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Are there certain foods that you can eat to make your lower body bigger or smaller? ...because my whole lower body is HUGE! I have a nice tiny waist (size extra small), but my lower half is just dreadfully huge size 7/8 and I am 5' 2"). I eat a lot of dairy. Are there any exercises that could help?
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i wish i could help you more, but from what i have learned in anatomy and physiology, what you describe is dealing more with genetics. my only advice would be to keep on keepin' on and dont get discouraged!

I can't help either, just wanted to let you know i'm in the same boat and looking for solutions as well.  Small waist and 5/6 pant size.  My butt and thighs are bigger too, but I kind of like my butt.  :)
It sounds like you're pear shaped. I have a really small frame and a small waist and I'm actually beginning to like my shape! It's very feminine. :) Try to embrace it!
Thanks for the encouragement guys. Its good to know that I'm not alone. But, is there anything I can do????
Fist, may I say that the words "dreadfully huge" and "size 7/8" or "size 5/6" do not go in the same sentence? :S

But ... losing fat and increasing muscle will at least tone and show off what you have, although unfortunately we can't change our genetics or pre-disposition.  Running, lunges, squats.  That's my best suggestions right now.  Eating certain foods won't help, sorry.  Although "clean eating" (less processed foods, soda, sugar, etc. and more veggies, lean proteins, complex carbs) will help you get healthier and probably lose some of the fat.

Also ... lowering your body fat percentage (not so much your scale weight) will help a lot.  How to do that? Increase your muscle mass, so it can burn more fat, and keep active. 

I recently read an article about my shape, which is similar to yours-- not pear, but spoon shaped.  It's easy for me to make a waist and to flatten my abdomen, but my butt and thighs stick in there until the bitter end!

The article pointed out that there's very little you can do to change your shape.  But a few things, like lots of walking, jumproping, and pilates moves that focus on your butt and legs, can help.  It recommended not to do too many exercises like squats and lunges and walking on an incline, because these things can build muscle, which, although a toned lower body LOOKS really great, and may appear to be smaller, is not going to make your pant size any smaller.

Take this knowledge with a grain of salt, of course, because everyone's different, and it's just an internet article.

I decided to do the squats anyway, because I'm an avid downhill skier, and that's more important to me than pant size.  :)

i cant help you with making it smaller (im failing badly) but i can let you know you are not alone. Check out my picture to see the worlds most dramatic pear shape. This is me at my largest ever on holiday, when i loose weight my top half disappears and im just a huge bum and thighs.
Original Post by sarahrnorton:

It recommended not to do too many exercises like squats and lunges and walking on an incline, because these things can build muscle, which, although a toned lower body LOOKS really great, and may appear to be smaller, is not going to make your pant size any smaller.

I think what matters is how you look, not what the tag in your pants say. (To be fair, Sarah does go on to say that she'll continue doing squats for just this reason).

I've seen a few internet articles telling me not to do certain exercises, because it'll make me bulk up where I want to slim down. And I think it's bs. First of all, women just don't bulk up like men do, and second, if you replace the fat with muscle (not easy, I know), even if the size is the same, the look will be quite different.

But there is no way to spot-burn fat. You just have to find flattering clothes - they do exist for pears. And if you wear them right, you can get more of an hourglass figure, which many women would love to have (and men like to look at).

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You can't change it.  I've been heavier, I've been lighter, still the same shape.  Be happy about it because boys (well, the sub-set of boys who like butts) are crazy about tiny waists and big booty.  Just be healthy and don't worry about the stuff you can't change.
I knew a girl that had this problem...at one time she had greatly reduced her rear and thighs with a hard core comitment to cycling...

I have the exact opposite problem. My mom used to call me no-butt-Betty after an Aunt of mine that has the flattest butt every. It is not as apparent yet since I have a belly. But, I know that when I do lose the weight it will be very obvious. What I don't have in the butt area I make up for in the chest area. I have even joked around about getting butt implants before. But I would never have any type of surgery that would alter what God has blessed me with.

I think you should, like me, embrace what you do have and learn to love yourself the way you are.

