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Weight Loss
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Huge Weight Loss in 8 Days

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I have begun a low-cal and low-sodium diet and wasn't expecting to lose much weight right away, but I've lost 16.6 LBS (292 to 275.4) in 8 days. I have been very active, but that seems like a lot. I am pretty sure most of it is water weight, and I'm not starving myself (even though it's tough to eat a minimum of 1,500 - 2,000 calories a day).


Most of that weight loss was in the first five days, and has slowed, but it's still a lot and I want to know if it is normal.


Also, if anyone knows, how bad is it to cheat on a low-sodium diet (doing it by choice, not by doctors suggestion)? I did by mistake today (went above 2000 mg by eating a food I was led to believe was low sodium when it wasn't).

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I'm guessing that if you continued to lose at that rate, it would be dangerous. So you will need to monitor your weight loss.

I posted this elsewhere, but when I was watching the Kelly Pavlik boxing match on HBO last night, it was mentioned that Pavlik made weight at 159.5 and, overnight, gained 18 pounds to where he weighed 178 when the fight started.

So that tells me that losing and gaining water weight can be significant.

Congratulations on your weight loss; hopefully, you will continue to lose weight in a slowly-but-surely, healthy manner.  

Best of luck.

You are right, most of that weight will be water weight.  After the first week it slows considerably.  Try to stay motivated when the weight loss slows as that is when the hard yards start!

Its not necessaruly all water weight. Have you SEEN the biggest loser? The first week these guys are on the ranch they pull these huge weight loss numbers. If you've begun eating right and exercising, I say some of it is real fat that you have lost. Congratulations! Just make sure to keep eating right (including getting ENOUGH cals.) and exercising, and watch the pounds come off! I only wish I could drop 16 pounds in a little over a week....but not so healthy to do that at 190 pounds...

Hey!  If what you're doing now is a drastic change from your previous diet, it is healthy and your body is adjusting.  If you're exercising and eating properly (I think you are), then it is definitely possible to lose a lot at the beginning of the lifestyle change (don't like the term "diet").  Some of it is water weight, but some is also fat. 

Congrats on the weight loss and keep at it!!!  You're definitely going in the right direction! 

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