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I'm about to down a box of oreos.. please help

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ive eaten breakfast and lunch already, i rele want to make my calorie goal today, but these oreos look sooo good >< please help?!

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It helps if you don't keep them in the house.

 Saturdays are hard, especially when you are home just hanging out. Go outside for a walk or go workout in your house. I find even if I just go upstairs to play on my computer at least I am one floor away from the kitchen and too lazy to go back downstairs to eat a treat. Do something mundane like Facebook to keep your mind off of it. Watch Biggest Looser on ROD too, I find that motivates me on Saturdays’ if you haven’t worked out yet.

You can do it!

Ps: I tried freezing treats but discovered jubejubes still tasted good that way. On the plus side however, it at least took longer to eat them so I ate less, ha ha!a


Go take a 15 minute walk then come back and see if you REALLY want them...

I hate to waste food but put them down the garbage disposal or throw them in a zip lock bag and add water! I agree with Zefroim........don't keep them in the house. Good luck.

Put portion sizes into individual zip bags with the calories labelled on the front so that if you DO eat them all, you can at least be completely accountable for the amount you have eaten.


You can have one portion tonight and see how many days the other packs will last. I've started doing this more with treats that end up in my flat and plan my calories for everyday a week at a time. I KNOW I'm going to be able to eat them all eventually, but at least this way I won't feel guilty and won't regret eating the entire box!

thats helpful, thank you =]

I find if you are really struggling with binge eating, even bagging the right portion of them doesn't help, if you have multiple bags of them.  I know it's difficult, timely, and maybe more expensive to buy things in single servings... but it's the only thing that even has a chance of helping me not binge.   I say eat the right portion of them, and get rid of the rest (i.e. destroy them in water) and next time buy 1 single serving of it.  If you want some the next day... go back and buy another pack. 

try drinking a whole glass of water. that should ease your hunger and then go do something like take a walk read a book surf the internet call someone on the phone art project ect

I dont know about you guys, but ive been eating really healthy lately, mostly cause im in uni and cant afford junk food.

But one thing that helps me deter from buying/eating then, is knowing how sick they usually make me feel, and knowing how guilty youd feel.

Do your best to keep them out of sight, and if worst comes to worst get a family member to hide it

I kno fruit can be rather filling and a much healthier alternative. Carve it into slices with a knife if the idea isnt thrilling, i always find it more tasty and interesting to eatt slices of apple.


Oreos? EW!!! Raw veggies and hummus? YUM!!!

Say that to yourself, and believe it! :D

I have giant post-its on my fridge & pantry. They say "Discipline is just choosing between what you want now and what you want most." They help to keep my cravings in check.

Here you go...

Deep breath. STEP AWAY FORM THE OREOS...... Go for a walk....When you get home drink a big glass of water.....Oreos down the garbage disposal.... Do not relplace.

I feel the same way about some pizza right now. Luckily, there's nowhere to get pizza here at nearly 1AM.

If you must, I would say eat only one serving, then FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO. How about cleaning that bathroom? You've been meaning to do that for days, right? :D

Try sticking the rest of the cookies in the freezer. You'll have to eat them slower if they're frozen and you'll likely eat less of them, and I find that I don't like the taste as well when things like that are frozen, so I'm not tempted to buy it anymore.

My advice: Grab 2 (or 4 if your calories allow) and a glass of skim milk (8oz) and WALK AWAY! You still get to taste those oreos, delicious, and you get some healthy skin milk... and you arent keeping yourself from enjoying what you like. You cant hide from the junk food, it is prevelant in the world and the whole trick to this losing weight thing and KEEPING IT OFF is making changes that you can keep for a lifetime...can you really go a lifetime hiding from the oreos?

Grab the box of oreos,

& throw them out the window. literally.

as soon as I'd felt a bad binge coming on, I'd chuck whatever it was that I wanted so that it wasn't possible.

Just remember, they look good now - but they won't look good on you, aha.

good luck hun ! don't stress.

yeah id definitely throw them AWAY ...wait ruin them first by pouring water and salt and gross stuff all over them.

having one ...will lead to wanting another and another. and before you know it youve down the whole box and they didnt even taste THAT great. so not worth it

throw them out and never buy them again

damnnn coookies ...horrible high calorie weakness of mine

I know you probably did or didn't eat them already,  but if this ever happens again, THROW THEM AWAY.  The only thing that ever helps me is chucking things into the toilet or out the window or into the trash (but if I trash them, I need to dunk them in water or vinegar or something first so I don't go to get them from the trash...ew). 

Also, if you were the one that brought the Oreos into the house, practice self-control at the grocery store by just not getting them.  It might be a bit of a charade, putting them down and picking them up for a minute, but it's so much easier to avoid binging if your weakness isn't in the house. 

If one of your family members brings them in, tell them to hide them in a secret place that you won't find them.  It sounds sort of childish, but if it's out of your sight, it's pretty much out of your mind.

And, on Oreos....I do not understand how two tiny little cookies can have 140 calories (same amount in a bowl of cereal, two or three apples depending on the size, a serving of oatmeal, a carton of yogurt, or God knows what else).  Pure evil.  Pure.  Evil. 

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