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Hydroxy cut test

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OK so call me stupid. 

I started my journey 1/6/10.  I have been losing weight steady by diet and exercise.  I decided that if I was doing so well on my own, if I tried a magic little pill I would do even better!!!!  Here are my results.......

Begin new lifestyle 1/6/10 260lbs

April 8th 2010 weight 229---a 31lb loss by using CC (about 2.25lbs per week)

April 8th I began taking hydroxycut.  Stayed to the same diet and exercise plan and stayed true to CC

April 22, 2010-- 2 weeks of using Hydroxycut--226.4 a 2.6lb weight loss in 2 weeks.

OK I wasted $18 but learned a lesson......calories in vs calories expended is the only way to go.

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Unfortunately, you learned the hard way (by wasting $18). It could have been worse. I think a lot of us here, including myself, have tried something like this before. Sometimes we don't really believe it until we try it and see that everyone was right!

When I took hydroxycut it mainly helped me to control cravings.

Also they had to change the formula this year because it was linked to liver damage in one case.  I'm pretty sure their main ingredient was super-citrimax before, now it's something else.

The first day I felt a little jittery, after that nothing.  It is supposed to boost your metabolism.  I felt nothing.  I am not blaming it for my poor weight loss the last 2 weeks, but it didn't help me lose any more weight than usual.

I have been averaging around 1500 calories a day, walking 1/2hr a day 5 days a week and TRYING to do some cardio 2-3 times a week.  I have been doing OK on my own, I just thought this would help...guess not.

I highly doubt that the stop in losing weight was because of Hydroxycut.  Many people experience a huge weight loss in the first week or so of counting and then it tapers off.  Watch a few seasons of the biggest loser and you'll see that exact thing.  I'm not saying Hydroxycut is good/bad, I have no idea.

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