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Weight Loss
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For any women (or men) out there:  Has anyone every had success with hula hoop exercise?  I've been doing some research on hula hooping and it seems to be a growing exercise industry.

I just purchased a 3-lb hula hoop (from ebay) and it's suppossed bring results if I do it just 10 minutes a day for two weeks.  It's so heavy and the radius is so HUGE that I think it'll actually work.  If not weight loss, it'll be a great core work out once I get the hang of it.  
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i think it's similar to belly dancing, the areas that are worked out.

Hula Hoop is one of the few fitness classes that primarily targets your middle. With circular trunk movements, it directly works abdominal muscles, hips and waistlines. As a result, class participants gain both a cardio and strength workout. In fact, one minute of Hula Hooping burns as many calories as running an eight-minute mile or high impact aerobic class, according to the Cooper Institute, a health-based, nonprofit research and education center. In addition, Hula Hooping promotes correct body alignment from the circular motions and proper posture in the upper body routines.
That's great.  I think I'll hula tonight.
I bought a 3 pound hula hoop a few months ago and use it about 3 times a week.  It's fun and it seems easy, but take it easy to begin with!  Mine came with instructions to not use it for more than 2 minutes a day for the first week, if you do your abs will really, really, hurt. (and your waist and your back) 
I'm loving the hula hoop.  I don't know to what extent it will work but it makes me feel better definantely.  I always hula while i'm watching tv and before i know it, 20 minutes have gone by.  So much fun!
I have a friend that in just 3 months lost 3-4 sizes using the hoola hoops.  I don't know how much weight, but it really toned her up!  It was after her third baby.
I like hoola hooping but get bored after a while,any ideas on how to make it more interesting?
I've found that I enjoy hula hooping when I'm watching tv or even talking on the phone.  If you're bored with it, maybe try getting a heavier hoop???  I use a 3-pound huge hoop which took me a while to get used to but I really feel it in my abs the next day! 
Where can I find a Hula Hoop?? In the toy section at Walmart?? Or is this a special kind of Hula Hoop that I must buy in a special store. I live in Canada, so if it's a US chain, I won't be able to get it.

Any places online to buy one (other than Ebay)?

I really want one now!

I can understand how hula hooping could be a cardio workout, as it's a repetitive body movement and would, assumedly, get your heart beating faster, and that sounds like a lot of fun. :)

10 minutes a day for two weeks.. what sort of results does it promise? Killer abs?

Hula Hooping your way thin. I love it :D
total core strengthening

and man! i am havin the nicest flashback...thanks for the idea coolvending5, i tried one of the cheapie walmart hoops a few years back, and had a hard time with it <sniff, tear> the weighted version sounds muy better

***leaves to surfs ebay***

I bought my hula hoop on ebay.  The ones at Wal-Mart are meant for kids...they're way too small, snap/break easily and don't really give an adult a workout unless you weigh 60 lbs.  

I bought my hula hoop on ebay for around $20.   I've seen other ones that run as high as $80 (yikes!) seems to be somewhat reasonable.   Hope that helps.   I love my hoop!
I want one!!!!!
This sounds fun and interesting.  I'll have to see if I can find one, too.
Hey All, I bought a Aqua Hoop about 2 months ago. It weighs 7lbs. I started out really slow 15mins first day, to sore on the second and third day to use it again, then on the 4th day I noticed that I was starting to see abs. Wow, I really got going then..

I started hooping 2 hours a day.  It took 2 months for me to drop 20lbs and lose 1 1/2" off my waist and 1/2" off my hips. Everyone keeps asking what I have been doing.. I tell them "Hooping It Up".

We are holding a Hoop-La Gathering at Northwest Park on 22nd Ave North/ 58th Street in St Petersburg, FL on Sept 10 at 2:00.

Come 1, Come All - bring your hoop, suntan lotion, water and lets start "Hooping It Up".
Oh, I forgot if you want more information about hooping or to order a weighted hoop ---- go to:

Start "Hooping It Up" Today...
wow! great story - thanks for sharing...

***goes to check status of ebay hoop bid***
wow!  that's an amazing story floridahooper.  Makes me want to buy an even heavier hoop!
How about some updates and more info from our resident hoopers? I've decided I'd like to get a hoop for my "35 lbs gone reward to myself," and am wondering how heavy and how big it should be. I'm also wondering how well a weighted hoop is working for those of you who have one already. Tell all, please!!!!!
I bought a couple of hoops, but the chavs in the area are wearing them as ear-rings :D :D :D
I used to love doing the hula hoop as a kid - I wonder if I can still do it as an adult?  (I used to joke that if I tried to do a hula hoop now, at my current weight, it would be more like putting on a belt!  There would be no room for my hoop to hula.)

I will have to look into one of the 3 lbs hula hoops...sounds interesting!
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