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Hope after a fat childhood?

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When I was a kid, I wasn't fat like those morbidly obese children you see on the Maury show. But I wasn't like those super skinny minnie children you see out there. I am 20 years old now and don't know my weight. I lost a lot of weight over the last year and wear a size 4/5 now. Anyways, I have an abusive grandmother who keeps saying that I'm a fat pig. And keeps saying that I'm worthless because I was never a skinny little girl. I was told that once you're a fat kid, you'll never amount to anything. In recent history, I been walking anywhere from 12 and 20 miles a day or biking up to 50 miles in hopes to lose more weight. I haven't had a period since December and my eye sight has become so messed up that I can't see too well anymore. I should be wearing glasses but I can't afford any right now. The only reason why I can see to read off the computer screen is because I fixed the text size to make it large enough. Since I was a fat kid, I feel like a committed the most unforgivable sin you can commit. I feel so hopeless and damned. Is there any hope at all for a former fat kid? Or is my life a waste since I was what I was?

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Seek professional help to grow past this and get away from abusive family members. Fat has nothing to do with it, abusive people make things up to be abusive about.

I have on and off my life been verbally, emotionally and mentally abused by my step father and a couple ex-bosses. I have been called disgusting and stupid by my last boss and he was sexually harassing me, I broke down, contemplated suicide, lived in a depression for about 2 years and just now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

People who are abusive can sense and find past victims or vulnerable people to abuse and that is why seeking professional help can be beneficial: 'break the cycle', build confidence and gain self esteem. 

Get away from negative people in your life, doesn't matter if they're family, they can still be bad people.
My opinion has always been that the true definition of family should be "people that love and support you no matter what". I don't believe the word family has anything to do with blood relations. Following that belief means that once you become an adult you get to choose who you are going to think of as family and the people you are going to surround yourself with. It also means you are going to have to make some decisions that a child would not be able to make. Be strong, seek help and support were you can, and make a decision about who you are going to allow to be a family member. That doesn't mean you have to cut your grandma out of your life but it does mean you have the right to let people know you are not going to be treated that way, by either getting up and leaving when the negativity starts or telling her you are not going to listen to the insults an more.

As for you actual question. YES! You are capable of doing anything/everything any other person can do but first you have to take care of the emotional/mental injuries that you have gone though.
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um i think ur grandmother needs mental help.

plenty of people were fat kids and grew up to be perfectly functional sucessful adults.

if u cant afford glasses go to walmart or cvs and buy a pair of glasses for like $7.

as for not having a period. u r either overexcercising, undereating, or underweight.

u must stop this viscious cycle. NOW. go to a doctor. go to a free clinic, whatever. please get help.
There is always hope in life no matter what your circumstances may be, but you really need to seek out professional counseling. The terrible damage from your grandmother is not right, and you need to talk to someone about how to deal with her. Even as an adult you seem to be still struggling with some childhood issues (which is okay and completely normal) but dealing with them now and in a positive way will help you in your adult life. No shame ever in seeking out how to better yourself and mind- in my opinion everyone should have some sort of professional counseling, but unfortunately not everyone will take help when needed. Also please remember that skinny does not mean healthy... Good luck girl, you are perfect just the way God made you and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! :)
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