healthy, lots of fruits and veggies, good proteins, stay away from the sugary cereals, eat whole grains. 

Eat enough to keep your body well and fit, because you are still growing and you will keep growing until you are about 25.  Nothing you can do will stop this, it is nature.

Get up and move, yes.
Ride your bike or walk places instead of asking for rides, yes.
Join a sports team or something that you will keep your focus away from food, yes.
Pass on the Big Mac and have a regular sized hamburger with a regular sized fries and pop, yes.

Learn how to love yourself because you are the only one like you in this world no matter what size you are, YES. 

Please be kind to yourself, mind, body and soul.  Take care of all three and think positive thoughts.

from a former fat kid that did all the wrong things and would love to be   fourteen again with the knowledge that I have today.

Take care.

I completely missed the 14 year old bit :) still I dont think that biking to school would hurt if that is an option.  Eat healthy and appropriate portions of food - set yourself up with good food habits for the rest of your life - diet (as in eating very little to loose weight by x day) never works in the long run.  Eating healthy and moving does.

I agree with pianowoman. People can be so hurtful with remarks on weight. We know what it takes to lose weight. Exercise & eat right BUT its easier said than done & thats when we need motivation, encouragement & help. Not all of us are strong enough to do that on our own. I know I'm not. Making hurtful remark only reminds me what a failure I am for letting myself gain the weight in the 1st place. Believe me PLEASE when I say also it's easier to lose it when you're young than as you get older. Do the best you can & imagine yourself in a great outfit. Feel good about yourself ALWAYS & that will help motivate you in a positive direction. Also, remember to LOVE YOURSELF for who you are inside not what the mirror or scales reflect & one last thing, come here for all the motivation & support you need &u can give cause we all have our days & I know I need it daily... Don't look at negative, look for the positive YOU. We believe in you
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