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hungry all the time

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I have a hard time dieting, because I am hungry ALL the time.  I have stuck to the 1200 cal. limit for two days, but it's not easy.

I did Atkins once and lost weight and was never hungry - my appetite shrunk, but I didn't enjoy the diet. 

Does anyone know why I was NOT hungry while on the Atkins diet, but normally am hungry all the time?  What can I do about it?
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With Atkins you don't really count calories, do you?  It's possible you were eating many more calories then.  What are your stats?  Is 1200 calories too low for you?  If you are hungry all the time, either you are not eating enough calories or eating the wrong things.  What do you eat during a typical day?  Any whole grains?

I ask about your stats because the 1200 calorie thing isn't made for everyone.  That number is simply the minimum that a woman should get to insure she gets enough nutrients to survive.  I am 5'7", when I started on Jan 14th, I weighed 225.  Now I'm down to 188, 37 lbs lost.  I eat between 1700-2100 calories a day, depending on how much I exercise.  I couldn't stick to 1200 calories for one day, and it certainly wasn't necessary for me to lose weight.
I'd need to know your stats in order to try and help you.

You're not getting enough in your system, so don't starve yourself! Have a fruit or a health bar in between meals to keep your blood sugar up, and make sure you drink water during your helps your body to digest the food better.

On Atkins, it's mostly protein and no carbs, right? Well protein does fill you up for a good amount of time...and you probably were getting too much sodium.
One of the tools here said I should be eating 1200 calories a day.  I'm 5'5 and weigh 187.

Atkins is all protein - very little carb.  You can eat as much as you want, but I found I wasn't that hungry.  There were times I ate just because I should.  The only time in my life I WASN'T hungry was on that diet.

Today I at wheat bran cereal 4, breakfast, snack, snack and snack. I had a huge late afternoon lunch/dinner of 1/2 cornish hen, 3/4 cup sweet potato, cranberry sauce, and spinache.  I was almost as hungry AFTER eating as I was before.

I think I have some kind of sensitivity to carbs...would that make sense?  What would I do about it?
diana ~ was the 1,200 recommendation to get to your goal at a certain date?  you might want to consider slowing down a bit so you can eat more.

To figure out how many cals I burn, I tend to use the calculator here and also this one urned

Then figure how much you are eating...

and subtract

cals burned - cals eaten = calorie deficit for the day.

shoot for 500 - 800 cal deficit a day, but don't be afraid to slow it down and eat up to your maintenance level calories (the # of cals you burn living) if you are feeling famished.

also, try eating more foods that are larger but less calories:

for example 14 m&m's = 60 cals but not satisfying.  instead you can choose a cold juicy orange for the same cals and they will fill you up more.

A couple of cups of cut veggies dipped in a low fat/low cal dip, or the 100 cal bag of popcorn has about 5 cups for 100 cals...  My fav tips for staying more satisfied... .html

...skids back in...

protein and fats take longer to digest than straight up carbs...  and simple carbs are the quickest like juice with its fiber stripped out...

so, try to mix carbs with a little protein and even some of the heart healthy fats when you can... like peanut butter, olives & olive oil, nuts, avocado...

Hope this helps :)  Cheers,
Start eating Low-GI foods, these take longer to digest and keep releasing energy into the blood stream for a longer period of time. These are things like whole grain breads - there's a more extensive list here:

I would avoid that wheat bran cereal, if you need to snack three times after breakfast than it's obviously not doing it's job!
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Thank you joanne81 for the awesome site! This might be an answer to my prayers!
Thanks everyone.  I think I see what my problem is.  It looks like I am eating way too many carbs and not enough protein.  This morning I had a 1 egg + 2 egg white omlet and 3/4 slice whole wheat toast.  ...and I feel full!!
Thanks again for the help.  I added protein today (got an A- for the day), and AM NOT HUNGRY!!!
What I eat and when has really helped me figure out not being hungry. Today I switched to a surge of protein rich foods in the morning..they kept me going and I wasn't hungry non stop. I hope it continues to work.
Hey, you found out what works for you!  (That's more than lots of people can say.)  It should get easier for you from here on out.
{{hugs Diana}}

The first weeks are the hardest. It gets easier! Promise!
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