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If you are hungry, should you eat?

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If you have been eating about the same amount of calories for a few months, but are suddenly hungry an hour or so after a meal (I am on the five small meals a day plan), should you eat some more, regardless the fact you would be exceeding your planned amount for the day?

Is your body telling you that it needs more? I am talking about what I honestly think is a physical, not psychological, sensation.
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A rule you should ALWAYS live by.... if you're hungry... eat!

Just make sure what you're eating is healthy and can hold you over until you're next meal....

Always listen to you're body....  :)
 ithink that it may be your feeling hungery because you are not having enogth to eat at meal times maby you should try going back to 3 meals a day with 3 heathy snacks then maby you wont feel hungery after you have eaten.
I always at least try, although it doesn't work most of the time, to have some water when I'm hungry.  Sometimes that's what your body actually needs!
Hi ayeguy, I'd eat, yeah.  Listen to your body. It usually knows what it needs :)
Also, keep in mind...sometimes when you feel hungry, you're actually dehydrated. Try drinking some water and see if you still feel like eating.
The odd thing is that I got hungry about 90 minutes after eating a 600 calorie meal (the largest of the day) at 6pm. But I go to bed at 9pm, so I only had a piece of beef jerkey and a couple of crackers. As soon as I ate that little bit I felt much better.

I had been feeling vaguely unwell all day (I got hungry about a half hour before my noon feeding too), with a slight headache by the time I headed home from work. When I got home, I went straight into an hour bike ride, during which the headache mostly went away.

I've also had some sort of respitory infection (don't think it's a cold) the last couple of days. Plus I stayed up late the night before to watch 24. These things pile up I guess...
i would listen to my body. if you are hungry in btwn meals have a filling, healthy, low calorie snack to tide you over.

I agree with the water thing also, try hydrating and see if that helps.
I think nene1799 said something really important:

"Just make sure what you're eating is healthy and can hold you over until you're next meal.... "

There are foods that are calorie dense that fill you up... and foods that are NOT calorie dense that fill you up.  Pasta vs. Chicken Breast for example.  A good feed of whole wheat pasta will tide you over for 3 hours at 750 calories... a good feed of chicken breast will tide you over for three hours with 350 calories...  both are healthy... but the "calories per hour" for pasta is 250 while chicken is about 120.  Maybe that's a bad example.
I agree with everybody - you should eat, but make it something that will stick.  My mainstay is 1 tsp. of peanut butter spread on one slice of whole wheat bread or a banana or an apple.  The little dose of protein usually helps a lot, and it's usually between 100-150 cal.   BTW, can you believe the biting kill that Jack did?  I might explode before Monday....not sure if I can take it.   twinmama
My question is are you feeling real hunger pains or as I like to call them "phantom" hunger pangs.

I find that sometimes after eating a meal (large or small) an hour later I feel a hunger pang that is not really a hunger's almost like it's my mind saying it's not satisfied rather than my stomach.

THe phantom pains feel real enough but I find that they are more emotional and not accompanied by the grumpiness I get when I am genuinely hungry.

I find that a cup of tea or glass of water will curb this.
I agree with fmjess. Sometimes when your body is thirsty, your brain sends a signal letting you know you need something. However, that "something" can make us think we are hungry as well. If the water doesn't work, I would try eating a small snack, like a piece of fruit.
could your blood sugar be low?  Was there a change in your activity level?  By all means eat, but the advice given is good, make it a nutrient dense snack - protein/fat/carb
I find that if I follow each meal with a half cup of pineapple, I don't get hungry until the next meal. Otherwise, I'm hungry about an hour and a half after eating. Just my 2 cents.
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