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Weight Loss
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Huge legs and Thighs BUT..

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Tiny waist, wrist, arms, bust, ect

basically from the waist down I am massive compared to the rest of me

I have tried everything and to be honest all the exercising has just made my legs bulk up even more!!

Would swimming help shed weight? I feel so insecure I cant wear skirts/dresses anymore, when I was younger I was teased about my fat legs.

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I take it your a woman, it happens...

I'm only in my late teens

I know its not a rare thing

But if you saw me you'd just notice how big my legs are compare to the rest of me

I'm fed up of hiding in baggy clothes. Some tips or support would be nice :/

well exercise is the best thing i could recommend, it will build muscle which is why you say they look bigger, but the muscle will burn excess fat

EDIT: read this too d=20060924111817AAn4ukE

Doing a lot of exercise will probably bulk your legs up, not trim them down. You might try long-distance running to slim your legs

If it makes you feel better...Would you rather have bigger legs and hips, or keep all your weight in your stomach? I hate it when people say things like this, but you know, sometimes you sort of have to look on the bright side. Maybe there's nothing you can do to change your shape...But hey, it could be a worse shape

i would rather have muscle than fat besides the muscle will go if you ignore it and leave really skinny legs. but if you read the link i posted most people say its genetic

I see so to see any results even if its just little it will take some time

thanks for the link too, some were quite helpful :)

I really dont want to extreem diet to make them skinny my friend did this but she is overweight

I'm already underweight and my stomach is fine and flat so losing weight would just be horrible on the rest of my body!


unfortunately as you already know you cant lose weight in one specific spot if you are underweight then it does sound genetic, well wait and see

If you're already underweight, you probably shouldn't worry about it. I have huge hips, so does everyone else in my family, and eventually you just learn to live with it.

Wow I feel the exact same way. I have a 32" bust, 25" waist.....and 39" hips. I find that strength training only bulks them up, but cardio (bike, treadmill, elliptical) seems to help a little. But that will only help to an extent. No matter what we do, we will always have the pear shape....sigh.

Perhaps you should try exersices aimed at strengthening your chest and arms.  Gaining muscle in your upper body might make you more proportionate.

I don't see how gaining muscle in your upper body would make someone who is already small busted look more proportionate? Just my opinion, most women appear even more flat chested the more muscle they have in the upper body. I am not saying don't, because muscle is always better than no muscle, I am just saying I don't understand how it will make a difference in the appearance of proportion. I am also pear shaped and it's not much different than hourglass other than the smaller upper body. Just learn to love the body you're in because that is the only one that was given to you!

Try Pilates, it's a great exercise for the lower body.  I have the same problem and I think it's really helped balance me out.

I agree w/ Pilates / Yoga. It lengthens your muscles. Also have you ever tried long distance running? I know you said you've tried everything but I mean long, slow runs - like 3 miles or longer? My legs were the most thin they've ever been when I was doing long distance running.

I have a similar build. Because I have muscle under the thick layer of fat, I'm trying to melt the fat down with cardio. Like another post mentioned, running works best to slim the legs.

It's working for me. I've been doing the interval runs (at least 3x week for 20-30min) and during the walking portions I walk at an incline...even starting to run on an incline.

I've been alternating workouts such as these on the treadmill for about a month and its made a difference. My butt is starting to lift, the backs of my legs are toning, I have more definition around my knees, and my thighs have gone down 3 inches each. Unfortunately, my calfs (calves?) are the same size as when I started. I haven't measured the area just above my ankles, but I can see that it has also gone down.

I also do lunges, hydrants, and wall squats and that is helping me tone without bulking (I also build leg muscle fast!).

Hope this helps.

Edit: You can do all the toning you want, but you wont see results until you get rid of the majority of fat. That's why its good to combine both cardio and muscle work. Cardio burns fat fast and muscle looks nice and burns fat more slowly, but continuously.

My wife's been doing ballet for a couple of decades. She swears by it -- particularly regarding how it shapes the body. She won't run or bike (my 2 exercises of choice) because of how -- she says -- they bulk her legs up. Apparently ballet, if done correctly, strengthens the entire body without bulking anything up. And, so the wife says, actually 'un-bulked' her legs from running cross-country when whe was young.

I know little to nothing about it personally, but maybe dancing would be worth looking into. For what it may be worth, my wife does classical ballet, Russian style training I believe.

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If you are a natural pear-shape and either recently gained a lot of weight or have never been particularly toned, this can cause those proportions.  Cardio is the way to lose fat through exercise.  As you are able, extended cardio sessions will promote endurance which creates leaner muscle.  Weight training with low weight and high reps will also tone without adding as much bulk.  Pilates is a great way to improve posture, core strength (which helps with a leaner physique), and create lean and long muscles.

Oh, this post is me all over the place.  I just bought a great new outfit for work - blouse size 2...skirt size TEN!  W. T. F?

Some people are just built this way.  People have told me not to "diet" because I'm already "skinny" - but have they looked at my flabby knees and butt and CANKLES???  Obviously not.

As far as making it better, I agree with everyone else on this board - you (and I) need to shed the fat with some cardio.  I figure if the only place left with fat is my lower body, then if I'm losing fat, it will have to be from there.  I have nothing up top left to lose!  We should also tone up that lower body.  If you're doomed to big thighs and a big booty, they should be toned and muscley!  I do a mess of squats, leg extensions (back and side), and lunges for this - with light weights for added resistance.

Also, I think an important step is loving what you've got.  Like you, I've been stuck with these weird proportions my whole life.  I've had a few more years to get used to them, and I've decided I'd MUCH rather be this way than the other way around - with chicken legs and a huge gut or manly shoulders.  Big hips and thighs give you a womanly look.  And men LOVE nice juicy thighs and toned, strong legs (if you care what men think, anyway).

So yeah, all we can really do is change the composition of our bodies, within the confines of our basic genetic shape.  Hopefully after all our hard work, we can embrace the results.

Good luck!

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Just wanted to join the "I know what you mean!" club!  I'm the exact same way and I have the HARDEST time losing anything from my lower body, even after being a professional dancer for 15+ years.  The only thing that I have found that's really effective is spinning...that's certainly given me tone in my quads and smaller hips.  I'd give it a shot...if you lose inches, fabulous, but if not, it's a great (and fun!) cardio workout!  Good luck!
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Original Post by pumpkin314:

So yeah, all we can really do is change the composition of our bodies, within the confines of our basic genetic shape. Hopefully after all our hard work, we can embrace the results.

Good luck!

I have the same "problem", and pumpkin said it best-I have been down to size 2 jeans and still had proportionally big legs-it's genetic. Once I realized that I have no problem with toning my legs-and I don't care if I bulk up the muscle either-I do what keeps me fittest and feeling strong.

I'm 44 years old and I've been living with it forever, nothing will get rid of my thighs except maybe being anorexic thin-haven't tried it, don't intend to.

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Thanks to Jenifer Lopez, our pear shapes are great!  Just tone it up a little and strut your stuff.  The skinny girls will have to pay big $ to get what we have.  TeeHee! 

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