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Weight Loss
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I'm always hungry

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I feel like I'm going to be stuck at the same weight forever. I try to eat about 1500 calories per day, but I always end up going over to about 1800 because I get hungry, and I don't want to feel like I'm starving. Should I try to fight the urge to eat? If so, what are some tips? Also, I don't know whether to not work out and eat a lot less, or work out and feel tired and eat a lot more...what is a good balanced way to work out and only eat slightly more than recommended?
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Hi missryn,

Are you just starting on counting calories or have you been doing it for a while? When i first started I was always hungry after time it has gotten easier. What i do is add more veggies/salads to my daily in take it seems to keep me full. Also I tend to eat mini meals if I am feeling this way. I try to keep healthy things on hand like fruit, apple sauce or turkey slices. I am not an expert but i am suggesting things that have helped me. There are alot of very knowledgeble people on here that will have suggestions too. Also i would make sure you are drinking enough water.
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It helps a lot to schedule your mealtimes about 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart (breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner) and try to keep those meals at SET times. The times will help your body get used to when it's time to eat. Once you get used to your schedule, as long as your body is getting enough food, then you will find you only get hungry a little while before your next scheduled meal. I hope that helps. :)
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I have found that walking helps burn calories and surpress the appitietite

This might sound silly but....when I get very hungry...I eat cucumber slices with vinager. Also, have a diet drink or glass of water. If I am still hungry after about an hour, I then know that the hunger pangs mean that I used up all my calories from energy used or that I didn't take in enough calories for that day.
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Hi Miss Ryn!

I tend to get hungry a lot too (especially when I'm home all day or around food). I would suggest three things:

1. Eat or drink something every 1-3 hours (I'm doing every hour right now. When I stop being hungry every hour I will probably lengthen it to 2 or 3). I have my stop watch going so I know how long I have left to wait before I can eat again (47min right now). This helps me not to eat constantly because I know I'll be able to eat in a little while.

2. Plan what you will eat! If you are just waiting for your hour or three hours to be up and then you go storming into the kitchen feeling starved you are going to overeat. If you can't plan your meals at the begining of the day, then plan them at least an hour before you eat. For example, I just ate some prunes and cottege cheese, but I really wanted to eat some cereal as well. In stead I told myself that I could eat that at my next snack hour. So I don't feel like I'm depriving myself, just pushing off when I can eat ;0)

3. Wait at least 20 minutes before serving yourself seconds. It takes 20 minutes for your body to start digesting food and for you to start getting that "full feeling" (believe it or not, this "full feeling" is actually caused by digestive gasses or something, and NOT by filling your tummy up!). By the time my 20 minutes are up I'm usually feeling more full, and besides, there are only 40 more minutes till my next meal, so rather than have seconds I'll just push it off for 40 minutes and make it my next meal.

The benifits of doing this are: you actually eat less. Yes I know it seems like you are eating all day, but the serving size of these "meals" can be significatly smaller since you're just going to eat again in another hour or two. You burn more calories. Having at least a little bit of food always in your system keeps your body in a constant state of digesting food, which burns calories at a steady rate all day long. You don't feel hungry. Maybe it's a phycological thing, but when you're eating every hour (even if it is only a spoon of cottage cheese and two prunes) you feel like you must be full because you're eating so often! And even if you are hungry, it's only for a few minutes at a time, not for long stretches between traditional meals.

Just be careful that you are eating healthy foods, and that your meals are smaller in size. Oh, and whatever your time period is (1-3hrs) DON'T skip a meal because the next time you'll feel really hungry and be tempted to overeat. If you're really not hungry when a meal comes up then drink something! Water or tea is what I usually have.

My 2 cents :0) (27 minutes!)
Thank you so much for your considerate responses to my post. VERY helpful advice :)
Also, keep drinking your water. 6 to 8 glasses a day is what's recommended. Water is good for your body, AND it keep you feeling a little more full. If water gets a little too boring, try Crystal Light, or add some lemon or lime slices to the water.
I aim for 30-40 g of fiber daily... it helps with hunger... takes longer to digest

work up to it slowly....otherwise your gut, if unacustomed, will be uncomfortable.

I used to think I ate high fiber until I counted it..... I was surprised.I was only getting about 15-18.

I buy 100%, bread,pasta
legumes are high

also eat 6 small meals/day, it keeps your bloodsugar up and also increases the metabolism.

what is the balance of your food intake? Protein takes longer to digest. bread, rice, potatos, can raise your blood sugar fast, then if you don't have protein with it, your bloodsugar can fall. when your bloodsugar falls you feel hungry. this isn't limited to just those foods but carbs in general. need to have a balance. I try to make sure that my snacks inbetween small meals are protein.

good luck
Try drinking homemade protein shakes...they're low in calories and they give you a boost of protein...they're also smooth and extremely fulfilling. My favorite - mix a scoop of low-carb whey powder ("Designer Whey French Vanilla"), several cubes of ice, 1 cup of fat free skim milk, 1/4 cup of strawberries, and 2-3 packets of Splenda.
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Hi Missryn;

I was a really sporatic eater (skipped early in the day meals and loaded up at night), so the idea of building in and planning for my snacking habits has worked well.

