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Are you still hungry after you eat?

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I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem...after I eat my lunch or supper, I'm almost always still hungry...or at least I have this sensation of not being satisfied or full. Here are things I try to do: I eat a well-balanced meal of 200-300 calories including protein and fiber. I try to eat slowly, taking about 20 minutes to consume my meal. I drink milk at my meal, and I usually drink a bottle of water afterward to try to feel full.

The only thing that helps is if I eat something rich - either sweet or starch, then the sensation goes away. Right now, I'm about two hours post supper (a big salad with 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 3 oz of tuna on it) and I'm still hungry.

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I have this problem and it seemed to get worse when I quit smoking since I no longer have that "after dinner smoke" to send the trigger to my brain that I am done eating.  During the week its not so bad for breakfast and lunch since I go back to work, but nights and weekends are tough.

One thing I do try is brushing my teeth after I eat - this seems to help a little bit but I too am hungry after eating and I eat alot more than what you said you had for dinner.
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More bulky low calorie food in each meal. Combined with more frequent smaller meals. I'm never hungary. I just eat by the clock.

If you're having milk with every meal isn't that using up a lot of those 200-300 calories?
Thanks for the suggestion about teeth brushing!

I drink one cup of skim milk three times a day - its 80 calories. My meal is usually 2 or 3 oz of lean meat/fish, a good sized salad, perhaps some cooked veggies, and sometimes 1/2 cup of fruit.

I eat snacks too... mid afternoon and early evening. So, my meal calories are lower to allow for snacks.

I'm wondering if I am having "low blood sugar" issues - it seems I really need something "sugary" to stop the "feeling empty"
it doesnt look like you are getting any carbs besides fruit.  Try some grains or pasta, it should help you feel more full.
If you have 3 full meals of up to 300 cal per day, plus say, 2 lots of snacks at 150 cal each, that's just meeting the minimum requirements of 1200 cal per day. Maybe you could reduce your snacks in cals (say, just have fruit or real low cal vegies) to make your meals a little larger.
Maybe your body is trying to tell you you need more food.

My suggestion is to drink the water first. I find drinking it last leaves me unsatisfied and pushes down on my stomach, causeing immediate bloating, but I get hungry earlier. So have a glass before your meal. Eat your vegies, have another small glass, eat another portion and finish with a glass.

Another thing is flavour. A lot of people go bland on diets, and they dont feel as if they've eaten much. Stock up on no cal dressings and herbs and spices.

For me, sugar "empties" me, so everyone is different. Wish I could help more
Ya'll have been really helpful here!

I do eat carbs - I have Fiber One for breakfast, and my snacks are often nuts or toast or popcorn or something like that!

I'll figure this out! (had some popcorn as my snack, I'm doing better now)

It sounds like you need to eat more frequently throughout the day, every three hours have a carb with either a protien or a fat, ie: apple and 9 almonds, pear and string cheese, milk and whole wheat crackers,. You probably do need more fiber. Fiber helps give you that full feeling longer. How many grams are you getting a day? It should be 25-30.
I had the same problem and added another serving of protien (low carb yogurt with a tablespoon of grape nuts cereal mixed in) at lunch (100 cals total) and that really satisfies me.  When I do get extra hungry, I have that as an additional snack.  My guess is you aren't getting enough protien/calories.  Try upping your calories by 100 with protien for the 2 meals that you feel the hungriest after. 
you're in good company :>)  My "full" button does not work, and hasn't for many, many years -- no matter what kind of diet I am eating or what I have tried.  Portion control is the only thing that tells me when to stop eating.
I personally don't like to be "full; I like to just take the edge off, but that's neither here nor there. Do you think you're just fighting an addiction ... addiction to sugar/carbs, whatever? Maybe you need to just fight that feeling for a couple of weeks until you're detoxed.

Some people really LIKE that full feeling, but I don't think it's hunger. How can you possibly be hungry if you've just eaten, you know? I think maybe hunger is being confused with not being "full."

Try drinking a hot cup of tea after your meals. I do mine plain but you could use a little sweetner and cream. Tea is my "desert"; plus, it's satisfying that oral fixation. You're sorta going through the motions of eating -- using your hands and mouth.
Are you getting enough fat in your meals? Unless told otherwise by a doctor, the recommendation is for 20-30% of your calories be from fat. I have found that if my fat intake is too low, I will be hungry.
Its frustrating for me....My appetite only last 4 hours max when I'm full...and I mean really full...
I have this problem too...especially at night when it's 730pm and I've finished my supper at 6 and shouldn't be eating anything till tomorrow. I find that a compromise is best. I make a big pot of decaf black tea, add some milk and a bit of low cal sweetner and enjoy that in the evening. The only calories are coming from the milk, and I only use about a tablespoon per mug. This helps curb the sweet cravings I get after a meal as well.

I've also tried making hot cocoa from pure cocoa powder, not fat milk and sweetner. This definitely will curb the sweet craving and give you a bit more in your stomach.

Maybe you could skip your milk at dinner and have it an hour or two afterwards.
So it's an old family remedy to use honey and apple cidar vinegar to curb your appetite. Use about the size of 2 shot glasses. I just started back doing it and it definately has me eating less and feeling full.
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I think it has to do with the idea of dieting itself. Portion control is an important factor before you actually sit down with a plate. At least for me, I'm always still really hungry if I don't get to eat everything on my plate. If I've rationed out every bite there's just something less satisfying about being 'done.'
I'm with you Kipp....even if I eat an absolutely huge meal, I still stay hungry...I don't think I have the "full" indicator in my brain LOL

I have just learned to live with it, I do that by really looking forward to my next meal  :)
dbakerfan when did you quit smoking?  I am having the same problem and my brain is not registering that I am not hungry since there isn't a cig.  I am hoping this goes away in time.

Yep, Always wanting to eat.
I'm always still hungry after I eat... whether it be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a snack. I'm not sure if I'm actually hungry, but I always want more. It sucks. A lot of times it leads to regretted binges!!
wow- i have the same problem. generally I try to keep only healthy foods (fruits and veggies) in the house. I leave a bowl of fruit on the table for anytime im hungry. Also, I keep myself super busy. A lot of times i'll try to take a shower or go out right after dinner- say to a movie. Once my body registeres that I'm full (about 30 minutes later), I won't need to eat anything else.
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