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Why am I so hungry?

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I have been calorie counting/exercising for about 4 weeks now and have done really good so far. I went extremely intense for the first three weeks, working out 6 days a week and eating 1400 calories a day and am very happy with my results. I didn't have a ton of weight to lose, it was more about toning and losing a couple lbs of post baby fat. 

I am close to my goal weight but my sugar/food cravings are so intense right now, I don't know what to do. I binged last night on chocolate covered almonds and this morning I am still so hungry...all I can think about is bad foods. I ate a healthy big breakfast because I was hungry but i'm still thinking about eating. I decided to up my calorie intake to 1500 because obviously something isn't right. Has anyone else gone through this and what should I do? Also, if you do binge eat at night, should you work out in the morning or do anything different? 

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How about your water intake? I tend to think that I am hungry when I am actually dehydrated. Or, I also noticed that I tend to think that I am hungry when I am bored. So if I go do something, the thought of being hungry goes away. You could also try chewing sugar free gum (they have desert flavors) to get the sugar craving to go away.

I think your right... My job requires me to work by myself for a big portion of the day...which also gives me a lot of time to think about lunch :(

I drink a lot of water...but i'm going to try to drink more. 

I have the same exact problem. At certain points of the month I am obsessed with food. I cannot stop thinking about it and I end up binging A LOT. I honestly think for me it has to do with my monthly cycle. 

There are a lot of reasons why you could be having cravings. I mean boredom, dehydration, your body needing a key nutrient, menstrual cycle, the list goes on and on.  

I am 5'2, 118lbs (now) and still working out...but not as intense as the first three weeks. I am alternating between 60 mins cardio and 60 minutes of weight training 5 days a week. 

I binged on chocolate almonds last night, so I woke up and started my day off with 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. I don't normally exercise in the morning, but I wanted to start my day off good...now it's 11am and i've already eaten my lunch. Do you think the morning workout is why i'm so hungry? Should i be drinking a protein shake in the morning?

As for the "time of month" binging...that was a whole other battle I faced for a couple of days :( but chalked that up as uncontrollable. 

Don't apologize, the post was much appreciated and informative. I have an athletic build and have been really working to tone my muscles...probably the wrong way. I have been working out really hard lately and I think I just hit a wall. I would love to lose the last couple of lbs...but like you said, they are vanity lbs. I feel great about my body right now...I just have to maintain a good balance. I'm going to start to follow a more realistic calorie count, which suits my daily activity. 

I'm a little confused how people can eat 1200-1400 calories a day and work out hard? When I was doing it, I was light headed and anxious a lot...how do people think they can maintain that? I obviously just went through a major binge as a result. 

Honestly, thank you so much for your postLaughing

Great feedback kelrantymus !!  I am going to take this advice myself, very helpful Smile

dr Oz says B -12 Vit and crommuiom will help with cravings.

If you're working out, especially that much, 1400 calories is not enough.  I made a mistake on my calculator entries and ended up at 1450 for about a week--I would have mugged my own grandmother for a blueberry muffin!  Eat more: Your body needs it to sustain that kind of activity.

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Try eating several meals a day or times a day.  I keep fruit in the desk and when I get hungry I eat an apple or an orange.  It actually works.  At home at night is when I have the eat everything problem and its because I am sitting around.  So I keep busy, when I am busy I am not hungry.  Watching TV makes me hungry, reading does not.  But when you get hungry eat some fruit or drink some water.  It works for me and this is from someone who's favorite food was buffet.

Great advice from kelrantymus :)  Most people that find themselves bingeing are trying to over restrict or not eating enough for their activity level.  You are putting out a lot of energy so need more food to sustain that.  Also being closer to your goal weight, it seems to work better to have a smaller deficit and lose slower.  I would starve on 1400 :)

I've found any kind of refined sugar, such as white, honey, maple syrup, agave, chocolate, makes me RAVENOUS.  As soon as I cut that out of my eating, the cravings go away.  Maybe it's something that simple for you.

I was always hungry when dieting before starting a low carb diet.  I tried to get to 1800 calories a day and could not do it due to hunger.  Once I removed the carbs from my diet (less than 30g/day), I am never hungry.  Now, I can be satisfied with just 1200-1400 calories a day.  It is unbelievable how much eating carbs make you hungry for more carbs within hours of eating.

