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What to do when you are hungry?

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It is one hour till lunch and I am starving.  I had breakfast of oatmeal, PB2 and spoonful of honey.  I then had a protein bar for a snack of 110 calories.  I shouldn't be hungry.  I can't concentrate for thinking about food.  What do others here do to get your mind off food?
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I read :) It really gets my mind off of things and into a whole other world.
Lots of water! It's the only thing that helps me. I also chew a piece of sugarless gum. I've heard this can actually make you more hungry, but it seems to work for me.
Chewing gum makes me hungry for sure...And even drinking water does too and I drink A LOT of water to so I am kinda out of luck on this one
I drown myself in work.  Also, go walk around and talk to people.  Or, if you are dieing, put something in your mouth to chew. 

A pen, or gum or something.  Just keep your mouth moving so that you dont have to worry.
Spend some time on CC.

But wait, all we do is talk about managing food...
You might be thirsty instead of hungry; try drinking a glass of water and see if that helps.

I have days when I don't feel hungry at all, and others when I feel hungry constantly. I think that hormones and metabolism shifts are the main culprit. If you are still hungry after you drink some water, have some like an apple that has lots of fiber. If you are worried about calories, you can always exercise later to compensate.

That beind said, I'm hungry now! Time for an apple! :)
if i were you, id eat half my lunch, then the other half in an hour. egh?  some times i get hungry and that's what i do.
if you hungry eat less chance of you cheating later or eating something you don't want to
cup of tea (i like green or oolong), water, celery, carrot...
Have a cup of tea or coffee (tea's healthier).  Sounds like you're at work, since you seem to be watching a clock.  Give yourself a short project to complete before you eat.  BUT if you're really hungry, eat, if you can, otherwise you're more apt to overeat when it's "time."
Eat when you're hungry!  That's one the primary rules of weight management.  You probably brought a good lunch - eat some of it.  Save some of it for a couple of hours from now.  Then, stop and get a cup of nice ff/sf fruited yogurt to eat on the way home or something.  Sounds like you're having a higher-calorie-need day!  It's better than diving into the chocolate chips or some other kind of chip when you finally get home!  Who can wait to eat while prepping dinner and already hungry!  Also, expect another hunger surge later tonight and be prepared...have some whole grain cereal before bed with skinny milk.  Tomorrow is another day!
usually i'll chew some sugarfree gum like some fruity gum or i'll grab a fruit or veggie
Well, you have to weigh out whether or not you are really hungry. Like others said, have some water. If you are still hungry 5 minutes later, eat! Listen to the cues of your body. If it is telling you you're hungry, you better listen. :)
I wash my mouth out with mouthwash (of any kind) or go and brush my teeth, wait a few minutes, and the urge is gone.. It helps me..

Just a thought..!
These are some tips on how to control your hunger:

http://www.calorie-count.com/forums/post/3671 5.html
Drinking a cup of hot water (boiling or tea/coffee hot temperature) will:
    a) Provide a distraction
    b) Help satiate appetite
If you drink green tea - its even better! Green tea has been shown to help burn fat (not muscle) if you drink it regularly. A specially good trick is to reduce lunch/dinner portions and drink some green tea as soon as you stop eating - you'll feel full by the end and you would have eaten a lot less.

Infact you could drink upto 4-5 cups a day and be well within the healthy limit. So drink up!
Your probably not hungry. The body can not tell the difference between hunger and thirst so i suggest you drink two glasses of water. water fills you up!
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