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What is the ideal size for a woman?

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I have spent too much time on the internet looking for what the perfect body size is, and what mine might look like (its hard to tell on yourself, it is always distorted in some way). It was quite a depressing trek really. I have found quite a few sites saying there ideal was a size 8, and one forum even reckoned that a size 12 is huge!

So I'd like to know what peoples thoughts are here? What dress size/measurements/weight do you think the ideal woman is? Do you like the apple, pear or much sought after "hourglass"? How do these ideas shape your weight loss goals? Are you aiming for your ideal?

I'm 37" 30" 38" and had self esteem issues to start with, but now I feel horrendous! Being a woman is so complicated when you exist in a society which places so much value on appearance! Some times I feel like all I am is a weight.

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I will offer you the "male pig" point of view; because that is the only one I have.

In general, the middle number should be 10" smaller than the top and bottom. But measurements are meaningless without the 4th number and that is height. If you are tall; 5'7"+, 37-30-38 might be pretty good whereas if you are short, Under 5'4" it might be a bit chunky; you don’t give a weight.  Also how is your overall muscle tone. are you sleek or are you fluffy?

I guess what I am saying is that there is a lot more in the numbers than the numbers themselves. It all works on a sliding scale that is programmed into every man’s deepest primitive brain. It is one of the very few complex inner working of men. And, just to keep it interesting, the program is filled with multiple choice entries so that we are all attracted to different traits.  

As far as dress sizes they are meaningless these days because there is no set criteria and every maker is different. It seems like the trend today is to make the sizes larger so that women can feel better buying a size 9 that in the past would have been a size 12.

Ask yourself this; When you walk past men how many keep watching you? Now look to see if those same men are watching all women or only the more attractive. Men are very simple creatures so they are pretty easy to read. No matter how sophisticated the man we all have that instant read instinct. It doesn’t matter if you are married or single because you are not flirting merely observing. You can try the same thing with women but they are a lot sneakier and they will be judging additional tings.

In the end: are you happy with how you look and, more important, feel?

As I said in the beginning this is the opinion of a single male and probably shouldn't be taken too seriously. Please remember that you said "perfect", Not acceptable.


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Original Post by starsky723:

If you're just concerned with knowing whether you're in a healthy weight range use the Hamwi Method. It's 100 lbs for the first 5 feet and then five pounds for each inch after that. So someone who is 5'6" should weight about 130 lbs give or take 10%. Obviously muscle mass throws things off a bit. Hope that helps!



4 ft-11inches, supposed to be 100 pounds or less?  I would faint just trying to get out of bed in the morning and be freezing cold all the time at that weight.  You need some substance to yourself. Strength wins over a supermodel waist size anyday. At the age of 35 there is no way I would feel remotely comfortable at 100 pounds so throw that method out the window EVERYBODY.


I am 4'11, when I weighed 100 pounds I got sick ALOT, I was depressed, that is  the best BS out there that whole 100 lbs per whatever crap.

Which ever size the said 'woman is happy at.:D

just as long as it doesn't jeperdize their health.


Really, truly? Your perfect size is exactly the size where YOU feel you look and feel your best.

That can mean many different things, obviously. It does depend how you're built to begin with. some of us have small upper bodies, larger lower bodies, some are the opposite, some are equally distributed.

No two are exactly the same, and someone with naturally wider hips (as in..the bones) is never going to have skinny, non-existent hips no matter how much weight they lose.

It's not about attaining 'perfection' but about what is perfect for YOU.

What weight/size do you feel the best? what weight/size are you happy with when you're trying on clothes and see yourself in a mirror?

Really, whatever size/shape/weight you feel your strongest, most healthy and most attractive is your perfection.

I know I didn't answer you, but there is no single answer to your question because we're all very different people.


Aesthetics is relative.

In rich nations, thin people are beautiful. In poorer nations, people with a some just-noticeable amount fat are beautiful. (It shows wealth.)

