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Weight Loss
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Hw much does drinking 1 night hurt my weight?

Apr 17 2008 19:52
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Same as the title, how much does drinking one night a week with my friends (like a few beers and a couple of shots) kill my weight loss plan?
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I was actually able to loose a lot of weight still going out and drinking with my friends one night a week. The key is to budget calories, but make sure what you do eat is really nutrient dense food (no junk food).

I have found that one night of drinking usually sets me back 3 to 4 days of weight loss.  Im not happy to admit it, and I have tried to find ways around it, but so far no luck.

Hi!  Good question, I had the same dilemma!  Well, you can calculate calorie count of alcoholic beverages on this site....I find using roughly 100 calories per average size drink works out to be about technically, you can substitute calorie for calorie, knowing there is no nutritive value in the drinks, so make sure you eat very well with the rest of the daily calories, like maybe don't eat junk food just veggies and protein.....and try not to overdo it on the drinks per night!!  Good luck!  -mimi

i can't say that i have mastered this but i think its something worth working out because you want to be able to enjoy life & all the things that you can do. but to do it sensibly.

unless you don't enjoy it, then i would say cut down because the calories are not worth it. do you crave fattening foods after a few drinks, cuz i do and that's really what sets me back. try having a glass of water in between every drink, especially shots. and try to keep actual track of how many you have, because a couple of shots could mean different things for different people (even though it means two).  then as mimiten says see how many calories you are actually consuming to take the guess work out of it.

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Most beer has 150 to 200 calories per, while 1 shot has about 60 calories.

So you could be at around 720 calories for what you described.

Then you have to figure out the calories of everything you eat while drunk.

Apr 18 2008 17:16
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try drinking bacardi and diet coke only 65 calories per drink and its pretty strong stuff so you wont need alot to get a good buzz.

also, with alcohol  a calorie is not JUST a calorie

there have been studies where two groups had the same amount of cals, but one group has part of the cals from alcohol and they lost less weight

alcohol impairs your body's ability to turn fat into energy

do some research, you'll see.

Apr 20 2008 01:48
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Thanks all for replying. Sorry it took me so long to get back to ya, but life is hectic as of recent in the Comp. Animation biz.

Right now, I bust ass in the gym, 6 days a week, weight-lifting and interval cardio 3 days, and 6 miles of power-walking 6 miles the other 3.

I have come across a little more serious a problem than drinking one night a week, unfortunately, and maybe y'all can help me with that instead.

You see, I'm 6'6", and weigh about 300lbs. Luckily, I've maintained a good shape for that weight class, so I'm just a footbal player's build, not a fat guy, but no one can deny I need to lose a little weight here and there. However, I've been having touble with my knees on the treadmill. When I interval train, I run 1 minute at 8 miles/hour, and walk for 4 minutes at 3.5 miles/hour, and recently, have had devastating pain in both knees, forcing me to quit at about 20 minutes instead of doing the entire 60 minutes as I used to. Now, I have just started incorporating this interval training in the last month, but the first 3 weeks were fine, so my question is:

Am I wearing my knees out? Or do I need to just focus on upper body one day and lower the next? Perhaps I need to move to another machine, like a bike? I know after about 20 minutes of being through, the pain goes to a minimum, and an Aleve and 30 minutes later than that, I'm good to go like it never happened.

So, any help again would be much appreciated, and once again, I'm grateful to those taking the time out of their own schedules to answer a guy's question.

Let me mention also, I'm only 30, so I would imagine I would have some time before I start these types of problems in full throttle.
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