Also, I read about a method to help decide if I'm actually hungry, or just bored (lonely, tired, angry) and want to graze. If I've had a meal within the past 2 hours and want to eat, I make myself go to the fridge and pull out something like frozen broccoli.

If I'm sincerely hungry, I'll cook up a cup or two of that. It's bulky and filling. If I turn up my nose and nothing really looks appealing, I close the fridge and have a glass of water.

Also, just having raw vegetables and fruit available are helpful for those snacking times.

Also, if you're always staying in the bottom of your range, try going higher within the range.

Finally, don't judge your progress by the pounds. That can fluctuate daily by 3 pounds. How do you feel? Are you eating better? Exercising? Are you losing inches? Those are the true indicators, not that evil scale.

Congrats on your progress! Keep it up!

You guys give the best advice! Thanks missryn for this question, I am the same way. I have been trying to figure out what to eat today, between what I feel like and what I desire. This is great advise. I think I'm going to go eat an apple with a little peanut butter and then eat a small later lunch. Thanks Thanks Thanks
Well this reply is a little to late but oh well...

You have 3 options

#1 Excersice a lot eat a little more ... I have found that when you excersice more then usual you HAVE to eat a little more.  Now if you try to eat salads and meat all day and run 5 miles, you would loss a lot of weight and fast... but you cant do this routine for more then 3 days... and plus you feel weak all day... Ive lost 10 pounds (mostly water weight) in one day from this.... all i did was eat very little salad and swim(2 hours) bike (3 hours) basketball (2 hours) run (1 hour) ...  You have to eat more because your body burns energy faster if your heart rate is up all day.  If you eat less..... then your body panics and decides to shut off your motabolizm, so sooner or later when you do eat, it is all stored as fat. 

*** Would only recommend this method if you want to loose wait fast, for a wedding or cruize or WHATEVER!

#2 Eat healthy and Excersize less.... This method on the other hand is more of a life long way to maintance and/or loose your weight.  If you eat about the size of 3-4 chicken nuggets (protein) every 3 hours with some greens (salad, no dressing) you will also loose wait fast... The reason for this is because what you eat does not get stored... you digest all that you eat but end up buring your body fat for energy... almost no excersize required.  some carbs are ok like rice and potatos but very little. 

*The way I look at it is, the most dirty foods are the ones that keep you full... ex. like eating water soaded tuna right out of the can with no bread or dressings will keep you full for awhile. ex. eating shrimp with no salt, boiled, no dressing with lettuce lol its funny but works!

** Keep in mind that salt (sodium) MAKES YOU LOOK FAT ... the reason is because having a lot of salt in your body makes you store water, hence waterweight... so try to cut salt out of your diet.

*Excerize I recomend with this option is definetly YOGA

#3 Eat WHATEVER you want and MAINTAIN your weight ... This one is quite simple... Do Not drink Liquids 30 min before you eat... Do not drink Liquids 30 min until after you eat.  Chew you food very slowly and well...  

This worked for me 100% and ive always had problems handling my weight.... now keep in mind you wont loose any weight from doing this but you wont gain any either.  The way this works is you actually let your body acids do there job... you dont wash down the acids that are suppose to digest your food with water.

****With all this said.... I hate doing any of these options everyday of my life.... unfortunetly I have to do it, until somone creats the "magic pill" 
May I suggest an alternative approach -- just stare down the hunger pangs.  You only have a short time to go before your next meal (or snack).  You won't faint, and you certainly won't die.  It'll be a great exercise in self-control. 
Drink water until you feel that you are about to burst. Sounds
stupid, but if you're full from water, you're not going to be
hungry. Also, you the more water you drink the more you lose
weight. :]

Firstly, I used to be an obsessive calorie counter, trying to keep everything at 1500 calories. However, I talked to a school nutritionist about it, and she said that as long as you're getting the proper nutrients, you're not just wasting calories (by eating frosted honey-buns, for example...which are 490 calories lolz), and you exercise regularly, then just eat when you're hungry and you're probably okay. I actually like that philosophy because a) I don't feel guilty about eating (healthy) and I don't have so much anxiety and b) I actually do feel more energized. 

Also, she reminded me that 1500 calories is how much you should eat if you want to lose about a pound a week. To maintain is the recommended 2000 (for women). Is that your goal? 

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