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hydration levels

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If you are in the market for a new scale, I highly suggest one that monitors hydration level and muscle, as well as fat % and weight.

Hyrdration is an important part of health, and many of us are at less than the ideal amount -- 45-60% is the figure I commonly see for women.  My daughter is steady at about 53%, but she has been at the water drinking a long time, about a year.

I just hit 41.5% tonite, my high. 

What does it all mean?  Well, it may explain a plateau, or a weight gain.

I've been dancing around 200 for about 2 weeks.  my morning lows are under, my night highs are over.

the makers of my scale say that the morning weight is the most accurate for weight, but the night weight is the most accurate for fat %, hydration, muscle content, and daily calorie index.  They say that is because the scale better monitors the fat content and muscle content when you are more hydrated, and you are more hydrated, usually, at the end of the day, than the beginning.

that proves true for my numbers.  I'm between 36-38% hydration in the morning, and 40-41% for the nite numbers.

So, let's look at some numbers -- 3 nites ago and last night.  As you can see, even though the scale went up, my numbers improved. 

Did my numbers really change? or did the increased hydration simply enable the scale to give me a more accurate reading?  Either or, the weight gain was from improvements in my hydration, which is good, not bad.  so this is a good weight gain. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the way the scale works, the muscle weight includes the water in the muscles, and it includes the organs, which are muscle.

2 nights ago

203.2 = weight

42.9% = fat % = 87.17 lbs. fat

40.8% = hydration

110.2 = muscles

1608 = dci


203.8 = weight (net gain of .6)

41.9% = fat % = 85.39 lbs fat (net loss 1.78 lbs.)

41.5% = hydration

112.4 = muscles (net gain of 1.8 lbs)

1632 = dci (net gain of 24)
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where do you get these scales and how much are they? ive been drinking a good four liters of water/ day for about last five or six years and would really be interested to see how this changes over the course of a day. i also don't even have a bmi index or body fat percentage on my scale, so this would be really beneficial to me.
That would be very useful for me, as I have a fluid retention problem that has to be monitored constantly.  Right now I do it just by comparing weight and blood pressure day to day.  It's not accurate.
I haven't posted the name of the scale because I wasn't sure I could, as I saw a couple of posts deleted for promoting products.

you can email me, and I'll send you the information, or one of the mods can post that it's okay to give the name and model no.  I don't have any financial interest in the company.


The company does instruct not to use a single day's readings, but to take readings over a period of time and take averages, and watch trends.

the company has even better (more information) scales than the one we have, but of course, they are more bucks.
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