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I'm addicted to potato chips - HELP!

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Hi all,

I need some serious help.  I'm soooo addicted to chips.  I really need to just stop eating them altogether.  Easier said than done.  I've gone a week before without having any - shoot even 2.  But I just can't seem to let go.  And when I do eat them, it's not just a few bites.  It's like an entire bag.  Uggh!  And boy are they gooooooodddddddd!  Yummy!  My new fav is the Hot and Spicy at Target by Archer Farms.  Oh yeah - ate the bag in 2 days and that was holding back.  See - see my addiction????  It's horrible!

Anyone that has given up chips have any advice?  I'd love some help.  It's truly my downfall.  I eat pretty well otherwise - but those darn chips I think are what is holding me back from loosing those last 5 lbs. 


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If you like them, eat them.... Factor in a whole bag in your day's calories and it won't affect your weight-loss. Although if you blow 200 cals on a packet of crisps it just means you're eating less of everything else and might feel hungry as a result.  A choice, in other words

If you really don't want to eat them any more, don't buy them...  Eat other things.  I think a lot of us have foods that we tend to avoid knowing we'll overeat them if we get our hands on some.  Just takes a little determination to walk past the fixture rather than dive in.

Unless you're eating them by the crate they're not stopping you losing 5lbs.

I'm addicted too. gi_jane is right on the money- if you don't buy them, you won't eat them. Sometimes I'll be craving them and if there's a bag in the house, I'll eat the whole thing. If there are none, I might turn to something else, but more often than not, I won't.


My only suggestion is buy smaller bags! Get individual serving packs instead of the family-sized bags, and then you can easily count them into your day's allowance. Do you like sunchips? They're yummy and they're much lower in fat than regular chips.

Whenever you want to eat chips, share with someone. That should reduce your intake by a lot. :)

Well, if you are eating a bag in 2 days, that could well be an extra 600 cals (or more, depending on the brand, etc) a day, which could indeed be hurting your weight loss efforts. I say just don't buy them, or perhaps buy individual sized bags which are only like 150 calories.

You could alway make your own healthy ones.  Take a potato slice it into super thin slices, season with some salt free seasoning (ms. dash) and bake in the oven a 350 til crispy. Depending on the size of the potato you could have a rather large and non fattening potato chippy snack.

Wow! I deffinately know what you're talking about. I thought it was just me.

When I was younger my mom would let me go to the store with $5 a day and buy what ever I wanted to eat for a snack, I ALWAYS grabbed a big bag of chips, every single day. At that age I was sooooo skinny, and could eat my weight in food and never gain an once.

Now I'm so used to being able to eat whatever I want, that I can't stop. I still eat a bag a day, I'm surprised I'm not a million lbs. I'm 21 and weigh 127.

I would like to know how to stop eating them as well. I recently have been able to go a week without them, but they some how always sneak back up on me.

The only trick I was able to use was Green apples. I've become addicted to those. :P

Instead of having bags of chips around the house, I bought lots and lots of green apples. They help. It's better to get addicted to apples than chips. Even though eating too many fruits can cause you to gain weight as well, since it has alot of fructose that turns into fatty sugars.


Good luck! Fighting the chip battle with you. :P

I say switch to popcorn, and try to figure out how to sub your hot & spicey chips. I'm sure it's a bunch of spices you have in the cabinet already that gives it the flavor. Chili powder? and you can get those 100 cal packs of popcorn that go a long way.

Well at least that's my chip alternative. I've never been addicted to potatoe chips, just tortilla ones :)

I crave salty-crunchy snacks as well & have recently discovered slicing a radish w/salt! Mmmm....hopefully that can help satisfy your chip addiction.


The popcorn idea sounds very tasty x17star17x, I may have to alternate!


Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  I know it's a matter of self control really.  But I tell you - when it comes to chips - it's out the door.  Everything else, I can control.  I've cut out most processed foods, almost all refined sugar, no white flour, eat generally low fat foods.  You get the idea.

All in all, I'm at a good place with my weight, feel great, exercise 3-4 times a week, etc.  I just have those nasty 5 lbs left that I'd like to loose.  And truthfully some say I don't even need to loose that.  But I still have some body fat that definitely needs to go away.  So that's why I say 5 lbs.

But darn it's those chips that get me everytime.  Now today I've gone without any.  And it's not a big deal to.  But I'll drop a couple lbs and then convince myself I deserve a bag and then whammo - the lbs come back on.  LOL!