What is truly beautiful that transcends all cultures is not the outward appearance, which is temporary and can be suddenly lost in (God forbid!) sickness, accidents, injuries, disasters. It is the beauty of the soul: nurturing love that looks out for the benefit  of others (even if it hurts and conflicts with one's own), guiding wisdom (proverbs in words and deeds), path-straightening righteousness (always doing the right thing no matter the present circumstances). These things are the permanent and lasting.

It is people like these who are truly impact a person's life, people are truly memorable in everyone's minds, people who are truly beautiful.

But then, that's just my take of it.

I just say to a size l2 I am twice the woman that one is.

Original Post by daniellen4:

Wow!!  I can definitely relate!!  I was once anorexic as well - and the last time I got on the scale - it said 172.....I am 5'6".  I can't tell you the horror I have felt after seeing that number.

I think the ideal size for me is the size I feel my best at....which is a size 8.  I would say the same goes for each of us.



 See now, that's funny!  At 5'7" and at 172 lbs, I get honked and whistled at when I go to pick up the mail (I live on a busy street).  You were horrified with that number, and I think I'm fabulous there... a size 12 by the way.

What is the right size for a woman?  It's more personal than that.... what is the right size for YOU?  I have no desire to be a size 6. I like my body when it has size 12 curves... and my husband doesn't mind either!  Did you catch that?  I LIKE MY BODY at a size 12.  That's the real key: to figure out how to like your own body.

The answer I want to give you, since we have totally been "e-hitting it off" is "hot."  Just like you are right now.  :-P

There is no such thing as an ideal size.  There's a healthy weight or an unhealthy weight, but even that measure is subjective.  I've walked out of the store before with size 10 and 14 jeans in the same bag!  I can't possibly be both sizes....

Being healthy is the ideal size imo.  Personally I prefer to be a bit on the more muscular side and still have great curves.

I agree with samidget's reply...The perfect size all depends on how comfertable you are in your own skin. When I was at a higher weight I hated being able to feel my thighs hitting as I walked. I get a sinking feeling just thinking about it!


That being said, clothing plays a huge role. For example, tight low rise skinny jeans make me feel like my legs look like drumsticks, but in a nice fitted pair of boot cuts I feel great. 

The perfect body... is my own! I am my ideal.

Really? I wouldn't have it any other way. Stick my head on a supermodel's body and I just wouldn't be the same person at all.

You should have the same mentality for yourself.

I think it is difficult to advise on the "ideal" size for a woman as different people like different things. Some folks like more curvier ladies, others like a slim or medium build. Whereas the media and celebrity women will have you thinking size zero is ideal, it's not, it's rather underweight.

Personally I am happy with myself as a UK size 10-12. I have lost a stone and so am a 14 now so hope to drop another dress size down to a size 12 by August. Seriously a size 12 is not big, unless you live in LA where they think anyone over a size zero is obese.

I think us women have way too many body issues to worry about. We all come in different shapes and sizes so trying to match up to a 6ft size 6 model isn't realistic :)


A BMI of 25 should look fine.

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I need some advice. My girlfriend currently lives in Ukraine. She is almost 172cm in height (about 5'8") and weighs 116 libs. Yes, she is very slender. Can someone estimate the U.S. dress size that would fit her?

Thank you, Jim

If you're looking for an "ideal" or "perfect" size then you're never going to be happy or content with your body. We all come in different shapes and sizes - aim to be happy and healthy!

I'm currently living in Thailand. I'm the only westerner in my village and I stick out like a sore thumb because I weigh 104kg!!! There are a handful of very heavy girls here as well, and one in particular they call my "little sister" because we're both fat.

Most of the women here complain about their weight. One of them said that she used to be "fat" because she was 52kg. We're the same height (5'5") and even when she was "fat" she was still only half of me! There is no hope in hell that I could even get to that weight and even if I did, I'd still be bigger than her, I'm just a different build.

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