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I'm afraid I'm eating too many raisins... how many should i be eating if i want to???

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I REALLY like golden raisins in particular (the trader joe's brand) but i'm afraid i'm eating to many of them... i think they are pretty high in sugar which is not necessarily too good. What would be a good amount to allow myself to eat every day if i choose to????

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Can you satisfy yourself with whatever the package says a serving is?  I'm not too sure what a good amount is.  Does an ounce seem right?

Raisins are basically dehydrated grapes, with all the sugar of the grape and very little of the water.   Almost all the calories in raisins come from naturally occuring sugars with very little fibre to slow absorption.   I think raisins are in the mid-60's on the glycemic index which compares to white bread at 70, so raisins eating alone in large quantities will mess with your pancreas and blood sugar levels.

Great as a snack if you eat a spoonful or two, but more than that I'd be cautious, especially if you are eating them alone, without other food.

Generally, 1/4 of a cup is around 180 calories or so, so for a snack, it's not too terrible. However, I myself would prefer a snack that is larger in volume, but lower in calories, like a Mango.

The sugar is quite high, but if you don't eat a lot of sugar throughout the day, then there shouldn't be much of a problem.

Do raisins fit into your calorie allotment?

Trader Joe's also makes great fiber/dried fruit bars- they are 50 cals a piece, I believe, and have extra fiber added.  They come in portion controled packages and may satisfy your raisin craving without over-doing it.  I have one with a big glass of water and it fills me up.

Since golden raisins are just dehydrated grapes, eating a lot of them isn't a bad thing. 1/4 cup (about one handful) is the recommended serving of raisins, which is about 130 calories. But if you're really craving them, what's the harm in eating 1/2 cup instead? Or you could pair your raisins with a source of protien(like an oz. of almonds)  to keep you satisfied.

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