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Hi All!  This is another question for you CC experts.  :-)

I just wondered if I was the only one who doesn't like to eat breakfast and who is never hungry in the morning.  Usually, I force myself to eat a small bowl of cereal with raisins, but I am only doing it b/c I know breakfast is important to "break" the "fast".  If I had my way, I wouldn't eat until noon or later.  Unfortunately, my favorite times to eat are from late afternoon until bedtime, although I have been trying to keep from eating in the last 2-3 hours before I go to sleep.  I'm not really even that hungry at lunch, but by dinner I sure am.

Does anyone else feel like they aren't hungry until late in the day and then it is just nibble, nibble, nibble?  Are there any causes for this or worries I should have?  I'm trying to eat 1500 calories a day and usually get 200-250 for breakfast, and another 250-300 for lunch.  Then, I snack both before and after dinner (@100 each) and eat 650-750 for dinner.  Will this mess me up somehow?
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Are you eating a bedtime snack?  I find that on days when I eat in the evening, or have a late dinner, I'm not hungry first thing in the morning.  If I wait too long to eat, then I end up wanting more and feeling hungry, so I try to have some kind of breakfast by 9 am.
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i know lots of people who find breakfast difficult--one of my daughters, for one.  i think you have to find something you enjoy eating, like a banana smoothie, toast and peanut butter, a couple of egg whites, or some fruit and cereal.  or maybe even some leftovers from the previous day.  it doesn't have to be "breakfast" food, but you do need something to get your metabolism started for the day ahead.    but don't eat it all at one sitting, either.  eat a little when you get up, and then something else two or three hours later.  i think the main thing is to keep at it all day long, and that way you won't BE so hungry around dinner time.  on the other hand, if your "nibbling" is on healthy food, and your plan is working, i wouldn't worry about it.   it's a little tricky to rely entirely on your "hunger" because that can be misleading.  sometimes you have to treat your body as if it's your "child" and you know what's good for it, and insist on it, even if it doesn't "want to."   if you know what i mean.
No, I don't eat anything after 8:30, and I usually go to bed between 11:00 and midnight.  Weird, huh?
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i have the same problem - i just don't feel for breakfast

i used to eat nothing untill lunch - but since i've been on CC i've been forcing myself to eat at least something small

so now i eat a yoghurt at work in the morning (round 9'o'clock - i get up at 7 but then i really can't eat anything)

i blame my natural biorythm - when i was at university during the exam period  i stayed up untill 3:00 at night and then got up at 11:00 - this is how i would live if i wouldn't have a job - i'm just not a morning person
It was REALLY hard for me to start eating breakfast. At first I found that I got really hungry for lunch alot sooner when I ate breakfast.  Now I eat right on time...breakfast at 7:20...mid-morning snack 10ish...lunch 11:30...afternoon snack 3 ish...dinner @7.

Maybe if you try to eat your breakfast a little later in the morning it'll make you feel like its a little closer to lunch, then back up your time :) Good Luck!
i envy you gals. i've always liked breakfast right away in the morning.. but now that i am on synthroid i have to wait 1 hour to eat.. and some days that is really really hard.  send some of that my way and i'll send some of my morning hunger to you gals.. :) 
I think I'm like elfje--I got into the habit of getting up late (say around 9 or so) and going to bed around 1 or 2 a.m. while in grad school.  Even though I have to get up and go to bed earlier now (funny how those jobs make you do that!) I am still not at my peak of "awakeness" or hunger until at least 11 a.m., probably because I'd get up, have coffee, go teach, and then eat when I was in school.  I'm hoping it is just a bad habit I can break over time and get used to eating around 7:30 or so, about 30 minutes after I awaken.  Obs--that would stink to have to wait an hour when you're already hungry.  Do you do all your "morning stuff" like shower, dress, make lunch, etc. before you eat then?  How do you deal?  I get hungry like that for dinner some times . . .
I used to be completely unable to make myself eat breakfast in the morning, but over the past year I've been training myself to do it, and I will now gladly eat my scrambled eggs and oatmeal every day. Just keep making yourself eat early and your body will acclimatize itself to having breakfast eventually, I promise you.

In the meantime, one of my favourite not-breakfast breakfasts was a Zone Perfect bar (they are sooo tasty and are a 40-30-30 balance, 210 calories) and a little bit of fruit (1/2 an apple or so) and a little bit of cheese (about 1 oz.) It really doesn't feel like you're eating all that much, and it will keep you going until lunch since it's about 300 cals total.
that is exactly what i do elm, except on weekends i try for something "cooked" like eggs or oatmeal.
I'm very much like elfje too. I am most definitely a night person - if it wasn't for work (7.30am kick off) I'd be up until all hours of the night. I currently go to bed around 11.30pm - midnight but I still find I'm not hungry in the mornings. I used to not eat until at least midday, but I was finding myself get real hungry at night and snacking too much. I now have a nutri-grain bar in the morning as I don't have the time to make and eat breakfast. I doubt I could eat much more than that in the mornings anyhow, but it's a start. I tend to have a piece of fruit then between morning and noon, and a fairly big lunch. Since doing this I'm finding I eat less at night.
before I started dieting I could never eat anything before noon, i never seemed hungry at all, but after i started my diet i always seem to either wake up hungry or get hungry within the first half hour of waking , but all last week I nver got hungry till around 11-12 . today is the first day I woke up hungry again, maybe when I am losing wieght I wake hungry and when my weight loss stalls i stop getting hungry? Wierd!
my son is a hard one to get eating in the morning, so I just give him a yogurt drink or a carnation instant breakfast. that way I know he's got something to keep him going until midmorning, when he's ready for a snack of something more substantial.

why not check out some of the breakfast shakes out there? if you can't bring yourself to eat breakfast, why not drink it?
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