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I'm ashamed of my body more after weight loss

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Okay so I know not everyone can help me, and this is quite embarrassing, but I am more ashamed of my body without my clothes on than when i was the 94 pounds heavier.  I'm only 23 years old, and during gaining weight (up to 294 pounds) i got stretch marks on my breasts (reallly bad), arms (really bad too), stomach, sides, and the back of my knees.  Well as I lose weight, my skin just looks YUCK. I'm most concerned about my breasts.  I'm getting married in December, and i'm asshamed to even let my fiancee see me in the nude.  I've been trying to ignore the fact that my body is completely SHOT, and I know there are 'magic creams' that might help me, but that is completely going to add up. It's my whole body!  I have 60 more pounds to lose to hit goal, and I dont even wanna think about what final damage will look like.

I've just been feeling so depressed :(  I will never be ready for swim suit season, I will never be able to wear sleeveless, and I feel like I am always going to have to hide my body.  This stinks.
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You are young, your skin will snap back but it takes time for the skin to catch up.  Pamper your skin and make sure you stay hydrated really well to give your skin what it needs to regain its elasticity. 

Also, if you don't already, strength train and exercise, it helps lengthen and tone the muscles so that as your skin does tighten up over time you will get a better look. 

I DO exercise, but ick i dont wanna describe what i see. How long is it goin to take for it to go semi normal? My breasts that is. I mean you cant really exercise those skin wise...

anyone suggest a specific cream?
x17, I know how you feel.  I've already lost 70+ lbs and I have loose skin and stretch marks.  health is more important to me than beauty, but I totally understand where you are coming from. 

you're just going to have to trust your fiance to love you and be grateful that you've lost the weight and will be around to love for a very long time.  But it won't hurt to have some heart-to-heart talks with him.  Just tell him how you feel, what your fears are. 
yea actually my fiancee went through the same thing. he has stretchies on his tummy and i love them because theyre his 'broken pieces'  I love his little flaws.  But when its ME, its a different story.  I just want to be able to wear a low cut blouse and feel confident and show off all my hard work.  yet i cant.
Try vitamin E creams. Ive been using a vitamin E oil on some regular scars and it helps a bit. Ive heard it does wonders for some people for stretch marks.
time... thats the best thing for the skin and the stretch marks.  sucks, i know.

barring that, try one of the firming plus tanning lotions (like jergens).  they firm a bit (with hydration and sometimes other ingredients, its not forever but it helps for as long as you use it) and the tanning ingredients will make the stretch marks less noticeable as well as make the skin look more blended rather than saggy.  it helps for my thighs and my lower stomach (ah weightloss and babies!)

good luck!  and try to work on ur self esteem... it does no good to hate our bodies, especially when you have done a fabulous job of losing weight!
I just seen in a mag, about strech marks.  Like you there is not much to have done but they suggest, tanning lotion, tanning bed or what ever.  The darking of the skin helps not make them so noticable.  My sister in law tans because of this reason also, it seems to work for her.  I mean its not like their gone but, if you would like to wear shorter shirts or tanks, it might be an idea for you. 

Best of luck,

hey. with my strech marks i used a loafer in a circular motion on the area (gently) untill it went pink and then applied alove vera gel.....it really did help and with time they are hardly noticeable. i hope this helps best of luck,

I have the same problem - a few years ago I went from 233 lbs to 160lbs and then yo-yo'd round for a bit, which is where I am now. I have terrible saggy skin, I use bio oil - it helps a little, makes me feel a little better and I feel a bit pampered.  I've had consultations with doctors for surgery, but always decided against it in the end - my biggest problem area is my tummy, it depresses me that I will never wear a bikini...

I console myself with a couple of things...
1) my body is healthier, and I'm happier weighing less
2) my boyfriend has seen all of my wobbly bits and loves me anyway
3)I'm never going to have to worry what my body will look like if I have kids - I already look like I have had 4!!!

I know its hard, and I get really down about it sometimes. I spoke to a helpful lady at my gym and she showed me some exercises that tone specific areas - they've made a big difference for my saggy arms, a little for my breasts and almost none for my tummy, but I'm still hoping! Can you speak to your fiance about it? I have talked with my boyfriend about how I feel about my body and he's been really supportive which has helped me a great deal...  Good luck, and congratulations on your weight loss to date!
even though i have not lost all the weight you have, you can say that i look forward to feeling the same way you are but iam a true beliver of plastic surgery and once i reach my goal weight (and if im not happy with the results when it comes to how loose my skin might end) then i will totally consider a tummy tuck and my arms.. possibly breast implants if i have zero boobs left. good luck with whatever it is you decide.
Fake tan definitely helps, much more so than a sun-bed as the lines don't actually tan.

Fake tan (even a really light shade) covers a multitude. If you get the body lotion kind it serves a dual purpose as well by moisturising.
I am so glad that I'm not the only one that feels this way. I've only lost 14.8 lbs but I've been exercising and toning. I hate the way my stomache and thighs look. I guess you'd call it my lower abdomen - it now hangs - it never did before. It grosses me out. I've been doing sit ups hoping that that might help but it hasn't so far. I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror.
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Same way you feel about you boyfriend's body, that you love all of him, even his 'not-so-perfect' areas, he should be feeling the same way about yours.  Love, real love, goes beyond how we look.  It is more about how we feel.

