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Weight Loss
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Can someone please explain to me how this all works. In very simple terms.

My calorie intake is set at 1500 (goal) a day.....lets say I burn 300 calories, Am I supposed to increase my intake? Im easly confused with all these number. Intake, burned, net calories ect..

I'm 38, 172 (was 182 about 3 weeks ago) at 5'6"

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On this site, I get your BMR at 1479.

for weight loss and no activity: 1419 (but really your BMR is better, so yes 1500 is fine too)

for weight loss and working out 3 times a week: 1626

for weight loss and working out 5 times a week: 1730

for weight loss and working out everyday: 1937

for weight loss and intense workout 5 times a week: 1833

Until you get to a healthy BMI you can have a deficit/net cals of 500-1000 if you like for 1-2lbs a week loss.

When you get to a healthy BMI try for more 300-600 deficit/net cals and for the last stretch 250-400.

Hope this gives you an idea :)

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