Well I know what needs to be done.  Just need to bit the bullet and be sensible. 

Any other thoughts on snack substitutes?  I've done the popcorn thing.  That I like.  I've also eaten lots of nuts instead.  Any other suggestions?  For me, it's just the snacking thing that gets me to eat those darn chips.

Oh and not keeping any in the house would be a chore with 3 kids who all love chips.  Got that gene from me I guess.  :-)   But still it's all about self control.  So I just need to focus and that's that.

Thanks again!

I feel your pain. What I have done it buy the Ruffles or Lays "Light" chips, the ones made with Olean. 70 cals a serving and I know if I eat too may I'll suffer the ill effects of eating too much of anything fried in Olean (google it if you don't know what I'm speaking of)

Lately I've been looking for other alternatives, since like you, I like spicy and other flavors rather than plain old. I recently got a good deal on a snack called "Wingers" http://www.buffalonickelwingers.com/site/ They are more like a puffed potato snack shaped like little drumsticks, the have 5 flavors from barbecue to buffalo bleu cheese. and are 120 cals a 1 oz serving.. which is a nice serving since they are so light. I've only had the level 1 (barbecue) and the level 5 (buffalo bleu cheese so far but I really really like them. The site will tell you if they sell them anywhere locally, but you can always buy them from Amazon.com if not.

Happy munching ;O)

What u can do is eat low cal ones, and LESS of them, thats all u need ;)

Ruffles makes these chips called LIGHT ruffles...the cheddar and sour cream ones are FRIGGEN GOOD! they are even less calories than the baked chips.

its like 75 calories in 15 chips i think, but they are big chips. i love chips too. I dont buy them or i buy these and count out 15 chips and have my fiance hide the rest haha. Or i eat pretzels and have him hide the rest as well :-p he has a VERY good hiding spot cause i called him at work one day cause i wanted them and he wouldnt tell me so i went searching. Blah...wherever they are, its clever!

What is it about the chips that you love?
The crunch?  the texture?  The salt?  The spiciness?
If it is the crunch, find foods that crunch to eat.  Carrots, apples and radishes are good.
The texture, bake some homemade chips or baked pita bread is good as well.  Put some seasoning on them or make a spicy hummus dip.
The spiciness, try baking a batch of soya beans that have your favorite spice on them.  You bake them until they are crispy, remember to shake the pan every once in a while so they cook evenly.

I use to eat a 200gram bag every friday night before I started here.  My first three months of food logs show the evidence.  Not sure how it happened, maybe just being more aware of my daily nutritional needs, maybe healthier eating, but slowly I quit this habit without even realizing it.
I make the soya beans about once a week with jalapenos to season them.  Tehy last two or three days of just picking at them.

If they were in my house, I would eat them, so I decided they can't be near me at all.  Don't buy them and you won't eat them.  It's as simple as that.

Have you ever tried making  Roasted Kale

It's not exactly a potato chip but makes a nice substitute... you get the nice crunch of a chip and can season it with whatever spices you might have laying around.

Or as others have said, buy the smaller bags and factor them  into your daily calories... why completely avoid something you love? xD

Hi lorawilson1:

 I am also a chip addict.  I love all kinds and yes I can eat an entire bag all at once. Actually I've eaten two large bags in one sitting. LOL.  So gross yet oh so yummy.  So what I have done to beat this is I just don't buy them.  Its as simple as that.  It does take some time but I don't feel as crazy now when I am around them. ( took a couple of months )  When you grocery shop, stay away from that isle, that helps me also.  Good luck.

try soy crisps

try examing your behavior when you are eating chips. I heard the other day that- it's not the food, it's the behavior. What do you feel when you are binging on chips? Our you angry, lonely, etc.....I am scared to eat some foods- afraid they will trigger a binge, but when I heard someone say- it's not the food, it's the behavior I starting eating slower and examing my eating behaviors and how I felt and when I thought I was getting to the point of overeating. I've noticed there is a switch that goes off in my brain when I've reached the point of no return.  When I feel a full fledged binge coming on. Time then to focus on something else. Hope that helps some. Vicki

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Have you tried making your own to better control the fat and calories? You would eat less b/c you have to make them. Whole Foods sells a brand of casava chips that have 40% less fat. I've had the ginger flavor.

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