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Htc diet anyone heard of it?

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I just recently got the Htc drops about a week ago, the diet says only eat 500 calories but I'm starving doing this I've basically cut my diet to 1000 calories and do far lost 5 lbs in 7 days. Does anyone have suggestions on what to eat if you've heard of this diet or have been on it??

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Reason: Starvation diets (HCG diet included) are prohibited.
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Any diet that is 500 calories a day without medical supervision is reckless.  It is almost impossible to maintain your nutrition, and your calorie deficit would be so high, you would likely lose muscle mass.

Horrible diet. You would practically have to stay on it the rest of your life. otherwise you will gain it all back plus more as soon as you start upping you calories again.

A co-worker of mine was doing great on it she was losing 1-3 pounds everyday. She started around 260lbs and within a month she was down to 228. She stopped the diet when she went out of town for 2 weeks and she was back up to 240 during that time. She got back on it and went back down to 225. She ending up having issues with her gallbladder. Dr. Told her to quit the diet and now she is up to 273

Using google I asume you meant HCG drops as HTC gave no relevant diet websites.  So from HTC I got the following:


Phase 1: Loading Phase
This phase is short; just 2 days. During these first two days you will eat a high calorie fat diet. Seriously eat whatever you want to build up your normal fat stores. Administer the hcg drops as directed.

Phase 2: Low Calorie Diet + HCG
This phase last from 21 days up to 38 days (depending on your weight loss goals). During this stage, you will need to commit to eating a strcit diet as outlined by Dr. Simeons himself. If you don’t know what to prepare, don’t worry, that’s why we provide you with a cookbook! Continue to administer HCG Diet Drops as directed. During this phase a dieter can expect to lose a pound of fat daily.

Phase 3: Low Calorie Diet
Continue to follow the same low calorie diet as described in phase 2 without the aid of HCG drops. This allows HCG to completely leave your system prior to reintroducing normal foods back into your diet.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase
For the next 3 weeks you will gradually reintroduce healthy foods that weren’t allowed in the previous phases back into your diet until you reach a normal calorie intake level. As you increase your diet to normal levels avoid starches and sugar. This is the best time to condition the body to a new healthy long-term lifestyle diet.



It also claims that you lose over a pound of fat a day, and that it is "safe, natural, permanent, and risk free"



That being said, this is complete bull **** and is very unsafe, unhealthy, and impractical way of losing weight, and any weight loss results are unlikely to be permanent.

Calorie Count does not promote starvation diets.  And that's exactly what you are doing, starving yourself.

Forget the drops, read up on proper weight loss, and start eating a decent amount of food.

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