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Not hungry . . . but TIRED!

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I've been at CC for about a week, and have lost one pound.  I'm eating about 1600-1800 calories per day, a little over the amount suggested by the site calculator.  I'm exercising a little bit- I'm just coming out of a three-year period of illness in which I was largely sedentary- and in a typical day, I do quite a bit of housework, yardwork, walking, and exercising my big dogs.

I'm 37, 5'8" and 176 pounds.  I'm shooting for 140 pounds, although if I'm happy with the way I look before then, I'll stop losing.

My problem right now is that I'm feeling extreme fatigue.  I'm getting eight hours of sleep per night, but I often need an afternoon nap to help get me through the rest of the day.  I'm very seldom hungry, although I get an occasional craving for nothing in particular, but I feel so very low on energy.

I don't know if this is because of the change in diet, and maybe my calculations are wrong and I need to eat more?

Or is it just that my body is protesting the sudden increase in activity?

Has anyone else experienced this problem in the early days of a diet?
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Could be your body is adjusting. Could also because of the food you eat. When u say extreme fatigue, is it after the workout within this first week? If so, take a rest from workout like a day or two. You just recovered from illness, so take it easier. Take care not to relapse :) good luck.
I'm not feeling particularly tired after the workout, just tired in general. I think I'll scale it back to working out every two or three days.  Before I got sick, I was a gym rat, so my expectations are probably way too high!

Perhaps you are getting less sleep that you usually do, perhaps you are doing more exercise, perhaps you are eating less calories than you are used to. OR it could be something medical related, such as chronic fatigue or something else.  If it doesn't go away in about a week, definitely get it checked out by a professional. Make sure to tell the doctor about your changes in diet.
Too little information!  There could be all kinds of reasons you don't have the energy you feel you should in the afternoon.

For example:

Do you get enough minerals in your diet?  Try juicing or blending greens (mix them with a fruit juice) in the morning to get a huge influx of highly bio-available vitamins and minerals.

Do you regularly consume caffeine?  Coffee, tea, and chocolate, no matter when you take them, usually dampen one's overall energy level.

Is your diet appropriate for your genetic background?  Maybe you need to reevaluate the levels of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in your diet.  The Metabolic Typing Test could be helpful here.

Do you practice food combining?  Most people see significant energy level gains when they give up the Standard American Diet practice of combining starches with proteins -- the number one bad food combination in terms of healthy digestion.

Just some food for thought.  :)
For what's worth I lost 80 lbs doing this and only this, took me about 9 months and without exercise...(this is not a plug for anything..just fact)

1. Purchase the book ULTRAMETABOLSIM by Dr. Mark Hyman.

2. Read the book at least twice

3. Follow the principals in the book strictly

4. Weigh yourself and record your weight every day.

This book is not a "diet" it is a change in the types of foods you eat.  I will not go into all the details on how it affected me but to say the least the results are profound. 
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What are you eating?

The simplest answer is you are low on carbs.
The first thing that came to my mind was the carbs, too. 

As everyone already said, there could be so many answers, but at the simplest point, carbs=energy.  Hang in there!
In looking at what I'm eating, carbs are probably the culprit.  I've banished rice, potatoes and bread altogether, and although this means I'm eating a lot more fruits and veggies of all kinds, it's probably not enough.  I'm sure the occasional slice of whole-grain bread won't kill me. :-)

Thanks for all of the advice!
Try some wild rice, sweet potatoes, squash, oatmeal, there are many choices.
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