Eating mainly just protein and fats is so much more satisfying.  I have eaten about 3/4 pounds of BBQ (little to no sauce to keep the carbs down) for lunch and was not hungry the rest of the day.  Maybe a snack (slice of my favorite cheese and some cold cuts) in the evening.  You would be amazed how your body transforms when you remove the carbs from your diet.  Hunger is never an issue for me now.

I went through the same thing. My trainer said that is was my metabolism kicking into high gear. That is what your workouts do - boost your metabolism so your body requires more. Just up listen to your body and up your calories, but make sure they are good calories, not junk. If your crave junk, try eating veggies or fruit instead. Your body doesn't REALLY want junk, your head does. With me, this hunger onslaught didn't last, I was able to go back to my old routine after a while. Hope this helped.


The carbs thing varies.  If I don't have complex carbohydrates, nothing satisfies me.  I can eat protein and salad until I burst and I will still feel food cravings even though I'm physically full.  One slice of whole-wheat toast solves the problem.  I can pass on sweets but I have to have some complex carbs or I will overeat on other stuff trying to resolve the craving for "something more".

I get up at 0330 to fit in my workout before work; I must have a protein shake and coffee (as well as plenty of water) before my workout. I end up eating 75% of my calories by noon, but as long as I get plenty of protein, throughout the day, I can stay beneath 1600 calories and not be hungry all of the time. Though i admit I do not exclude carbs, even sugars, from my diet entirely, I just make sure I have those at a meal with protein instead of snacking on sugar/carbs during the day.

A lot of the time I convince myself "oh my god, I'm so hungry!" even right after I've ate and I'm really only thinking that because I'm bored and feel like eating.

When I crave sugar I usually make passion tea (I like the Tazo brand the best.) I make it really strong and then add ice cubes to dilute it and make it iced tea. It's sweet naturally, but if I'm really having a sugar craving I'll add sugar free vanilla syrup which makes it taste like some delicious, high calorie fruity drink.

When I just feel like snacking I eat carrots and hummus. It's really low calorie and it satisfies that urge to just mindlessly munch on something without ruining my calorie intake for the day.

And I haven't been doing this so much lately, but I used to buy 100 calorie snacks of sweets and allow myself one each day in the evening. They have Hostess ones and such now and I used to love eating all of that nasty processed cake-like stuff before I started being healthier. I would look forward to them everyday and they made me feel like I wasn't depriving myself and it made it so I would never binge on things that would total up way more calories.

Question for all of you.  Due to my schedule I am unable to workout the way I want to.  I do get a decent two mile walk (to and from work) almost every weekday which I have upped in speed.  It is a workout (especially the walk back from work) but it's not enough that I can keep my calorie count below 1500/1600. 

I need some suggestions of low calorie, high protein snacks, foods whatever.  Between my husband who has a terrible diet and my daughter who only eats white things, I don't have a lot of options at home.  I am having trouble thinking out of the box.  I've only been doing this for about 3 weeks.  the first two weeks went great but now that my body is adjusting to the food and the walks I am hungry all the time. 


Eat more veggies - low cal and they fill you up.  Dr Joel Fuhrman has great research about food addiction - basically if you don't cut it out completely you will still crave the "junk".  Google him and check it out.

Kind of remind me of me! But you're probably no eating enough healthy fats.. Get 1/4 avocado in at a meal.. Ground flax/chia seeds with shakes.. Maybe aserving of walnuts/almonds with fruit.. Very important.. I lost a lot of fat in 6 weeks then in 4 mths my body horded any fat (good or bad) I ate and put it back on my thighs.. Noticeably a bit more cellulite ish than before when inwas heavier! So please don't make same mistake! I am coreecting my metabolism now but sucks!

Are you serious,you guys? ..85% it's all stress...When your mind knows you are on a diet,you are going to be feeling deprived.When all you can think about and obsess about is food,you are going to be hungry.


Tell you brain food supply's gonna be limited and it's gonna be looking for food and try to obtain it,it's gonna send hunger signals..

I mean,isn't it obvious?

After finding a reasonable amounts of calories to eat(i think 1500 is kinda too low) and a healthy plan,change your focus and use your intuition mor.Exercise often,be sensible,etc,it's hard to go wrong.You won't gain all your weight back once you stop counting calories obsessively.


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