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Hours in between meals

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How many hours do you wait in between meals?  I had breakfast around 8:15 or so, and It's currently 11:30 and I'm hungry.. but I'm going out to dinner tonight at if I ate now that would be a lot of hours between lunch and dinner and I don't want to snack too much.  But then again, I had a really light breakfast - just special K cereal and coffee

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I would eat regularly throughout the day so that you are not starving by dinner and grabbing any appetizer in sight. If you go to dinner and you are not famished from not eating all day, you will be able to ask for a take-home box when you get your meal and only eat half if it is a large portion. If you only eat half, you may have a very reasonable dinner, calorie-wise.

To help keep you full throughout the day, opt for bulkier foods such as fruits and veggies. Have soups and salads with meals. Drink plenty of water. Remember: one day over your calorie limit won't hurt you!

The nutritionist I saw recommended eating every 3 hours or so, like adding a small snack to the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Since I do not eat dinner until 7 or so, I have two afternoon snacks.

She recommended making them a carb/protein mix (preferably with low fat and high fiber) to help keep your blood sugar more even to lessen the hungriness.

I seems to be working out for me, but I have found it easier to pre-measure a bunch of snacks to pick and choose from. Planning ahead makes it easier to stay within calories for the day.

Although I find if I have my oatmeal (3/4 dry rolled oats, 1c skim milk, 2 splenda, 2T almonds, sometimes fruit) which comes out around 400 cal, I am not hungry until noon as long as I have water and coffee to drink between times. I tend to be more hungry/munchy in the afternoon and around 5-6.

If I have a lighter breakfast, I usually need that mid-morning snack.

Honestly. I dont limit myself to hours when I eat. I eat when I am hungry. I just make sensible choices on what I eat. So if you had special K and your Hungry again, make yourself a sandwich and a small bag of chips, eat a small meal again at 3 or so, and then eat a small to medium size reasonably healthy dinner.

It's a lot more healthier for you to have 4 or 5 small meals through out the day then have 3 big meals. Your body breaks it down faster and you have a consitent flow of energy.

Im not a doctor or anything but this is what  heard and go by.

My day so far:

Breakfast 9:45 - 10:15- 8oz cranberry juice, 4 oz DanActive, a Kashi Trail Mix Granola Bar, and my daily vitamin

Snack 11:30- Hard Boiled Egg w/ a little Mayo, and 20 FL OZ of Water.

Planning on:

Lunch 1:30-2:00- Sandwich and a 100 calorie bag of Sun Chips and 20 FL OZ of water.

Snack 4:00- Im going to try and eat an apple

Dinner 6:30-7:00- I'm not sure what yet but something within my calorie limits that will fill me up until tomorrow morning.


Hope that helps :)

I eat all day long, I just eat smaller, low calorie foods.  If I know I am going out to dinner (which I am for instance) I eat a lighter lunch.  I eat just about every 2-3 hours but will only eat something small like an apple or carrots or rice cakes with peanut butter.  And yes, I do get hungry just about 2 hours later but then I eat something small at that time again.

Clantz:  i packed the same lunch!

So have a snack now and then have lunch about two o'clock and you'll be good and ready for your dinner when you go out tonight. There's nothing wrong with spreading your calories out through the day, as long as you keep track and don't have too many (You know, a 300 calorie 'snack' five times a day, lol)

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I actually have the WORST timing when it comes to my meals, however it works for me as I've lost over 30kg this way.

Breakfast - 8am (approx 400 cals)

Lunch - 12pm (approx 400 cals)

Dinner - 4pm (approx 700-800 cals)

Then from 4pm till like 9pm I'll have several piece of fruit.

I'll eat around 1800 calories a day and subtract 150-200 calories from my daily walk and I'm at 1650 on average.

I wait 2 or 3 hours between meals and snacks, usually. But there are exceptions, like nights I have to stay at the hospital super late and am too busy to eat where I go 5-8 hours without eating, or days when I'm at home and snacking every hour and a half or less.

I always eat every three to four hours.

Breakfast: 6:30am

Midmorning snack: 9:30am

Lunch: 12:30pm

Snack: 3:30pm

Dinner: 6:30pm

Cup of Skim Milk: 8:00pm

Wow, I never realized that I eat exactly three hours apart everyday! Except for my nightly milk. This schedule will probably change once school lets out (tomorrow!).

i eat every 1 1/2 hrs ...... is that bad?

Yeah, I vote to eat more often and just keep counting the cals and leave the appropriate amount for dinner.

Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full.  Hours in between generally shouldn't matter unless it's unreasonable.

I agree with Kajik.  Snack now, lunch at 2 or 3p.  Although i'm a bit late on the convo here :) 

I eat every three hours. That's about how long it takes for me to get a little hungry, but not starving. 

i usually eat

8 am breakfast

10 or 11 am snack

1 pm lunch

3 pm snack (i am hungriest at 3 pm so it is often more like a lunch, and the actual lunch is smaller)

7 pm dinner

and usually another small snack such as fruit at 10 pm

no, that's not bad, speck. =)

i eat every 2-4 hours

spek it's normal to basically be constantly eating in recoery, so don't worry, you're doing the right thing.

my main meals are breakfast at around 8-9, lunch at around 12, and dinner around 6. i snack when i feel the need to, usually one between breakfast and lunch, two between lunch and dinner, and one after dinner. so i end up eating about every 2 hours.

spek and ewwxroflzz (love the name btw!) I eat every 1 1/2 to 2 hours too, but I think we're sort of in a different situation. I personally haven't been able to gain weight on anything less than 3000-4000! so this is the only way to get in enough calories for me.

However, as long as you stay within your own calorie range (yes having a range, sometimes more, sometimes less, is also ok!) I think i'ts better for you to eat smaller meals more often. It keeps your metabolism going and keeps you from getting really hungry and overeating later.

haa thanks :) yeah i can never understand people who just eat three times a day, or with nothing between lunch and dinner. i'd probably pass out :P and i don't like the feeling of stuffing myself with a load of food so the snacks help me get to my calorie goal.

you can have an early lunch now, that before dinner, have a piece of fruits as a snack.  that's what i would do.

I eat two meals a day: basically one around 12:30 and the other around 7... I do not snack either - my meal @ 12:30 is VERY high in protein [actually it is pretty much all protein] so it curbs my hunger until the 7pm meal!

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