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Hydroxycut?? Good or Bad?

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Alright...I've been working out 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day for 3 months now.  I've lost about 8 lbs total, but more importantly, I have lost several inches.  I'm 5'6 and 152 lbs.  I think that is a safe amount, slow and steady.  However, I was wondering if Hydroxycut would improve my weight loss.  Is it safe?  I get nervous about stuff like that.  My husband keeps suggesting it, and keep saying that it isn't natural.  How well does it really work?
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BAD. Period.
It sounds like you are doing really well. Congrats! We all know that muscle weighs more than fat, and it sounds like you are building muscle. The scale may not show it, but the fact that you are losing inches says a lot. Please don't waste your money! Just keep up the great work!:)
I was thinking about posting the same question... my husband put Hyroxycut Hardcore in my stocking... nice guy huh?!   also new sneakers... workout clothes... an IPOD with an armband for running... think he was hinting something? 

I was taking it but mostly to stay up on my third shift job.  I have not taken it in about a week and a half, so I dont know how it would work with my calorie count since I am new to this. I dont know if I even want to take it at all.

I did not get the side effects I thought I would get, I was not jittery at all which surprised me.   I had not taken it to enhance a workout, because I have yet to get to the gym...  

Is anyone taking it? 
It's bad. Weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you burn, plain and simple. There is no magic pill, and the only thing that weight loss drugs can possibly do is mess up your body.

What a husband! I don't think that giving someone diet pills is necessarily the best way to support someone. Gesh.
I think its the thought that counts...
I agree with beka...it's the thought that counts.  It's nice to have your significant other supporting you.  My fiancee has told me every day for a week how proud he is of me.  That makes all the difference in the world.

Also, I'm very glad I found this post.  I was wondering about supplements, too.  I took Stacker (back in the days of Ephedra) but continued my horrible eating habits and no exercise.  Knowing what I do now, I'm not even going to consider supplements....going to do it the healthy way!
Honestly instead of taking something like Hydroxycut....I would recommend vitamen supplements and a healthy diet.  I don't think that the magic pills are the cure all.  It's intake and output...(like previously said before).  However, I do notice a difference in energy and stamina if I take vitamins on a regular basis. 

I do think Alydaven's husband had good intentions and he probably knows that she wants to lose....  (hence the christmas presents) so he was trying to support her. 
Yes my hubby was with the best of intentions when he bought me the pills!  He is super sweet and does not think I need to drop a pound... he was going on my cues that prompted him to get the gear! He really thought he was being a great guy when he themed out Christmas!  He is in shape, great body, super healthy eating habits, US Marine... need I say more! 
Well I kind of agree with the others...There are no magic pills, true.  And you need to count calories and exercise; however, those types of pills are good at helping with energy if Vitamin B's and a good multi vitamin aren't cutting it AND they are good for curbing hunger.

I know some days I am ravenous and others I hardly get to my 1200 alloted calories.  So on the ravenous days, those appetite suppressants really help! 

Other than artificial energy and making your tummy stop growling they have no significant impact on your weightloss - they aren't magic!
I was under the impression that they helped you burn more calories throughout the day.  So, on top of my healthy eating habits and exercise, I thought that it would benefit me.  My husband, also, was not trying to say i needed to lose weight.  He thinks I look great...he just knew I wanted to lose a few pounds, so he thought maybe Hydroxycut would help.  I never thought of it as a magic pill to automatically make me drop 10 more pounds, I just thought it would quicken the process by boosting my metabolism to burn more calories. 
I still have mixed feelings.
If you already loose inches without those pills, then I would suggest continue on WITHOUT. Those supposedly meant to "speed up" the process, but if you are already getting progress, and I have to say several inches in 3 months is AWESOME! then you don't need any aid :)
But I'm starting to plateau.  I haven't lost anything in the past month.
diet and weightloss, heck health in general, are things that all come down to the individual.  will following a supplements suggested regiment to the 'T' help you lose more weight?  sure, but its not the act of putting a pill in your system thats doing the work, rather its the correct calorie input/output that those lil' lables on the the back of the package tell you to do that makes all of the difference.  so no, there is no mythical pill that sheds the weight, which isnt even the most important factor in keeping good health -that award goes to waist size, it all still comes down to the individuals daily execution of eating the right amounts of calories at the right time of the day and getting your heart rate up for an extended period of time (10 minutes) atleast twice a day.  it is ofcourse through the lungs that most of our stored energy (body fat) is burned, so get those heart rates up so that you can get the lungs burning fat!
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The appetite suppressants can help in general, but not in the dose that they suggest. 

I was a wreck taking the dose they say on the back, but when I cut it down to one and hour before lunch and dinner, things worked out great!
It's a thermogenic. It works in that uses ingredients that have been proven to increase fat oxidation and raise the body's temperature, therefore raising the metabolism. The truth is that it works, but synergistically. If you don't have the nutrition down, as well as your training, it does very little for you. Rule of thumb is that is contributes an additional 5%-10% to your fat loss results. Some of the people get a weird uncomfortable feeling when on it as they have to build a tolerance for it starting at a minimal dosage. Over a few days the body adapts. 
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To any one who buys diet pills.  The only good thing that can come out of diet pills is making someone else rish and u still struggling
I should have used my brain on this one...when in doubt, do without.
I guess all I was saying when I said "What a husband!" was that a few years ago, people were dropping dead from taking diet pills (Ephedra) and yet, there are people out there who think that they are healthy.

I'm all for getting support from those around you. My boyfriend supports me in what I want, but he makes sure I do it in a healthy way.

And, while the guy annoys me for stating the obvious, Dr. Phil said it best -- "It's time to get real." If you've read the information on this site, you know that it's calories in v. calories out, and there are no magic pills.

Wasn't Anna Nicole the spokeswoman for one of those companies? That's enough motivation for me not to do something.
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