Toning, toning, toning... you need a challenging weight lifting routine.  Have you seen how body builders sculpt their bodies?  In the meantime do the 'spray tanning'.  I've done it and I love how I look afterwards.  No side effects.  If you can't afford the $20-$25 a week, then do it just for special ocassions.

If nothing works, start a little home-based business and save your money for plastic surgery.  I do a 'party plan' side job and make extra $ every week. You can save enough $ in a few months to schedule one surgery (breasts, first) and later save more to do the tummy tuck.
It's very pricey, but you can try Stri-Vectin cream for the stretch marks. and you probably will benefit very much from color, a little tan glow helps everyone! i don't recommend tanning beds (though I'm guilty of using them myself in the past), Lancaster makes a FABULOUS self tan mist. Really, it's fantastic.

Drink plenty of water, keep your skin moisturized. Vitamin E creams can certainly help, and tone, tone tone! As someone else said, you are young, your skin should bounce back a little with time.

check out a spa in your area, you should be able to find a body treatment, a wrap of some sort, designed to help this kind of problem, to tighten a little. not to mention, a little pampering will do you good.

good luck. you'll be okay.
Actually, if the weight loss was significant, and the amount of stretched out skin is significant, your health insurance *may* cover plastic surgery to remove the excess. Or so I've heard. It can be a health issue to have too much loose skin hanging about. It's definetly worth talking to a doctor about.

And also make an appointment with a dermatologist while you are at it. You've worked very very hard, and you are worth it.

As for stretch marks, they fade in time. I bet your fiance has a share of his own, from when he grew in adolescence! Lots of men do. My DH, who's the skinniest guy and who's never had a weight problem in his life, has adorable silvery stretch marks on the back of his butt and thighs, from growing rapidly in his teens.
I have stretch marks from having 3 kids and they do fade with time. They started out purple-ish and have faded to a whitish looking color and are not nearly as obvious as they once were. Yours will fade, too, but it will take a while - maybe a year or so.  You might also want to talk to a dermatologist. They can do a lot of things with lasers these days.

Good luck and congratulations on your awesome weight loss!

If you lost alot of weight very quickly, your skin will be saggier than if you had gradually lost it.

What you need to start doing is stepping up the exercise and muscle toning, you need to get rid of that excess fatty skin that is giving you that sag.  The good news is that as time goes on you will see your skin tighten.

The bad news is that the stretch marks are only treatable when they are new (purple or pink) when they fade to white it's almost impossible to get them to fade, although they do fade and are less noticable over years

Have you thought of getting a tattoo that you like to cover the worst of the stretch marks?
hey girl u know i love ya! and as most said they will get better in time but i found this page that has info, on stretch marks, loose skin, etc. (dont u do that for a living, look it up..lol)

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I can identify with you.  I was 275 lbs once and I am only 5'2'', after yo-yoing I went down to 246 lbs. In 2003 I had a gastric bypass and lost apriximately 70 lbs, reaching 177 lbs, although people complimented me I felt just like you mentioned you feel,  very unattractive. I was 41 then, much older than you are. I believe that at 23 your skin is a lot more flexible than at my age and with exercise you may be able to reverse some of the damage by tonning and building some muscle that will fill in the space that fat used to occupy. I have gained most of the weight I lost with the surgery, thinking that I was more attractive when I was heavy and I can tell you it is not true, now again I am obese, my diabetes came back, I can't wear regular size clothes anymore. Don't let your brain fool you, sometimes the image we have of ourselves is not how the rest of the world sees us. We tend to concentrate in details and not in the whole picture. Reach your goal, feel that sense of accomplishement, enjoy your new body and the nice clothes you are able to wear now. You have a life ahead of you, please don't dwell on just some extra skin, and remember that besides exercising, some people opt to have plastic surgery.   I wish you the best of luck and don't get discouraged.
Thanks for all the replies guys *hugs* I have talked to my fiance about it and he tells me that I'm looking great and how much easier it is to hold me. he LOVES picking me up for some odd reason (which I'm still really self conscious about) but he is glad that i am becoming more healthier.

I'd love to get a tan, and do plan on getting re constructive surgery in the future. I'd like to knock out some kids before then so if i get anything done with my breasts, it wont interfere with one day breast feeding.  I'm only 23 so maybe by the time i'm 30 I can get all that taken care of.

Right now I don't have a doctor. No nutritionist, no dermatologist, etc. I would love to, but my job does not provide insurance and I don't know who covers what (I've been so lazy minded since moving!)

I sure hope my skin will bounce 'back' somehow. The thing is, i've been heavy my whole life nearly and the points of 'back' i'm pretty sure are long gone.  My stretch marks are light, not purple or pink or anything, but they're sure stretched.

Thanks for all the support
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