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Weight Loss
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honey and cinnamon drink for weight loss

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anybody heard of the honey and cinnamon drink for weight loss? sounds crazy, i know, so wondering if anyone has tried it. if you have, does it work? is it worth trying? if anyone is interested: you add 1 c. boiling water to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon then cover it for 1/2 hr. once cooled down add 1 teaspoon raw honey. filter, then drink half 1/2 hr before breakfast and the other half 1/2 hr before bed. sounds too good to be true to me...

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sounds too good to be true because it is

never heard of it or tried it but it sounds like one of the many other "miracle diet" elixirs and soups out there.

eat healthier and move more.  it's really as simple as that.

easy to do?  not really.  I get tired and don't want to go to the gym and I love my indulgent foods.  but it's really just about eating smarter and moving more.

that honey cinnamon drink just seems like a bunch of extra calories in my day that i don't want or need.

It sounds like another of these diet drinks that supposed to be taken instead of food. All they ever do is starve you.

The site that I found it on didn't say anything about not eating, just drinking it before breakfast/bed. Also, a teaspoon of honey is 20 cals and 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon is 3 it's really not many extra calories, not enough to make or break your diet.....

Also, I know it's about eating healthy and exercising....just looking for an added boost....

Try it, what could it hurt?  Cause you are right about the cals, next to none. The worst thing that could happen is that you count it as a water for the day.

Apr 28 2009 21:09
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I wouldn't expect it to be any kind of a magic fatblaster.  But as a snack it's a lot less calories than a handful of salty peanuts.  If 20 calories of honey, liquid and cinnamon dampen your appetite so that you don't eat 300 calories of cookies it's a good thing.

Why not just add it into your normal daily plan anyways and not think of it as a 'diet' drink?

Honey is good for your immune system and cinnamon is supposed to control your sugar levels in your blood. Whatever, they both taste great in my opinion and both have other health benefits.

Some examples:

Hot water with honey and lemon (great for colds, sore throats and clearing out your system)

Porridge with some cinnamon and/or honey instead of sugar

tea with a cinnamon stick left to infuse in it

I got an email that said honey and cinnamon cures everything from arthritis to cancer and heart disease, including weight loss. Doubtful.

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