Hey, when i started losign weight working out i thought i was doomed to a life of tiny boobs and a butt that over compensated times about a million. But as the months have gone on i've found exercises that have helped me shed inches from my lower half. A lot of pilates exercises are focused on tightening the lower half, kickboxing is a great source of cardio but all those kicks strengthen and tighten the legs, also jogging makes you lower half tight. I don't think you'll be able to completely lose your pare shape but i think you can tighten it if you find the right exercises.
I imagine this of little consolation but because when fat collect on the hips, you have less health risk because its not in your torso where all your organs are.  Pear bodies are healthier the apples for this reason.

Im pear to the extreme.  When I went from 465 to 400 (yes, that is pounds) my upper body depleted.  My face, my neck, my arms all look normal size now.  From behind a desk, you would never guess the horrors down below.    

Your hereditary decides where the weight comes off.  Many years back I had a sister who was skinny but still hip heavy so she had liposuction.  They ripped the fat cells out of her hips and you could tell the difference.  When she gained some back, guess where it primarily ended up.  Its not easy to mess with heredity. 

At your small size, I bet certain clothing styles especially compliment your look.  I know that your looking for balance and clothes can help with that but I agree with others that your small enough over all to embrace your curves as an asset. 
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I swear, I must be the queen of being pear shaped.  I have always thought that I have had the biggest legs and ass ever, and I, like you am short, 5'4".  I have simply learned to accept it for life.  No, I will never wear shorts again, but I have grown to love skirts, which don't ride up your ass anyway.  When wide leg pants are in fashion, I buy them up.  No skinny jeans for me.  Like the one girl said, there are plenty of clothes out there that compliment our body type, we just have to look a bit harder. 

Not to mention, more guys than you know prefer curves over flat bodies anyway.  Not saying that that is the most important thing, because it is not, but it is a perk of being a bit curvey.  Women are supposed to be curvey, we are not supposed to look like what women look like in magazines.  It's crazy. 

Just eat, exercise right, and embrace what you have.  Trust me, it is not as bad as you think!


Hey everyone (first time posting, altho not new to CC)

I read your post and felt compelled to add my two cents since like you, I am also 5"2 and suffer the same "situation". Never had a problem with my waist area..but my butt and my thighs always carried the bulk.  I've dieted on and off most of my life (chubby kid in school)..but never in my life excercised and got increasingly frustrated when my lower body didn't shrink along with the rest of me.  This changed like 5 months ago when i commited myself to running at least 6 times a week.  At first...nothing!...then one day i woke up and noticed that not only my butt and thighs had gotten smaller, but they had firmed up and all that unsightly cellulite..gone!...Recently I have also taken up using the Stairmaster, which I find helps alot too...that, along with a good, nutritious, low fat diet, helps keep my body in check.  I'm also at my smallest ever though (103-106)..and have to work on my upper body now because it looks a bit too tiny now..but i'll get to that..

Hope this helps!

And dont get discouraged..if you're impatient like me, it's sometimes annoying that changes with exercise come VERY gradually..but they do come!

You are for sure not alone! I am the same way....5'2", tinier waist, large lower end....I am working on shrinking it, I will let you know if something works! I have been running about 5 times a week for almost 10 whole weeks now, and I have noticed that the cellulite is starting to disapate.....

aniorbay- so I have hope?  If I continue running like I am, someday I may see a differnce! Thank you!

They say that you lose the most weight from where your body stores it (in your case, your lower half). I'm sure dieting could help you lose some inches. And doing squats and lunges will at the very least tone and lift the region, if not reduce it. Cardio is the best way to get a smaller butt & thighs.

To albob: I am almost 100% sure you will..took me about 3 months and a half to actually see a "Dramatic" change..I'd stopped paying attention and just kept on doing my routine..added stairmaster..and about 3 weeks down the line decided to assess the "butt/thigh" situation and bam! AWESOME change..then i was grateful i didnt give up when i started getting really aggravated about it and that yeah..it does take time..but is DEFINETLY doable!

good luck to everyone and have an awesome weekend!

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Original Post by was128:

You can't change it. I've been heavier, I've been lighter, still the same shape. Be happy about it because boys (well, the sub-set of boys who like butts) are crazy about tiny waists and big booty. Just be healthy and don't worry about the stuff you can't change.

 I agree.  Speaking as a guy, that shape is definitely nice!  :-)

Aniorbay, I was actually thinking about starting up running again. I used to run and I used to be so tiny. I can't wait. How long so you usually run for? What time of day? How far? And do you still run outside in the winter? (sorry for the long list of questions).
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