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ideal protein

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On teusday an friend and I are going to our ideal protein orientation meeting. We are doing this through a Dr. So after the meeting we have a one on one metting with Dr. and they do bloodwork to see were we are (bloodsugar/thyroid all that good stuff). For those of you that have done/ are doing this diet, what can I expect in the weeks ahead? Also, I have a fitness test coming up the end of the month for my job, and another one the end of june, so I am a little worried how this diet will affect my energy levels for the test. Should I load up on carbs to restore my glycogen levels the day before?
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Basically, the short and sweet of it is, that its kinda a combination of a healthier take on adkins and weight watchers. In my area it is only offered through the DR'S office, which I don't think is a bad thing. But other places have dr or a setup similar to ww. There is a lot out there on the web about it.
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It includes a 1.5 mile run as fast as possible, 300 meter sprint, vertical jump and situps and pushups.

     I have been on and off this diet a few times never realy passed the phase 1 part but did drop a good deal of weght in a fast period of time. Males tend to have faster weight loss because they tend to have more muscle mass and that leads to higher metabolism.

     As far as the test I was able to keep up my work outs while on the diet even though my doctor advised against it. I was able to do all the tests that you have mentioned above. But I have always been very active, they only problem with loading up on carbs before the test is that it will take another 3 days to get back in to the fat burning state. Do you excercise currently?

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I currently work out and have been getting ready for the test. Were its my job tth I am more paranoid about not passing than I would be if it was for a fitness goal than I had for myself....hope that makes sense! Looking forward to loosing weight and the added bonus of hopefully making my times faster :-)th
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Ooppss thanks for the info! Any good suggestions for the diet?

Never heard of this before so I googled it. 

Its based on a bunch of pre-made bars, shakes and meal replacements-- most of which are made out of soy protein (which is ironic because soy is no where near an "ideal protein")

So it's basically a fad diet with meetings so you can discuss how much you miss real food.... 




Oh and the diet is less than 1000 calories per day. 



Yup, my sister is currently on this diet. 900 calories a day made up primarily of sucralose-sweetened, pre-packaged foods that you buy from your Ideal Protein rep, and one low fat/low carb meal chosen from a restrictive list of proper food. My sister is thrilled because she is losing weight rapidly (16.5 pounds in 5 weeks). She was advised not to exercise during phase 1, which seems appropriate since she is starving herself. She has experienced all sorts of unpleasant symptoms from bad breath to horrible mood swings to migraines to dizziness. Her rep tells her this is a normal part of toxins being released into her body as she rapidly loses fat. I think it is just side effects of the starvation process and eating all of that chemical laden pre-packaged crap.


It definitely doesn't sound like the healthiest way to lose weight to me, and I doubt the OP will be at peak performance for a fitness test while eating this way. 

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